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  1. shegget

    Bogus DZ

    and the slideshow for the "west of ireland" looks *amazingly* like skydive chicago... complete with the fox river, dz, and otter
  2. how-u-doin?:12:1 1 case was placed in with the other alcohol at skydive orange for first-jump-at-orange (or first ever recurrency jump... or first jump in virginia... or on the east coast... or... yah. that should about cover it) 70 degrees and sunny as hell. orange f00king rocks
  3. if it makes ya feel any better, i still get carded everywhere. and in the past i've gotten carded when buying condoms (wtf???) and another time for an r-rated movie (when i was 23)...
  4. dunno if they reverted back or not. i know the original migration did take alot longer than they expected, but i'm not sure if they still have freebsd on the back end. i used to work at a company that did various unix/windows/etc. drivers and lower level systems programming (network protocols, etc.) so i've written stuff for everything from solaris to windows to OS 8 and 9 on macs... and at my new job, pretty much noone knows windows internals, so i'm doing whatever needs to be done. it's cool though... keeps me busy and pays for my other addictions :)
  5. A little behind the times arent ya? nah, the box is 800 miles away, with noone to fix it when cvsup && make world crap out halfway through. 4.6.2 is chuggin along just fine. my vaio has gentoo (still think it sucks ass... who makes a distro that doesn't come with vi by default? nano sucks balls... time to go back to slackware), fbsd 5.3 and xp on it. and if you all hate windows people, ya best shun me. i just spent my day writing shellcode to be used in a not-so-nice windows driver, and spend alot of my time in windows kernel land, though i have been known to reverse windows drivers and port them to other OSes ;) oh, and hotmail was originally running FreeBSD, but MS changed it over after it bought hotmail: (which was, oddly enough, just after nmap was released and fingerprinted hotmail as having FreeBSD... hrmmm...)
  6. FreeBSD 4.6.2-RELEASE-p2 #0: Fri Sep 13 19:06:02 CDT 2002 root@stalker:/usr/src/sys/compile/stalker Digital Personal Workstation (Miata) Digital Personal WorkStation 500au, 500MHz 8192 byte page size, 1 processor. CPU: EV56 (21164A) major=7 minor=0 extensions=0x1 it's old... but you try upgrading a box that lives halfway across the country.
  7. Randal: Have you ever wondered how much the average jizz-mopper makes per hour? Dante: What's a jizz-mopper?
  8. gotta have some dillinger 4, social d, or even some methadones ... or old pegboy or raygun.
  9. yep. i understood all that. and it scares me.
  10. we've listened to this many times when driving back from skydive chicago: Samiam - Sky Flying By
  11. I visited this dropzone while I was out staying with a friend in Ames. It's a really nice, clean DZ with a spacious indoor carpeted packing area in the hangar. It was my first time jumping a Porter, and it rocked. Fast climbing and fun jumping. Aside from the ribbing we took for wanting to do sit-flying, it was definitely a great time ;) And, if you want to grab some good food after jumping all day, ask about the chinese restaurant in Vinton. I look forward to visiting again when I'm back in Ames (or anywhere else remotely nearby)!
  12. shegget

    Skydive Chicago

    SDC is my home DZ; I did both tandems and my AFP here, so I'm probably biased. The people at SDC are very nice, friendly, and always willing to help out younger jumpers. The DZ has lots of experienced people in the various disciplines, and they've always been willing to help out with any questions, no matter how simple or basic. The otters rock, the jumpers are safety conscious, and the DZ has tons of amenities for jumpers (including tons of indoor, padded packing area). All in all, an incredible DZ for students and experienced jumpers!
  13. yep. this SSE optimization/requirement sucks. premiere pro won't run on my laptop because i have a transmeta TM5800 processor in it :( 6.5 worked just fine... but pro won't even load. good thing to keep in mind if you're looking for an x86 box to do video editing on... if you plan on using premiere, make sure the processor supports the SSE instruction set.
  14. And yet they fail to mention the new strict guidelines that everyone working at SDC had to take and pass a drug test.
  15. So we're walking up to the plane, about to climb up the stairs, and someone taps me on the shoulder. It's Roger. I think to myself "He has a student that needs to go ahead of us, ok"... then he asks "what are you guys doing on this jump?" "Two-way sits" To which he simply says "Three???" and smiles... For two novice jumpers who were trained by Roger and the SDC crew, it was awesome. My friend Carl videod that jump (From April 27, 2003) and it's here if anyone wants to see it: We were on a high the whole next week from that jump... ps. the encoding of the video might not work with your player... but it's all i have