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  1. really Rob? So a harness that was made from neon pink that shows fading within 6 months has lost half it's strength while the black harness still looks great after 10 years hasn't lost anything?
  2. I remember hearing the same stories....but I pretty much always dump without slowing down. I've never noticed a different between that & not. I'm willing to bet it came from some old fart that couldn't track to save his ass (his vertical speed actually increased dramatically and horizontal motion was minimal). Just my thought on it.
  3. I know Kelly Farrington at Velocity has packed a few. He might be able to help you out. Don't tell him I mentioned it though.
  4. Wow....I've been rigging for a bit and never knew about a knot being part of the seal procedure. I've never tied one (and it seems like a complete pain in the ass...but of course I've never done it so how would I know). Like Peter said above, a good pressed seal will hold the thread and I've never seen any get pulled out (none of mine anyway). my pics & stuff!
  5. I didn't think of trying that, I will this evening. I did download the platinum version (just the next version up) and this one does have the option in the preferences which tells me the non-platinum just doesn't give you this choice. my pics & stuff!
  6. I've used vegas a lot in the past but it has been a while. I currently have a trial version (movie studio 15) and can't for the life of me figure out how to keep the friggin cursor from going back to where it started on the timeline when I hit spacebar to stop the video. It was an easy find in the older versions but this one seems really limited in the preferences. I know spotted eagle knew all the ins and outs but I don't see him much on here anymore. Anyone? my pics & stuff!
  7. Yes, front mounts allow that option....right to the biners. But other harnesses that have the reserve in the back or bottom typically have the bridle running up and to the back of the pilots head. The shitty thing is you hang leaning forward when under the reserve. my pics & stuff!
  8. So I stand corrected....the reserve is attached to the biners. There are several methods to connecting the reserve to the harness. My personal set up doesn't attach to the biners, it's attached harness and you'll hang from the reserve differently than when under the wing. But...with that said, the reserve has 2 attachments and with one not working, the other should have done it's job and should have supported the weight of both. my pics & stuff!
  9. not buying it since the reserves are typically integrated into harness and not the biners. Watch this video, about a minute into it. You can see how the reserve attaches to the harness. well is connected to the biners on that one. I'm still sticking to my 'not buying it' statement though. my pics & stuff!
  10. I saw that too....just assumed it's part of the wing that tore off. But the reserves are integrated a bit differently so that wouldn't have been the reserve. Granted, there's a lot more gear makers of paragliders than like skydiving and they are no where near standardized. To me, it looks like the biner failed, & they rode in the streamer with zero reserve deployment. my pics & stuff!
  11. for what it's worth, paragliding rigs use 2 biners. You can clearly see this in the video. If you're referring to using 2 biners per attachment, then that's a different story. This is a tandem & there should have been a reserve throw in there somewhere (but obviously this didn't happen). The headline that the pilot saves the passengers life is odd. Had he thrown the reserve he would have saved both lives. my pics & stuff!
  12. If you have the time to make one....a lodi loop is the bomb. The big rigs (tandems) seems to settle quite a bit and the crowning of the pc cap starts to show. When the loop is too long, it starts to serpentine thru the grommets. The lodi loop allows you to snug that shit up. The rig looks so much better this way. But I'm sure I'll get an ear full from those that say it's not allowed. my pics & stuff!
  13. anyone have any more insight to this? Was the bulk of the larks head location enough to hang up on something?....and the change from the larks head location seems odd....and maybe even bulkier. Simple fix but more info would be nice. my pics & stuff!
  14. I have a speedlite w/ an off the shoe cable. The speedlite is opened up flat and I have it taped (yes....taped) to a flat bracket. That bracket has a quick release that slides over the dove tail of the RRS L bracket. I can mount to the side of the camera. It looks pretty fucking sketch and is for sure a snag hazard but works really well. In addition to this, I can remove the camera from the helmet and the whole thing is a unit. I've used it on night jumps as well with all the settings on manual. Sorry, don't have any pics of it (and probably don't want to share them so I don't have to hear how stupid it is). my pics & stuff!
  15. It's your money...but I'm telling you 750 or 1000lbs spectra lasts a long ass time. You're trying to compare small vectran to can't and the OP was about spectra. my pics & stuff!
  16. That really doesn't make sense at all. You can easily get 1000 jumps out of spectra (depending on the size of course)....not broken and canopy flying just fine. The openings might suck a bit but if the jumper is happy as a clam...then the lines are fine. HMA?....will just not last that long and will break. Big difference. my pics & stuff!
  17. Here's my set up....hopefully this helps as well. my pics & stuff!
  18. I would imagine that they would be confused. Here's a couple of examples. I'm not at home to take pics of my setup but this should help. The attached JPG is from ebay ('RRS quick release' search) - The L bracket attaches to the camera...allows for horizontal or portrait mounting of the camera to the clamp - The clamp mounts to the helmet...and basically stays there. This allows the camera (with the L bracket) to be put on the camera and removed as needed. The quick release clamp I have is not the twist knob like this one...but an actual lever quick release (similar to the 2nd jpg). The problem with this is the tolerances are pretty tight and the cheap ass aftermarket L bracket I bought for a different camera didn't quite work....too loose. Edit....found a better pic of the set up that might help as well....see the attached PDF. my pics & stuff! RRS.pdf
  19. There's a quick release on the helmet and the L-bar attaches to the camera. It's a dove tail style of attachment to the quick release. You can remove the camera and rotate it 90 degrees for vertical format. I'm not at home and can't get you pics...but the RRS website should show you all this. It's a bit of overkill but man are they nice. my pics & stuff!
  20. how is this any different than the sketchy tandem progression method where you really don't have any idea of what the student is doing....then they're handed off to an AFF instructor (yes, one instructor)? At least in the tunnel they're not strapped to an instructor under a drogue. There's a local DZ here in Oregon doing this method and from what I can see it's working just fine. They still (the instructor) has the ability to say 'nah, i want 2 instructors for this one'. I think it's a viable option. The tunnel can be such a great tool. I'm not advocating one way or the other.......just throwing this out there. my pics & stuff!
  21. my opinion here for what's worked for me. No booties....those will only cause you issues and are only good on your belly (i'm sure you knew that). I like the big size wing (and i'm not a big person). I'd also get a jacket instead....a few reasons; when it's hot as balls, you can wear it with shorts....when it's cold you can wear it over a jump suit. And for practice...start chasing belly jumpers to get a feel for it. It's not sit flying by any means....i've likened it to being in a recliner. The slower the fall rate, the more I'm leaning back. The faster, the more up right i am. It's a lot of fun and my range is very good (better than when I used to do this on my belly). my pics & stuff!
  22. Don't do it. The one I got had them and man was it crazy floaty (tony jacket). I cut off the pocket and stuck w/ the wing. It works great...14 years and still going strong. Just to add...I'm assuming you're asking about the pocket that was used on 'sit suits'....right? my pics & stuff!
  23. Here's an old one but you can see that the camera is mounted horizontal. Looking at the pic, the vert mount is on the right side, just open the quick release and rotate...then lock in. Look on ebay since they aren't cheap...and fyi....I have a knock off brand for a different camera and it sucks. I'd pay for the RRS model. my pics & stuff!
  24. RRS (really right stuff) is the bomb for this option. I have it for my 5D and love it. Get the L bracket and you can switch between the 2 (vertical/horizontal) really quick. my pics & stuff!
  25. Try a double or triple overhand knot (or figure 8)...something that's much bigger. I've always just tied it back to itself but if the bungee is too short....get a longer piece. If you have a pair of old goggles, use the bungee off those. my pics & stuff!