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  1. ?? What is the relevance of that to the OP? Are you grasping for something randomly unrelated to have a go at Musk because he's discarded a party who's politics has changed? I personally dislike vehicle 'autopilots' because I genuinely enjoy driving myself, although I'm not aware of who currently has a better autopilot (in it's class) than his. Every technology, including autopilots, needs an evolution of trial and failure. One might easily say that early aviation autopilots were half-assed. In some respects they still are, hence we still have pilots. You might as well go low and have a go at his family next.... Ah, nevermind, SkyDekker beat you to it. Classy all around.
  2. My comment would never even have been made if it were not for bill's partisan lie of "Right wing extremists, making America great again, one shooting at at time." as though to discount that left-wing (extremist) shootings also exist. I don't disagree with much of what you have written there, but I'd still maintain that the 'replacement theory' in mainstream Republican discussion is politically orientated and not specifically a race issue which makes it different from Le Grand Remplacement as endorsed by extremists from which the term was borrowed. The left chooses to conflate them. The US is not importing black people, the current 'replacement' influx are largely Hispanics, who were not targeted in this attack. Consider a hypothetical geography in which the USA shared a border with, for example, Russia or some 'right-leaning' nation and allowed swathes to enter illegally and eventually apply for citizenship. You don't suppose the D's would have something to say about that? ..and might feel even further incensed if the R's accused them of xenophobia (or worse) if they did ? The shooter had self-identified as being left of center and, whether he is or not, it is somewhat curious that the terminology of self-identification is something the lefties here are not endorsing as gospel, which they are happy to do in other threads.
  3. ?? Sympathetic to Christians? You didn't find it conspicuous in the quote that I provided (similar to every other mention in his manifesto) that 'god' is always written lower-case? A hallmark of the faithful? Tucker Carlson is a bit of an ass for various reasons, I concede that much, although it's not totally unthinkable to criticize government facilitation of massive illegal immigration of people (of any ethnicity) who are more likely to vote D in future elections as gratitude. Fox News is indeed criticised in Gendron's manifesto as complicit in this imagined conspiracy. What the left like to do here however is conflate that issue with the truly racist, but notably different, French Nationalist Grand Remplacement theory because it makes for a good smear deflection. I grant you this much however; large parts of his manifesto are a word-salad rant of a disturbed mind and if he is found to be mentally ill then his claims of any political affiliation, right or left, will be less relevant.
  4. Well that's the ignorance that some lefties have, isn't it ? ..believing that both racism and anti-semitism are exclusively right wing. Even the other lefties here can educate you on that misconception. Back to Gendron; You asked for quotes from his manifest; “Not a thing has been conserved other than corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1% that exploit the people for their own benefit. Conservatism is dead. Thank god. ..... I fall in the middle of the mild, moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist... Call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn't disagree with you." Sounds right-wing to you?
  5. Right wing, eh? The 'manifesto' of the Buffalo shooter is left of center. I could list citations and quotes but I'm sure you'll find the relevant info. Which shooting was before that one? Could it have been Frank James? Was his politics left or right ? ...
  6. If that's true then it also disproves the nonsense narrative in this forum that 'all conservatives support Putin'. You've now conceded that in your comment above. Either they don't support Putin, or Trump does not pander to his supporters. Both can't be true. Trump didn't seem to mind recommending the vaccine to his supporters, either by being too 'slow' to realize the blowback he would get, or by actually placing principle above policy. I know which one you'll pick. Name me one prominent US politician who doesn't do that? The very nature of politics is popularity, else they never become prominent.
  7. Such as perhaps... recommending the covid vaccine to his own supporters? ..and somehow being clairvoyantly aware of exactly which 'listeners' would watch (or listen) a publicly available TV interview? The actual facts are that he hasn't said a single positive thing about the invasion since it's second week and has indeed since condemned the invasion at least three separate times in separate interviews or speeches since February. Hence.. these days. Trump has also repeatedly harped on about how 'it would never have happened on his watch' and although his claim is utterly absurd it is also reflective of sentiment that he did not want the invasion to happen. By denying such obvious facts; your own comments are really more reflective of liberals who are so drunk on lefty dogma that they're no longer capable of objective analysis resulting in the kind of illogical response you've provided. It's like the lefty equivalent of The Hundredth Monkey.
