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  1. yes, you refused to admit your misstatement, despite multiple chances. "Any gun show." You live in one of those states. You know that anyone, let along a high school kid, can't walk into a gun show, find a private seller, and walk out with a gun. No one escapes the background check or the 10 day waiting period in California. The gun shop loophole has always been a red herring, but much more so when we're talking about K-12 school shootings. You, skydekker, jcd are close precisely mimicking Trump behavior that it's hard to stop laughing at you. But I'll leave you to the continued jerkoff, where you accuse Rush of not knowing logic (or proper Orwellian doublespeak). Looks like Derek only occasionally tries, and everyone else found a better hobby. Maybe look back in around election time and see if some intelligent discourse emerges.
  2. It must be hard for you. Trying to argue with a man who knows words and uses them correctly. It just seems so unfair to subject your "logic" to such scrutiny. "Walk in to any gun show" These aren't complicated words, or logic. Bill lied. Half the country can't legally purchase a gun without a 4473 check. No kid under 21 can legally do it for hand guns anywhere. He didn't do it by mistake, or ignorance. He doesn't want to admit it, nor do you or Skydekker. He had a chance to take it back, but instead tried to double down. He then tried to tie me to fear of sharia or gay marriage, which is pathetic. (I live in San Francisco, graduated from Berkeley) It's right out of Trump's book. Deflect, attack, admit no error. You guys give Rush shit for this sort of thing all the time. Be honest and admit to the same. All the postings here have limited impact on wingloading you really think it has > 0.00000% impact on legislative policy? Or will save lives? This is a circle jerk, nothing more. Contacting your representatives, and most importantly voting is what matters. The gun opposition openly acknowledges that it's not the NRA money that gives them power, it's their voting members. Though maybe it jumped the shark in selecting Ollie North as its new lead. A key benefit (one of the few) of the Trump election is that the 2nd amendment will remain secure for decades longer. HC could have threatened that. I'm not thrilled with the likelihood we'll regress on gay rights, but it's the one silver lining.
  3. let me quote you: "Walk in to any gun show" [drops mic] (oh, and try driving across state lines in Hawaii) It's the same bullshit here, isn't it? Same circular tales, the same permissiveness of attacks for the 'right side,' same distortion of statistics. mostly I have to ask - what is the payoff, people? Seems like time would be better spent trying to decypher the last Trump twit. At least he and Mueller (and Rudy) are good for new content every week.
  4. So demonstrate this in California. You know you cannot do so, there are no private sales in our state, making your statement a 100% big fat lie. 14 states and DC, comprising 116M Americans operate under these rules. 6 more (bringing it up to 158M) do for handguns only. It's a long drive from LA or SD across state lines, and it's still illegal to purchase and return a weapon into California. So no, that's not how the kids are doing it.
  5. Ask any black man if this statement is particularly assuring. So many counter examples, and it's a bit late for the court to say it was wrong after the fact. You're disarmed, potentially dead. And let's be honest, SCOTUS hasn't thought much of the 4th amendment in a long time, and will veer even further with this next nominee (unless the evidence is obtained by Mueller, and then it's definitely fruit from a tainted search). People might also want to consider Haynes v. United States in this conversation thread around universal registration or checks. Criminals cannot be compelled to participate in these. Or consider that out of the millions of failed Brady checks, criminal charges were only introduced in a tiny fraction, on order of 1/10th of one percent. This has been true across all Administrations since it was enacted.
  6. You don't see an obvious problem with a source that declares the average African to be mentally retarded? IQ is supposed to be a measure of innate intelligence, but IQ tests in nearly all forms are really a measure of education, and this listing shows that rather clearly. These values are used to support racist and sexist beliefs; I'm a bit shocked to see you giving it credibility. I'm open to the likelihood that there are small variations by ethnicity, but not two full standard deviations, or even one.
  7. Doing a driveby after that Sarah Huckabee performance by Bill. 13 massacres in Australia in the 20 years prior to Port Arthur. All appear to be gun based. 77 victims. And after the ban 12 massacres in the 20 years after. 75 dead. 2 involved guns still, one must adopt a strict definition of mass shooting as 5 dead not including the shooter to say there haven't been any. But there's also use of knives, blunt objects, a car, and especially fashionable was arson. I supposed being burned to death is better than being shot? No spoons, but the substitution methods are clearly established. In the US, we tried to solve the problem by selling record numbers of guns, and we reduced fatalities by 50%!
  8. There are direct and indirect benefits to you from these solar installers. Their added capacity during day time when we still see peak usage translates to not having to build new power plants, which have a tremendous capital expense paid for by all rate payers. It also allows for the shuttering (or reduced running) of peaker plants which tend to pollute the most. In California, these benefits make it well worth it to subsidize installations.
  9. Northern Cal doesn't want us (SF). But us not wanting to be with LA is just shameless hypocrisy. We're really talented there. And 3 states...the rest of the union has absolutely no interest in giving us two more senators, certainly won't go for 4. Such a waste of energy trying.
