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  1. FrenchyDiver

    Anyone ever bought an EG Skysuit?

    The website is Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  2. FrenchyDiver

    Anyone ever bought an EG Skysuit?

    I have four of them, 2 RW, 1 freefly, 1 camera suit with wings. Also 1 FF pants. Being using his suits for the last 8 years. Good price, solid construction. His website looks funny, but it's because English is not his native language. He's located in NJ just outside NY City. Yes, I will buy again from him without hesitation. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  3. FrenchyDiver

    EG Jumpsuits

    EG is a great guy. FWIW English is not his native language. So yes, he's ads are funny to read. Having said that. I do have 4 of his suits, 2 RWs, one camera, and one FF. Have been using them for years (since 2004). They are very well manufactured, and after years of use,they are still in very good shape. Never had issues with the quality. Yes, I will buy again from him without hesitation.
  4. FrenchyDiver

    Any dropzones near Chantilly VA

    You have several options: Skydive West Point About 2:30 hours Skydive Orange About 1:45 hours Chambesburg Skydiving Center About 2:30 hours All good places Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  5. FrenchyDiver

    DZ around Bethesda, MD

    All the DZs mentionned are good choices. I've been to all of them and liked them. FWIW, if you are around for this weekend, WP is having their Halloween boogie from Fri 29th to Sun 31st, and will be flying a CASA. Try them all if you have a chance :-) Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  6. FrenchyDiver

    cx110 vs. cx150

    I have the CX110. It is the same camera. The only difference is: The CX110 does not have internal memory. The CX150 DOES have internal memory. FWIW I am happy with it Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  7. FrenchyDiver

    Sony Handycam - 2010 models released ....

    You can't as there is no threads for a lens. I guess you can always "fix" one but I am too lazy for that. I jumped the SX44 and it works just fine. If it weren't for the lack of wide angle it would be just a great alternative price wise. The only SD cam that accepts a wide angle lens (30mm) is the DCR-SX83, but for the price difference (around $50 USD) you can go HD with the CX110 All in all, my wife is happy to get her camera back Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  8. FrenchyDiver

    Sony Handycam - 2010 models released ....

    I bought the DCR-SX44 for my wife. Seems to have the EIS image stabiliszation. I'll jump it one of these days and see how it fares. Could be a decent alternative for shooting vid in standard def. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  9. FrenchyDiver

    CONTEST! ~Funny tandem photo

    TI gets whipped by hair Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  10. FrenchyDiver

    problems with photos...

    So when shooting in TV mode, which AF setting would be more appropiate? I have an XSI with the 18-55 EF-S kit lens One shot, AI Focus AF or AI Servo AF? Thanks Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  11. FrenchyDiver

    No one wants to jump with a newbie :(

    Awesome To the OP, that's very unfortunate. And yes, it does happen, I've seen it at various DZs As suggested, try another DZ. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  12. Yup, here's a thread from a while ago, Mirage pics Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  13. FrenchyDiver

    Boobies ... Poll'em & Post'em

    Ditto, I'm a fan of "Oldies" Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  14. FrenchyDiver

    CX-7 and x-shut questions

    Here's an alternative for the cameras without a Lan-C port. HYPEYE D PRO First I've heard off, saw an add in Parachutist and Skydiving Mag Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  15. FrenchyDiver

    Rigger in DC area?

    You never know D. It's worth a try Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  16. FrenchyDiver

    Rigger in DC area?

    I agree. William is very god, very thorough. He's by EastFalls Church on the Orange line. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  17. contact bubaskydiver he lives and jumps in Argentina. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  18. FrenchyDiver

    Skydive Virginia - Motus Boogie

    Awsome! Looking forward to see the CSS gang again. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  19. FrenchyDiver

    EG wing suits demos at the MOTUS Boogie, VA

    Update, Nick Rugai will attend the boogie as well and will be available to intsruct new wingsuters and experienced ones alike. This will be next weekend 29-30 Sept 2007 at Skydive Virginia Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  20. FrenchyDiver

    Skydive Virginia - Motus Boogie

    That's so wrong Dude!!! Also Nick Rugai will come with EG and will be available for 1st wingsuits jumps instruction. Birds will flock again over Louisa Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  21. FrenchyDiver

    rw with a camera suit?

    Rather than a camera suit, you could consider a suit with swoop chords. Basically it gives you kind of a mini wing between the mid upper arm to under the armpit when you pull on the chords. That would be a more suitable solution than a camera suit. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  22. FrenchyDiver

    Does your DZ use SOS systems for student progression?

    Yes we use an SOS system. Our program is 2 tandems jumps then AFF. Skydive Virginia, VA USA ( Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  23. FrenchyDiver

    EG wing suits demos at the MOTUS Boogie, VA

    Hi Scott, Glad to hear things are going well for the two brothers. Just a little clarification, I haven't heard from Nick but from EG himself. Sorry to hear you can't come this year, we are going to miss you big time. Cheers JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  24. FrenchyDiver

    EG wing suits demos at the MOTUS Boogie, VA

    Hello to all, EG confirmed his attendance at the MOTUS Boogie, Sept 29-30 at Skydive Virginia. He will bring his wing suits for those interested in trying them. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  25. FrenchyDiver

    Any updated information on Orlando Amador's condition?

    Orlando is indeed at St Francis. According to his family, he is still in coma. His brother Noel and family are rotating to have always someone at St Francis. He will certainly appreciate support from the local community, even if it is only prayers/vibes. You can contact him here Noel Amador JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,