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  1. Well, so long we're being acerbic; that rent-a-cop's profile and opinion from their personal experience (likely including some very candid settings) is no less valid than the folks who post in this forum. A security agent's job is to protect their charge however they can, perhaps even sliding in under them at super-speed to catch a doomed elbow, but they're not obliged to like the charge or the detail.
  2. I did a 'double-take' when I read that and had to look it up. As suspected, there's a misplaced comma in there, possibly lost in translation; "Spanish Defense Minister said that it will send 1,370 anti-tank grenade launchers, 700,000 rifles and machine-gun rounds in the first shipment" That's 700000 ammo for rifles and MGs, not 700k rifles. Still useful though. Thank you, Spain.
  3. From a 'greenies' perspective; I expect they're not disappointed that coal is expensive, only disappointed that it's not yet expensive enough.
  4. Err.. OK, I accept all that as plausible, but my question was more in line with global sea level rise within the scope of the OP. -2% oil from Russia within the USA would probably not do much for the total global sea level rise. It's hence a much broader question of absolutely everything that impacts that. If these eastern powers are aware that the rest of the world is pouring trillions into green initiatives, they could still proceed with their cheaper, faster fossil options to undermine the green benefit, keep the west's spending up and potentially be quite pleased when parts of their ('the west') coasts get flooded. Yes, their own coastlines may flood too, but who loses more by that? Yes, China is probably inconvenienced by the need to import much of it's energy, although they are increasingly doing that from Russia, who looks to be their longer term ally at this point with like-minded thinking.
  5. That forms part of it, although I had intended to include central & western Europe in the context of the question too. I'm aware it's been said that Biden doesn't single-handedly control all oil production in the US, although government energy policy and sentiment certainly leaves it's mark on those that do. More significantly; Is it is any way feasible that emerging eastern superpowers may use climate change as an ecological and economic weapon of sorts against potential enemies (which seems to be most of the world at the current rate), and are working on the equation of 'who stands to lose more' and 'who cares more' ?
  6. Which one fits your narrative for Trump? Let's look at the whole line; "The Russian attack on Ukraine is appalling. We are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them all." Are you seeing the answer to your question yet?
  7. We've already had a glimpse of how green energy policies in the west have weakened their energy positions vs eastern dictators. Is there not perhaps a concern that reports such as these, the west's ocean rise predicament (or even perceived predicament) will only motivate future enemy leaders to go harder and faster at driving that trend? Does Russia and China, for example, stand to lose more than the rest of world due to ocean rise around their own countries? They don't seem genuinely concerned at this point. At what point is the balance reached between saving a coastline vs saving an entire country?
  8. Other than referring to Putin as 'genius' and 'savvy', what were the other comments that specifically complimented the invasion action ? A compliment to one's adversary is really not uncommon , it doesn't imply that one wishes them victory or success. That Trump would refer to Biden as 'weak', to me, is worse than complimenting Putin, as that's a partisan smear of his own country for domestic political points in the face of a foreign danger. I have said many times on this forum that I think Trump is an arse, but that position doesn't merit making stuff up about him or intentionally hiding (not publishing) any positive comments he might make.
  9. I don't think the Russians would make a distinction between Polish AA weapons & personnel inside Ukraine, or missiles fired from Poland at Russian aircraft over Ukrainian airspace. If such an engagement occurs, Poland would be in a de-facto state of war with Russia, probably not something they want.
  10. Yes he has, but you wont find it reported in the lefty US media as it doesn't fit their narrative for Trump. "The Russian attack on Ukraine is appalling. We are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them all" . Perhaps much like some other members here who have disregarded the left-wing nutters that support Russia, found a small handful of right-wing nutters that support Russia, even falsely asserted that a particular R supports Russia and seem to absurdly infer that R's, as general rule, support Russia.
  11. It's been nearly two weeks since our last joke (although these advertised shirts are very real) and I expect we could all use some levity this month. Ah, c'mon, you laughed a little bit. Right ?
