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  1. redramdriver

    my experience at zhills

    Welcome to post A license jumping my friend. You'll read a lot of crap here about people willing to jump with ya, until you actually show up at a DZ that isn't where you usually jump, and all bets are off. And how you learn more, well, again, read the above. But, if you spend lots of money on beer, hang around all day making sure its ice cold for later, get the bone fire kicked up nice, someone will probably say thanks. That is all.
  2. redramdriver

    Static line/IAD Jumpmaster rating

    This issue has been brought up many times by small DZ's wishing to continue with the small club/DZ way of life. But USPA has in the infinite wisdom...decided they know better. But I totally agree with everything you've said. BTW...I have 2 S/L rigs all ready to go! Oh wait, we closed up, not enough JM's to keep the place going. And we were the same...1st JC, Radio, packing, dispatching students...we were always short...because.
  3. redramdriver

    2 years un current

    Simply put, No. You will however, have to become re-current. Contact the DZ where you will start jumping at again and the instructional staff there will give you all the ready set go information and instruction that you will need to get your knees back in the breeze. Blue Skies and soft landings.
  4. redramdriver

    New canopy = worst landings ever?!

    Band new canopies, are still made by people. I have had a reserve do the same as your main, sent it back to the manufacturer...all the lines were out of trim. Replaced with an entirely new Maybe get the trim checked. It could be one of the issues. MY .02.
  5. redramdriver

    WOOT Just got my "A" today! the fun really starts! Blue Skies
  6. redramdriver

    Wings Risers?

    Sunrise Rigging - freeflajankie - Ankie Berry go to their her for me now and in the past...hope this helps.
  7. redramdriver

    Endless Mountain Skydiving

    Greeted with open arms by staff members and other jumpers. Assisted with questions regarding DZ policy, landing procedures, and aircraft loading and exiting. Brought a friend along for his first tandum skydive. Both he and his wife had a complete pleasureable experience. He can't wait for the video. Although with the recent flooding we had to take a lot of alternate roads to get there, we made it in plenty of time for his jump. I will definately be bring some of my friends back on my next visit so they too can see why the birds sing!!!
  8. redramdriver

    MonkeyFist Collapse

    so did mine when I changed the helieum in the key! just in case..mine has the small styrofoam ball, or just go back to a hackey...problem fixed
  9. redramdriver

    Signed logbook??

    You should have made sure that you had a log book from day 1. It should have been made clear to you by either your DZ or Instructors that you needed to have a log completed after each jump and de-briefing of the jump to record in detail your jump and if you were passed to the next leve, redo a jump, or if you should have went and played golf that day. If your near your DZ, you should try and get a log book, and get the log book up to date the best that you can with the DZ and your instructors. IMHO...blues..Mark
  10. redramdriver

    New Freefly suit

    I voted for #1. I think if your planning on doing any jumping in warm/warmer/hot/humid type weather the other ideas are just simply gonna suck all the heat right in and make it cool for the rest of us..
  11. redramdriver

    Wings Email

    I thought you were on vacation!