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  1. Hey all, Am looking into fighter jet flights, as a pedestrian of course :)..need info on where to go and what is the best to fly in. There seem to be a few ( was recommended first, barnstormers etc.) but not sure what the difference between them is. Anyone out there have any experience to share? I am looking for the best! Thanks W2
  2. The oldest cat, I believe, lived to be around 28 years old. I thought I heard 33 at one point too. It also depends on what you are talking about. If you mean an outdoor kitty, the average lifespan in 1.5 years. (*true fact*) An indoor kitty averages 14-22 years.
  3. skygal3

    Champagne! champagne story. Never had it til the ole wedding day. 8:30 in the morning, after our hot air balloon almost drowned us in the lake. Anyway, the fishermen on the catamaran have a good luck charm--something about drinking champagne on the way back to shore (I can't remember everything, it's been a stinkin year--anyway) so the catamaran is going back to shore, we're all getting loaded on champagne, it was great, just me and my new hubby, champagne in hand, watchin the mtns go by...*sigh* complementary bottle of champagne (windsor vineyards) for being married in their balloon and two glasses to go with with the hot air balloon etched on one side and the prayer on the other. Then another complementary bottle from the staff at our honeymoon suite. Not a bad day
  4. Don't believe everything that you read.
  5. skygal3


    *MK passes sunnyone a hot gooey marshmallow smore* Here you go, sweetie..
  6. skygal3


    I really *love* the smore pop tarts. Yummy. Traditional smores are more like a novelty.
  7. skygal3


    What is your favorite smore concoction? I had the impressive honors tonight of introducing my hub to the world of smores, in a manner a bit less orthodox. While I agree that the classic recipe for smores is best, we decided to go a bit different route. Instead of regular grahams, hub went with chocolate flavored. And instead of a block of chocolate, I suggested we try a miniature reese peanut butter cup. And a very tasty smore was made! My suggestion is to make sure the marshmallow is crispy and on fire if possible on the outer shell to maximize the smoreful sensation. So what are your smore methods? Also, did you know that a very well known charcoal manufacturer uses walnut shells to make charcoal briquets? *useless bonfire info*
  8. Finally taught hub how to haiku! Two ninja monkeys Are meeting as we now speak-- Plotting my demise. A bumper sticker that aided in the process.
  9. Hubby and I were married in Tahoe, so on our 6 m. anni we went back to Tahoe. *shrug*
  10. That's horrible! Poor Nathan. Is he ok gear-wise now? *Not* to sound pond-scummyish myself, but if he needs help, he is about D's size and Dave is looking to lose one of his rigs anyhoo. (That was a sincere offer to Chromie, nothing else.) Katie steps back fearing flames...
  11.'re not the [asshat] one hurting them. Tell them. [/]end of story. *aggiedave sumed it up.*
  12. I agree with the majority. Skydive New England rocks!
  13. So cute! Congratulations!
  14. Thats what I thought, but he was introduced as "...who skydives, snowboards..." We just figured if he "skydives" someone here woulda said somethin' by now. Esp. for a multi-millionaire Apprentice candidate.