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  1. Designer

    Reno Air Races

    I had the pleasure and very distinct "Terror" of flying right seat in a Beech 18 for a high speed low pass over our club house way back when at 250+mph.No room for any mistakes or failures of any kind!The what if "Factor" of what could have happened kept me from ever doing it again.Just can't imagine the terror at almost twice that speed?
  2. Designer

    Reno Air Races

    The Video was "Just plain Sickening"Mechanical failures are a pilots "Worst Nightmare" at very high speeds.Thinking it's way past time that these guys need low altitude ejection systems?Speed boat cockpit separation systems and parachutes save lives.$ to be made now?
  3. Designer

    Night Jumps ROCK!!

    Night jumps are the best for understanding how much we take what we see for granted.Have learned more about planning,performance & general safety with all my night jumps(11 i think?)congratulations and be safe.
  4. Designer


    Now that i'm 55(old by skydiving standards)upsizing is a "Must".A suitable 120 would be a nice idea.Right now our "Chief Instructor" is jumping my bag and pilot chute.I almost quit my job trying to get him to understand that when you downsize,your supporting equipment(bag,line stow method & pilot chute)are very important.Sure enough,i'm still waiting for my Engineering consulting fee and rent on my bag and pilot chute!lol(good thing his is a friend)
  5. Designer

    Coaches taking harness grips

    Depends on the student.I like working with the student on exit.Exits are such a big part of how the skydive will evolve.If you plan & execute the exit right,the rest of the skydive seems to flow smoothly.
  6. eh,women in barely nothing banging the crap out of each other is cool?Get's old in a hurry.Neeked women with Boobies flying everywhere?(Sign me up)lol
  7. Designer

    Frenchman John-Marie E-mail addy?

    Help the Rabbit please.Have pictures taken at Sunset(taken 3 weeks ago,10)that he wanted sent to him.I can now be reached at
  8. Designer

    Do you drink alcohol?

    oh God,i hope so?life wouldn't be much fun ifin you couldn't look at woman cleavage while she serves you beer!Have 2 favs.Jessica(also BFF) & Tracy(really big tits)
  9. Designer

    Have computer & on-line

    Needed a computer for my Computer Aided Design Class.(first computer)$470,$20 mouse,$300 book.(ouch)$495 for da class.Yikes,not used to spending that kind of money unless there is some vagina action?lol.Rabbit has joined da 21st century
  10. Designer

    College student again

    The last major engineering project that i was involved in was very profitable for everyone.This time i won't be sharing info or teaming up with other designer's or engineers.It's based on a model i've already built but not put onto disc does compute.
  11. Designer

    College student again

    Well,had to take matters into my own hands again.I could tell you why i am taking a ProE computer aided design class,but then id have to kill you.Da rabbit has to do this one alone cause dar r no points for second place.IT"S VERY COOL.
  12. Designer

    Experiences with Stowless Dbags?

    Magnets,probably not a great idea for a bag.I like the idea in general.Only packed one type so don't give me crap about it,please?The secret is very neat reserve type stows and very neat coiling.
  13. Designer

    "So your the one","Yes maam I am"

    Famous top gun line.It would be interesting to ask/know just how many men on the dropzone think they are the shit?The guys who are most people don't even notice and we like it that way.I met a guy from a competing DZ this past week who was sure cause he had ten years in our sport that he was the man every woman needed to have sex with?OMG,fine whatever dude.Go back were you came from and stay there.Any thoughts folks?
  14. Designer

    How long was your first jump course?

    Way back when when men were still men we did every kind of PLF practice for most of the first jump course.Now,it seems they do a few PLF's to check technique and that's good enough?I credit my first instructor for the soreness the next day because he probably keep me out of the hospital all these years.
  15. Designer


    There was a meeting yesterday with almost erverybody important(not me).Would like to know kinda what was said.No way in hell should any elmer fudds push around bugs bunny(You know of course this means war)Is it really only about drinking and spending the night?doubtful