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  1. WOW great assumption, the only problem is I'm married with two daughters and skydiving is my way to get away from the B.S. of females. So take it easy for the sakes of your wife and kids,It would be hard for your wife to explain to your kids that your not there cause you wouldn't listen to people that have more experience than you.Swooping isn't going anywhere....Take your time.
  2. Wow Kids now a days.....Must be a hot chick he wants to impress....Hey I have a 75 Vx you can jump....
  3. Skydiving boogie to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Hosted by Skydive Westex in Stanton, TX. $20 donation for experienced jumpers and student jumpers. $220 tandems and $120 static line classes to benefit the Leukemia Society. Raffles to include gift certificates, free skydives, and a pair of custom Liquid Sky Freefly pants. For more information check out or email [email protected]
  4. If your serious about a bartacker.,get the Juki 1900..its a dream to have!!!
  5. See you in the incident reports......what's so cool a about it? What
  6. I thank all you guys and girls,its rough going to new places with a little one,but I've said to my mom skydivers are the best family I have had in all the years I've been skydiving!!!!
  7. I would be packing,moved to Texas to make a better life for my kid(worked on a gas drilling rig) and got layed off...since then been rigging and buliding RDS sliders to keep afloat.
  8. Hello Houston, Well I was seeing if anyone can a help a brother out,I'm trying to go to work for Skydive Space land but I'm a single father of a 2 1/2 year old and I don't know a soul in Houston,just wanted to know if anyone is a single mother or father that work there or if anyone is in the position as I am. My hats off to all the single moms out there that have been doing this by themshelfs!
  9. Yeah I'm not there yet......but I will be there in time. And I'm not depending on my wing to take me there!
  10. You have just proven Frost right. "Your lack of talent" you said it your self. So I doesn't matter if your flying the XB the PD guys have or a JFX or what ever,with no talent your just going to be the guy on the drop zone with an expensive canopy. No offense bro.
  11. It's not the XB that the PD pilots are flying!