  8. Trump has certainly been flattering of Putin in earlier times, but you would do well to take an actual look at "these days"; Barely a month ago Trump was asked during an interview with Piers Morgan if he would now agree that Putin was a " evil genocidal monster?" and responded with "I do, for sure, and who wouldn't? What’s happening is horrible." , in addition to stating that he regarded Putin's threats of nuclear strikes as unacceptable and would counter them with reminders of the West's superior arsenal. Therefore; these days it's not the 'best mates' narrative that lefties continue to sell. I dislike Trump myself, I've said it several times, but he should be disliked for valid reasons rather than outdated narratives.
  9. Well, not that person, as you've curiously used a photo of a crying lefty.
  10. Well let's not be sanctimonious about this. Short of helium balloons; everyone here who skydives depends on fossil fuels to do it. Next time you buy that completely necessary jump ticket, give a nod to the oil producers.
  11. Amongst the Star Wars fan fiction it had been pondered if the character of Yoda had any other names. It had been suggested by one that his family name was Layheehoo.
  12. Right, because Musk is a rookie and couldn't possibly have considered this point in massive detail already .
  13. This from the guy who was asking how a public figure can be cancelled by one person? As noted in that thread even yourself and bill had different perceptions of cancel culture, as did I. There was a lot of that going around.
  14. Then it's conceivable to you that an increase in 'climate change' deaths is actually not an increase, as a relative percentage to population growth. In absolute values there's been an increase in pretty much every cause of death over the same period, notwithstanding that 'climate change deaths being largely spitballed values with regard to determining direct or indirect cause of death.
  15. 'shift' or 'extend' ? Is there a reason they cannot continue agriculture in the present southern locations?
  16. Brent and I are different forum members responding to different posts. In other news; Water... wet ! How does that value compare to global population growth over the same period? ...and what was their 'cause of death' determination based on? How about this;
  17. Thanks for finding these and due credit to these forecasters. It would be great if we could have reliably similar forecasting today in the mainstream media instead of the kind of forecasts that bring impressionable children and nutters to tears of despair over their own imminent doom in their lifetime. From the scattergun of forecasts out there some pellets have hit the target. That NASA guy got it right twice, if not yet retired he'd be good enough to work for SpaceX now.
  18. Yet books exist from respectable companies that don't have that content, possibly one's now adopted by Florida. Will this mean that Florida students will be incapable of learning mathematics without the banned content? Time will tell, I suppose, but I doubt it.
  19. OK, you may need to help me here; Is mathematics a mandatory subject for Florida students at any stage in their curriculum? By comparison; is scripture or religious studies mandatory for Florida students at any stage in their current curriculum? Surely you concede that difference is important is determining what to ban? Why would a mathematics textbook need to introduce that context at all? Why does it require visual cartoons? Is it relevant to the mathematical problem as to what race the characters are? The "Joe wants to buy a book..." scenario would seem perfectly adequate, the reader is free to make their own (imagined) determinations as to the race or even the gender of 'Joe', if they somehow felt that it was relevant to the mathematical solution. "Disagree respectfully"? Certainly that's a fine attitude to have, but it has no place in a mathematics textbook, so why introduce it in the content? If Florida had accepted a mathematics textbook containing visual cartoons of exclusively white males they would get absolutely panned for that, so leave them all out I say.
  20. Are you seriously comparing a mathematics textbook to the Bible in that context? Surely you would agree that there are many ways to teach mathematics without ever needing to reference scripture or politics or any ideology outside of the pure sciences. Would you be happier if scripture were allowed in mathematics textbooks? I have as much contempt for scripture as you do but by comparison it would seem to absurd to ban scripture from the Bible because the entire book is scripture and it's optional reading as opposed to mandated curriculum. Seeing the difference?
  21. Hmm.. you're not perhaps one who's quick to cite Godwin's law when it suits your purposes, right ? I would expect that skydivers from both sides of the argument have the same choices in Florida and that is to "go jump", either literally or metaphorically.
  22. Those seem great. I'm rather a fan of modern nuclear at the moment. In fairness though; Joe was referring to powering vehicles specifically, not remote sites. Those don't seem quite suitable in that respect.
  23. Well, Joe B is optimistic he can save a bit more of the earth with a climate friendly military fleet , considering all those recharge stations on the battlefield and the time that can be afforded to stop and use them. Or perhaps hydrogen? Large tanks of it on a battlefield? Sounds splendid. Maybe the mid-air refuelling of other aircraft will soon be an electric cable dropped from a KC135 Tesla big battery... 'cause climate change is a graver concern than an enemy at the gate.
  24. You're behind on events. Lefties already did this.
  25. I'm wondering if Ron is yanking their chain on this, as in; "If you believe that then you might believe this..."