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  1. Finally got into a stable sitting position, held my heading, was able to make turns, get on my belly, and return to sitting. WOW! wicked...All this on my 15th sitfly jump attempt. I guess it just gets better from here! Just one question - Does this mean I can call myself a freeflyer now? Or is that only when I can fly head down?
  2. PM me for your first online pool lesson. Just kidding, I teach music, not pool Besides, I like to run the table!
  3. I hadn't had a drink for about a month. Then I visited San Francisco a few weeks ago and went on an alcohol binge with this crazy chick I met online and a couple of skydivers who shall remain anonymous, to protect the guilty. So drinking is OK if you drink a lot, once a month, I guess.
  4. jumper596


    Well, the thing is, she is narcoleptic (sp?) She only stayed awake the last 15 minutes. (You can see in one of the pics that she's holding something while she sleeps) Strippers bring out the perv in me anyway, not the gentleman. It's the nature of their work, I guess. I would never date one, but being a popular LOCAL musician, I've had my share of strippers, if you know what I mean
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    She is 21 year old stripper, on her way to the East coast to work, and you shoulda heard the guy in the seat on my right - he was laughing so hard he woke her up! He even handed me his camera to get pics of her for himself, but she never fell back asleep! The people behind me were looking at me kinda funny on the way out of the plane, but that's the price of perversion, I guess.
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    I want to be nothing if not shameless. And perverted.
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    Here's the boobies!
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    On my way to Denver a few weeks ago, I got stuck in the middle seat on an A319, but this girl was next to me, so it wasn't that bad. She slept most of the way allowing me to be a total perv... oooops - the pics are too big - I'll fix it...hang on
  9. Hey SuzieQ - great time in San Fran thanks! Monterey was awesome! Now the new cat is hiding under my bed all day and I'm worried about what might be going on under there. Oh shit... I love cats - I love cats - I love cats - I love cats - I'M GONNA KILL A CAT!!!!!
  10. That would make sense, since the last time it happened there were 2 small groups exiting before 3 tandems from an otter at 15000 feet, with very strong upper winds. Thanks!
  11. Yeah, I keep my rig where no cat can get at it, and yes, I'm certain that the cat was thinking that exactly. I'm too nice
  12. I suppose I should know the answer, but... Why is it that occasionally jump run is down wind? (on the first pass) Is it because the winds aloft are too strong to fly slowly up wind? That's the best guess I have. Anyone?
  13. I just watched my roomates cat throw up on my just cleaned blanket on my bed and wondered, "why do I still live here"...
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    High: Jumped in Monterey last weekend
  15. Hey Luis - pm me later - I have something that might cheer you up.
  16. Rosa, You sent me love and vibes, when I needed them, so here's (((((((vibes)))))) right back at ya! Hope you feel better real soon!!! About food poisoning - I've been a vegetarian most of my life, and I've never had food poisonig, that I know of anyway, so maybe the answer is to quit eating meat? (Don't want to start a debate with all the carnivores!) Love and vibes
  17. Thanks, I got it now! I feel much better!
  18. Now I just need to know exactly what is a Mr. Bill? I guess I'm the only skydiver who doesn't know!
  19. Love the Moody Blues. I'm a drummer and I've played some of their songs in several cover bands. I saw them recently and they still rock!
  20. Parachutist Magazine, July 03 - page 14 - Top Picture entitled Oh, No! Would someone please explain that one to me? I was told that you can't hang on to someone during their deployment. So were they buckled together somehow like a tandem? Is the pic photoshoped? Or am I just missing something obvious?
  21. I added 'Saturday Funnies' to the subject, OK? A great thing about America is that people can organize and try to make changes when they feel they are being misled. No matter how funny it may seem. Ivan - Clinton's not president anymore - don't need one for him. I love my country, I love the Constitution, I hate my government.
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    Howard Stern

    I used to listen to Howard on AM radio - WNBC New York in the 80's while delivering auto parts. (glad I don't live that life anymore) But I still love Howard!
  23. Found this the other day - My first thought was 'don't post this - I'll make a bunch of enemies'. But for those who feel like I do, I just had to --- http://www.votetoimpeach.org/ Don't kill me, I'm just passing this along to anyone who's interested