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  1. And the cost? In my case: Mirage G3, cutaway handle $35.00 (from mfg website) plus whatever the rigger charges. Total: cheap fix, if needed Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  2. I've seen Cypres fires, but never a Cypres misfire. Back in the early 90's when Cypres was introduced, they did have their issues, such as misfires which have since been corrected After all it was a brand new product, and as such had its own flaws. Could you believe that none of us wanted one? We didn't want to become test jumpers. Very much the same opinion that we are having now when a new AAD is released. I see your point but then again, this is due (the way I read your post) to a human factor and not to a device failure. No it cannot, however it can be turned on at a different place than the DZ with a different elevation. As it appeared to be the case in a recent fatality in CA. I suppose than someone willing to commit suicide, could do just that. (I hope it won't happen of course.) A jumper can turn it off just before donning the rig and nobody (meaning other people) will be the wiser. Vigil had a shielding issue that was causing misfires but has been reportedly fixed since. Now, I haven't actually seen an Astra so far so my question is (genuine curiosity, honest), do you think that it could be accidentally turned off? With Cypress and Vigil it's near impossible. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  3. Elisha, I am sure that if you were unconcerned you wouldn't have posted it here
  4. I have jumped many times without one in the past. Now I jump with one. I would do jumps without while its being inspected/serviced. In my opinion an AAD is an added insurance, but I do jump as if I did not have one. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  5. I second that, get it inspected. Better be safe than sorry. I am sure that your packer gave you his/her honest opinion, but a rigger will be abke to correct this if it is necessary. After all, if needed, it's a quick and cheap fix. Be safe and have fun
  6. When I am due to a new AAD I would strongly consider either Argus, Vigil or Cypress 2 I am doing well
  7. I know of one particular DZ were it is the case. The "brand" required is on their website Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  8. I have an AAD and regardless whether it is the brand required at that particular DZ I go somewhere else I would not have a problem with it if the DZ policy would be "modern AAD required" Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  9. SL, There was no other option back then. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  10. My 9 years old daughter would like to try it. I would like to hear from those of you who took their kids to tunnels (similar ages of course), as well as from those of you who instruct/operate tunnels: -Would you let them do it again? -If not why? - Indoor ones or open air? I understand that there are higher age restrictions in open air ones (closest to us is Appalachian Amusement Center, 12 y/o minimum) I have never tried it myself so I cannot give an educated answer to my wife. She has mixed feelings about this, and I will definitely not take our child to a wind tunnel without her consent. What I am looking after is the pros and cons of young kids in tunnels. Thanks JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  11. Did it a few times for a few months except the last one which was the longest. It lasted 10 years. Each time I had good reasons, all were worth it.
  12. Never got one. They were not issued back then where I started. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  13. And if this is your first time, don't forget to buy the Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  14. Now be nice to the docs. Get an enema and clean yourself before you go Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  15. How about launching a new radio and interview him Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  16. Hi Dawn, Yes it really was something. He always knew I was jumping since my first jump back in 1989. But it's the first time that he admits that he wanted to do it for a long time. You bet we got it on video. I am thinking on asking for an extra copy because he's been watching it non stop since we came back home on Sat night. The DVD is about to melt . Miss you too. I'll be back at my NC sweet home sometime this summer. JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  17. Hello Boyz'n Girls!!! It's been a while since I gave you news. Guess what? My father is visiting us (from France) for a few weeks, so this Sat I took him to the DZ. He went and did a tandem. It was his first jump ever so he had to pay his beer dues. The coolest part is that he did great. Very nice exit, good arch all the time, excellent altitude awareness, pulled on time. Rocked the TI under canopy like a kid on a roller coaster ride (they agreed upon it before the jump). Landed sound and safe and he's ready for another one before going back home
  18. Thanks Paul, I'll look into it. Sounds like a plan. Appreciate your input. JM
  19. Does any one know how I could convert VHS tapes from NTSC to PAL? Also, would there be any reasonably priced hardware for home use (meaning not costing a fortune)? Thanks Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  20. Done. Hope he gets well soon Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  21. I have a BT60, it's a 175 sq Ft (I asked Parachutes de France a while back). Also, according to the manufacturer, the pack volume is 410 cubic inches. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,