  10. 'New California' is the latest in decades of similar proposals in California. The fun bit is always seeing how hard folks try to be part of the off shoot, like San Franciscans trying to escape LA, think that rural California doesn't see them as equally evil. So no new lows here. This deportation is another example of ICE going after the easy pickings, the people hiding in plain sight, rather than the criminal element that should be prioritized. Here we just broke up a traditional family unit. The impending result around DACA shows the dangers in willingly participating in giving the government your contact information (and why gun owners oppose registration so aggressively - had to give Rush a twinkie). It's that much easier for them to boot you with the next change in policy. Same for those who got medical pot cards.
  11. gerrymandering has nothing to do with the electoral college. If states opted to allocate Electors on a district basis, then it would be possible, but Trump won because he captured several states by very close margins. Voter suppression efforts in battleground states may have contributed, but gerry'd districts just helps keep the GOP's hold on Congress.
  12. And yet, when this thread died out (March 2013), it had lost over 50% from it's 2013 peak, and it dropped another 50% thru March 2015, bottoming out in the 200s. And then it meandered. It finally got back up over $1000 in January this year, in large part to speculation that the US would approve the Winkleloss's trading instrument. The excitement was back, as were the touts. Then lost 30% in a single week. And then came the tear. For reasons I cannot fathom, Japanese investors became obsessed in the spring, and represent more than 50% of the trading volume for most of the time since. It's a variation on a class short squeeze - lot of people and low liquidity. It's again not based on any sense of value. It reminds me of the way they bought California real estate in the 80s and 90s, with horrible returns. How can a country of investors collectively be so stupid? As the thread died in 2014, Mt Gox was a spectacular debacle with heavy losses for BTC investors. Fast forward to now - Coinbase is one of the most popular vehicles to hold BTCs and wallet theft remains a common event (See recent Fortune article), even for experienced crypto people. By design, these people are SOL. I saw a very interesting segment earlier in the year where a person in NYC went a period of time (day or days) only transacting in BTCs. She was able to do a number of commerce events, including eating. However, the spread was atrocious - often paying 30 or 40% more than she would have with dollars. It also appears that Coinbase will be cooperating with the IRS on trading records. Every time you perform a transaction (like buy lunch) with BTCs, it's viewed no differently than a sale of stock. You need to report the cost basis, the result, and pay taxes accordingly. Fail to do so...serious consequences. It has been proposed that there should be a floor on transaction amount - e.g. events of less than $200 should not require reporting. That seems quite reasonable, but it is not a reality at present. So long as this remains true, commerce in the US is likely to remain limited, and will decline to zero if the IRS does flex their muscle. I guess that depends on what Trump's buddies at Goldman Sach would like. So we're back to speculative holding of coins. I think I'd congratulate anyone who bought coins in the hundreds...and encourage you to take (at least most of) those profits (and report them). Maybe time to look at the actual tech and put money there. Ripple in particular seems interesting - built around financial transactions and has been adopted by quite a few banking orgs. Is coin agnostic. The entire crypto coin realm is up to a couple hundred billion dollars. Still tiny when Vanguard alone managed nearly 5T, but much more substantial than what we talked about 3 years ago. It can keep churning for a while, just like the Nasdaq did in 2000. But still - has to give people pause when every month someone creates yet another set of coins - how different is it really from printing your own monopoly bucks? How is this not the definition of hyperinflation? Don't bet more than you're willing and able to lose.
  13. I think the question to ponder now is the claim that he's deliberately sabotaging his campaign to lose. 80% of the time it looks like he's just paying the price for his prior gaffes, but then he does stuff that makes your head explode. Is he that flawed, or is there purpose behind the madness?
  14. Ah...I see the inconsistent moderation still lives on - you give him free rein to blatantly troll without a mention. But that's ok. I came back to read Incidents after there were a couple bad events at the local DZs and did a drive by here. Unfortunately, it still has all the same faults that lead me to give up the habit last time. It's bad form to leave mid debate, but with the horse sufficiently flogged, no such concern.
  15. I'm sure he's fatigued by the constant goal post moving. Now that the evidence indicates a proper shooting after a week of rioting and claims of execution, you would like to debate a unicorn hypothetical that is free of those pesky details, but also never occurs. Well, I think it happened in the movie FX2, where the good guy superglues a gun to the hand of a bad guy so he can't drop it when the police tell him to. meanwhile, it's sad how little attention and followup is being made to the gun by the bigger names in the press, leaving it difficult to feel 100% certain to its truth.
  16. How was it farcical? Was simply a calculation based on total number of murders to date divided by number of days to date multiplied by total number of days in the year. Compared that number to total number of murders last year. It shows a decrease overall. Showed, in fact. Since we're at 40 or 41 (someone just died after several months), with 3 months to go, simple math would indicate an increase now. Non simplistic math would be less clear, since murders are more common in warmer times of the year. And there's a pretty big difference between an absolute decrease and "trending down significantly." Ah, but that wasn't the assertion, buddy. The hypothesis, well supported by the long list of events, is that if criminals cannot obtain guns, that they are still more than capable of committing homicide with alternatives. The balance of power over unarmed citizens is still too great, and the risk of being caught remains very low (our catch rate is around 20%). You're welcome to try to write off double digit knife murders in a city of 800k as insignificant. It would be as comical as the rest of the claims.
