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  1. is it possible for me to go through with the shipping to him AND have the reciever pay the fee, only for him to refuse it, then i would end up having to pay?
  2. haha, i think i have looked at everysingle pic in the galleries... yes, i am that bored at work! thanks:)
  3. hell yeah they are awesome. i sent you an email telling you how cool they are a while back. i'm out of the sport until september due to clumsyness, but yeah, the pants are sweet. and so are your pics...thanks
  4. HAHA as bored as I am at work, I think I have seen EVERY photo posted in the galleries, maybe even twice!! Thanks though I would love to see some new pics people!
  5. Please post a few of your best shots here. They don't have to be of skydiving. I just love pictures, people, and photography. Please show me what you got
  6. Please post a few of your best shots here. They don't have to be of skydiving. I just love pictures, people, and photography. Please show me what you got
  7. anyone got cool pics they can post up here? dont have to be of skydiving... i really love pictures and photography and people. please post your best
  8. saber was OK. i have 2 herniated discs in my back from playing rugby 2 years ago... sabers openings were bothering it a lot. spectres... much softer:)
  9. i still would like a few more opinions on which canopy is "better" please:)
  10. his user name is jacare. this is the ad i responded to: For Sale: Racer Elite 450/450 S+1 Spectre 170, PD 143, 40 ju Posted on: Wed Jun 18 2003 Expires on: 2003-08-17 Posted By: Jacare (Jacare) All user's Ads Angleton , Texas, United States Brand new container, less then 40 jumps. Pull out sistem. Nice colours. Good rig for begginers. Main= Tangerine, magenta. I got a tangerine and magenta shilouette 170!?!
  11. glad to know scott is good. i've only heard wonderful things about him. this is his 2nd canopy control course this year for our dz. i am excited to take the ground course, but kind of upset that i can't jump and have them debrief my skills
  12. I know not all sellers are shady. I have had enough sucessful purchases off this website to know that... but I have also run into 3 (now) shady encounters. just be careful who you buy from, even if they seem nice and sincere (they usually do), dont be fooled
  13. i am planning on sending it back for sure... just curious as to who should be responsible for shipping costs??
  14. i hate that! how many jumps did you squeeze in?
  15. I have already been jumping a 170 that I am borrowing from someone. I went from student 240, to a falcon 215, to a saphire 180, to a sabre 170... and thats what i have been jumping until i get a spectre 170 (if i ever find one). unfortunately i cannot jump due to my broken elbow for 7 more weeks. but i am signed up for a canopy control ground course a my dz, taught by scott miller from PD.
  16. i talked them down from a 190 to a 170, so i think that's as small as my dz lets us go as just off student status, regardless of our size.
  17. i did stop payment on my check, luckily they waived the fee for me as well. does anyone think i should really ship it back to him and say paid by address??
  18. which is a better canopy.... spectre 170 or shilouette 170? i only weigh 135 and i want a fun canopy, i've heard the spectre. what do you all think?
  19. morning!! Back at work... yes, still bored. how was everyone's weekends???
  20. Hi everyone in rantoul!! Blue skies and safe jumps:) shout out goes to LEW and CAJONES. Hope everyone is having FUN!!!!!!
  21. WELCOME:) I'm new here myself! what part of germany do you live in now?? I used to live in Bad Hamburg, a suburb of frankfurt... ever heard of it?
  22. what makes the shilouette a better canopy than a spectre? i've only heard the opposite... except of course from the seller