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  1. Here's a full plane load of vibes for you mate. Welcome JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  2. Hi John, Yes I read it. I also e-mailed the manufacturer about it and they e-mailed back this morning. They confirmed that my gear is not TSO certified. So it does take care of that question. Thanks to that e-mail, I now have the PERFECT excuse to go shopping JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  3. Dive light? Hmmmmmmmm....Avoid fast food Your landings will improve with each jump Girl. In no time, you'll be mastering them . Try to find out the best way to apply the brakes , from slow to hard and see which one feels the better. Since you are going to feel for your canopy reaction, try to find out how it reacts to sharp turns, put it through its paces, and at a SAFE altitude PLEASE I don't want to go to FL to bring you flowers in a hospital, I'd rather go for a 2 or 3 or more way Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  4. Fully agree as well. JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  5. Congrats on the Condo. That's great news. So is the $$ thingie Dive hard Angela Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  6. Thanks for the tip Crazy. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  7. Hi Flash, Welcome aboard, glad you've found us. In addition to the info provided by Skymama, once you have found a few DZs in your area. You can post back in the forum and ask what people think about these DZs. here's the link where to post; JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  8. Now people get serious. These tunes are extremely helpful. Let me explain how toplay them in harmony with skydiving. You are all aware that from time to time a jumper, usually a newbie, might refuse to exit the plane. If the pilot/jumpmaster suddenly played at full power these tunes in the plane, I bet that the said jumper will bail out in a millisecond and that he/she would set up a world record for speedy exit Thanks for sharing, haven't had such a belly laugh in a long time. JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  9. When I started, one of the drills was to practice cutaways by being strapped on a harness hanging from the rafters, and a safety rope. We had to cut away and pull silver which makes us drop about a yard or so. And again, before the first jump of the year. This in addition to simulate as many times as possible the cutaway procedure. All I know is that when that time came, it went smoothly. Although landing under a round reserve was quite "rough" Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  10. Thank you thank you for the recognition But my modesty suffers , so just call me JM And on the serious note, I 100% aggree on your comment "...the skydiving community is really beautiful. " Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  11. Yep I read it. If I understood it well, it says that if you are a legal resident alien, you are considered as a US citizen, therefore you can't jump with non TSO gear. As I told my wife yesterday, maybe it's time to break the piggybank . You should have seen the look on her face Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  12. I knew you'd do great. WAY TO GO Angela Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  13. Woohoohoohoo, Oh Yeah!!!!! Booked up for Friday morning. Blue Skies I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  14. Hang on Eric. ~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~vVibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~Vibes~ Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  15. Well, by now, you do know why we all are a bunch of happy dudes , You just got your first taste of paradise. Angela, stand proud girl, you are most definitely a member of our family. WELCOME ABOARD Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  16. Good advise, There's one not too far from here and they do rent gear. Will go soon to check it out and get a feel of the place Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  17. Hehe, Pourqui pas? PF m'a bien servi, et la BT60 (1ere génération) et moi avons partagé une 100 de sauts Elle ne m'a jamais laissé tomber. LOL, c'est le cas de le dire Bon, blague à part, le matos restera au placard vu qu'il n'y a pas de DZ dans mon coin qui acceptent de te laisser sauter avec. Comme j'essaie de le faire comprendre à ma femme, IL FAUT QUE JE RESSAUTE et il va de soi que je REINVESTISSE Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  18. Thanks for the welcome Katie, I just did a quick search and it looks like It'll be a problem as my gear is not TSO. But nevermind, all the DZs around my area rent gear, so I'll be up there hugging the sky ASAP Hey Angela, hug the Big Blue for me tomorrow Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  19. Hi people, Amazing it took me so long to find that forum. It's been a looooong time since I logged my last jump. It was 10 years ago at Gap (a DZ in the French Alps). Anyway, when I came to the States back in 1993, very few DZs let you jump with non-US made chutes. Question: is this still the case? I am looking for some in the Northern VA area where I could jump using my own rig. All equip was made by Parachutes de France, Atom harness, BT 60 main, Mayday 7 reserve. Happy blue skies to all JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,