  17. "Henry County police Lt. Mike Ireland tells local news organizations the 18-month-old was shot Saturday afternoon. He says the toddler and his older brother were in a bedroom with a few other family members. One of the adults set down a loaded handgun." ... "Ireland says no charges have been filed. The investigation is ongoing." I would hope that sentence was meant to have a "yet" at the end of it.
  18. This hope had a bunch of cons up all night waiting for Julian Assange's "big announcement." Unfortunately for them, it ended up being WikiTease - he's been hamming it up for weeks, but doesn't have anything. And this is a guy who truly hates HC and would gladly sink her campaign given the opportunity, even if he knew it meant the end of the world with a Trump win.
  19. It also increases the chance of having a gun for sporting or defensive purposes. Let's not get correlation and causation mixed up. And let's not ignore that waiting periods have costs as well. It is true that gun based suicides are more successful than others, esp pills and cries for attention cutting. But people can and do try more than once. And there are other methods - in the bay area the noted ones are jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and stepping in front of Caltrain. sorry - given that half of suicides in America do not involve guns, I'm having a hard time believing that simply making sure at risk people didn't have guns in the house reduced the risk 100%.
  20. Japan has a long standing cultural affinity with suicide which is very well documented. Comparing your suicide rate to Japan is therefor disingenuous, assuming you were aware of it. So you want to focus on the second clause in the sentence and pretend the first one doesn't matter? But...if you want to play that way...America has a long standing cultural affinity with violence and crime which is very well documented. Comparing our murder rate to others is therefore disingenuous, and blaming the problem on the instruments used is naive and misguided.
  21. That's not what you did. You stated it must be made up/lie/ bullshit. I didn't present it as fact, I clearly indicated where the information came from. So we went from you claiming it was bullshit to now correctly stating it was hearsay. Took you a while. until/if you can actually support it, it's bullshit and hearsay. Which is why hearsay is rejected in general. I looked for evidence...given how much discussion this subject has warranted this year, it shouldn't be that hard to find.
  22. As noted before, this is made up bullshit. Murders are trending down significantly compared to 2015. Stop making up shit to support your argument. Stop pretending you have a fucking clue about a city you don't live in. This weekend blew away your projection, and your notion of "trending down significantly" was farcical to start with.
  23. I don't know what the moderator is supposed to do when neither debater will shut up and let the other speak. She was certainly trying and they just talked over her. It might be helpful if the moderator could control which microphone is "on" or at least shut off the "interrupter" so only one can be heard at a time. mic control seems to be the obvious answer. I'm ready for chess match format, where only one mic is active at a time and when that person is done yammering, they hit the clock to transfer it. The catch is the clock measures duration, so one is grabbing too much time, then at a time threshold (+3 mins?) they get cut off and the other gets free rein for a while.
  24. Are they avoidable? Again, our rate is 25% lower than the global average and 35% lower than gunfree Japan. And short of elimination of gun rights, what changes would actually improve on that 20k figure? It's hard to view the inclusion of suicides as anything but number booster by gun control advocates who seek to inflate their figures. Kellerman's was the most outrageous example - of his 44x more likely to kill a family member, 43 were suicides. He and his followers of course never mention that detail. It's not by accident.
  25. Most murders are not done by people we normally call "the criminal element". They are done by angry distraught spouses, and other family members, friends, and sometimes raging people that feel insulted or cheated. Where? In Canada? In America, most murders are criminals killing criminals. Old, and likely partisan source, but full of citations: more recent - few (recovered) guns confirmed as legal purchases most victims also criminals: You might be fixated on a frequently cited statement that victims knew their killer in a majority of the time. And yes, when the relationship is known (55.9% of the time, a slight majority (54.3%) knew the person. But bear in mind that rival gang members qualify as an acquaintance, and .543 x .559 = only 30.4%. [url][url] Also - half of murder victims are black, and (where known) 52.4 of the killers were black. For your thesis to be true (most murders not committed by criminals), blacks in America would have to be substantially more blood thirsty and prone to violence than everyone else, not due to economics or circumstance, but by nature. I'm fairly sure this is not the case, personally. They've proven quite effective with double digit deaths within my city this year. One or two unarmed citizens against one to ten thugs with a knife- if they want to kill, they will succeed. And we've seen too much of it. They lack range, that's the difference. Guns are used for: 1- self defense - 100k to million+ times per year. Even if you want to take the lower figure, that's sufficient to disprove your last false claim 2- hunting for food, occasionally for human protection. More historical. 3- sporting (target practice, etc) You posted a lot of whoppers in this one.