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  1. If you can get a local interested, coming out to the DZ and letting them inspect or better yet, jump it, would ease the sale. But the wider market of is much bigger. The canopy I bought from a local I sold to someone in Chicago.
  2. kelpdiver

    Is this common practice?

    Altitude costs fuel and time. Both cost money. $10 to shift from 10k to 14k is a lot less than typical. Some places will do two passes, one at 9 or 10, and one at full altitude.
  3. I'm not going to make any medical advice here. Based on my experience many years ago, I'd be surprised if you'll actually feel like doing it. Even riding a bicycle was not pleasant for a few weeks due to the abdominal cuts. Don't you still have stitches? Or has methods moved on to something more like a scope job?
  4. that headline suggested they already succeeded. How many camera flyers does it take to ensure full imaging of the entire formation? Any attempts fail because of problem with evidence, rather than with the formation? Or can this be done from the ground?
  5. Anyone here ever do track cycling? As a roadie, I can't tell how exciting a sport it becomes on the track. Doesn't seem like he has the mental toughness to stick it out with something, but hell, if people want to give him $3 million pounds....
  6. I would think that if you got the stable exit down, stable FF should be easy, but I was one of the AFF guys doing a half loop on every exit for a while. Your instructor answers the question of what to do if the 5s delay goes bad. We're all supposed to tell you to visualize success.
  7. kelpdiver

    My first jump and might rain

    If you got clumps of clouds dropping rain surrounded by clear skies, you'll get up. It's a very nice time to jump - air is much clearer than typical for that area, and you see how fast you're falling with nearby clouds. If it's totally overcast, it's not going to happen. But given how unreliable the 5 day forecast is in California, is a bit early to bail.
  8. kelpdiver

    Skydive San Diego in great shape!

    cool news. The view may be brown for a while, but that stuff grows back fast (if rain ever returns to SoCal).
  9. It's very likely to be too slow to be useful in freefall. And the marketing BS about accurate to within 1m is always a bad sign. OTOH, if you're doing a jump over 18k (the limit of the Galaxy), it would be nice to have confirmation of the exit altitude. I used a lot of altimeter watches from the 90s while backbacking. I found that generally the cheap was were cheap for a reason. But $40 is cheap if you see it more as a lark than a useful instrument.
  10. kelpdiver

    The SCUBA Paradigm

    I'm not sure I understand the point here. Steel 72s got replaced by AL80s (75s) because they were cheap, not because they were better in any way. And then they started blowing up...and VIP+ encouraged people back to LP and HP steel. Like with skydiving, scuba had some crappy equipment issues, like diving without an SPG or an octo. OTOH, fin and BC technology is getting dumber, not more advanced. Lots of people out there with jetfins (with springs for straps) and backplates, almost straight out of the 60s. Use technology where it helps, ignore it where it only benefits the person making and selling the newest thing. Resort divers may be getting increasingly helpless, but little has changed along the Pacific Coast.
  11. kelpdiver

    Physics of Skydiving Question

    acceleration is the same. terminal velocity is not. If the tower of Pisa were taller, Gallileo's experiment would have failed.
  12. kelpdiver

    Need help and input on WINGS containers

    What will people say other than to repeat what they said in the reviews? Have you jumped one? I bought mine after using them at Lodi - they were the first truly comfortable rental rigs I got after hitting 3 other DZs, and 2 DZs later they were still the most comfortable...for ME. Being one of the least expensive out there was just a huge bonus.
  13. kelpdiver

    Why no more Gelvenor Fabric?

    bulk factor, perhaps. And while pretty long lasting, it's not seen as durable as the other stuff before it becomes not quite ZP.
  14. kelpdiver

    Skydiving/Snowboarding Helmet

    it's hard to get one for both - the more comfortable straps and ear covers aren't so good at freefall speed. or on the other end, something that won't move at 130mph might be a bit fatiguing on the slopes. Cheap is good. A skydiving protec is $45. A snowboarding protec in the spring time closeouts can be $15. (I have one - took it jumping a few times)