  12. Is yours the John Wayne movie version? To be fair; not all historians agree with the account above; citing reports of late spring floods from heavy rains in eastern Poland and western Russia, delaying the planned start date to June 22, which is indeed when it started. The Greeks fought well and can take credit for slightly reducing the number of military units that the Wehrmacht had hoped to mobilise, but not for the pivotal delay that you infer.
  13. I absolutely support Ukraine's position in this conflict, but I believe they do need to take care in maintaining 'clean hands'. There have been incidents of broadcast video of captured Russian soldiers lamenting their fate and dismay at their own Russian leaders. I wasn't previously aware myself but this apparently violates an aspect of law (Geneva convention?) that prohibits captured POW's being used for propaganda, regardless of it's truth. Additionally; Ukrainian Special Operations Force has vowed to not accept (and hence execute) surrendering Russian artillery forces if such surrenders should occur, again a potential violation of the convention. I empathise with their anger but if Ukraine hope to see Russian leadership prosecuted at a future date, it becomes important to stay clean themselves.
  14. Almost indeed. Are many here aware of Russell Bentley? Several online links, all quite disturbing and at least one that paints him as a 'leftist'. (Heeey, he's pro-communism, anti-nazi, so he must be a lefty... )
  15. I'd be fine to be corrected on this, but are heads of state not usually considered to be civilian (as opposed to military) ? Targeting a politician for a lethal strike would then imply 'targeting civilians', would it not ? Beyond that; do heads of state not also benefit from the Vienna convention ? Sergey Lavrov is currently in Switzerland. As much as he may deserve a particular fate along with Putin, it would set a very awkward precedent if he were 'targeted'.
  16. Monica Crowley has a curious take on the term 'cancelled' relative to it's woke ideology origins. The left don't own the term 'cancelled', the right has 'cancelled' things too. In the context of her entire statement and body language she doesn't seem sympathetic to Putin at all. If you're now spinning that as sympathy for Putin, then you've either been duped by a headline or simply drafted your own asinine theatre for a preferred narrative.
  17. Certainly, the Ukrainian situation is nothing like Canada (well, maybe the protests by Russians in Russia are), but if you think Canada invoked emergency powers to write a few traffic tickets then you're a bit behind on events there.
  18. Oh, it gets 'whackier' than that...
  19. I empathise with your anger and would also prefer to see Putin face significant military resistance. However, I'm also surprised that you believe military action by the US would be (or would have been) in the best interests of the US. Putin has already indicated 'consequences greater than any faced in history' and whatever that is, nukes or not, the US doesn't have the stomach for that level of sacrifice fighting someone else's war, and understandably so. Even if, by some miracle, a western coalition were to deal significant military damage, I'd bet dollars to donuts that China would then aid Russia as a contingency, and once that happens there's no contest.
  20. Agreed in part. My own politics may lean to the right, and I'm not even a US citizen, but Trump's statement on this is disgraceful. A bipartisan position is needed against foreign power aggression, it's no time to criticise your own. I do not however believe there was a 'Russian collusion' (that's been a post thread on it's own) , I'm more likely to believe that Trump would have ordered US military action in Ukraine against Russia, which would have been an equally unwise action.
  21. Agreed to a large extent, but 'people in power' cover the full spectrum of political diversity. Every job interview I've ever attended consisted of at least two interviewers and one of them was always a HR department representative. Typically their role is to ensure an impartial and unbiased interview process and also to evaluate if the candidate fits the 'company culture' and 'team player' suitability and, in doing so, may actually apply a bias. Consider a candidate employee transitioning from Fox News to Washington Post. Consider candidates for employ in your own team; someone having the rim of a MAGA hat peeking out of their laptop bag, a strong alpha (possibly abrasive) personality and a stellar technical and academic record. Would you truly discount every quality except the last one (technical merit) and pick that guy to work in your office, on your team ?
  22. If real incidents of this type were happening with any regularity in the respective locations where staged incidents occur, then one could play the victim without a need to stage them. In a broader world real racism exists, for sure, but these kinds of staged incidents (possibly several more that weren't caught on camera) do not advance a constructive agenda.
  23. It seems the demand for racism sometimes outstrips the supply; Also not the first time something like this has happened.