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  1. jumper596


  2. Blue Skies Tonto. Best wishes to his family and all of his friends. Jason
  3. I'm surprised this one surfaced after 2.5 years. Well now that w's crimes are being investigated, maybe we really will see him impeached, and hopefully convicted and SENTENCED! Visualize George W Bush in federal prison. I do.
  4. Half the plane wanted to mount something!
  5. Hmmmm I just came across this, the Men's Forum. Pretty goofy, but I like it Here's some man stuff for ya... I'll share some pics I took on an commercial flight a while back...She was sitting right next to me, this beautiful stripper of a girl...And she was narcoleptic! She kept falling asleep and falling out of her top at the same time! The guy next to me asked me to take some pics with his camera, too! I'm not posting a pic with her face, though, because I'm a freak, not an asshole. Well, some will disagree... By the way, this incident was a contributing factor to the breakup of my last relationship, so you know these pics really mean a lot to me Enjoy, MEN!
  6. Thanks Brittany! I usually have one of 3 riggers I know at Skydive AZ repack my reserve. Since I jump so infrequently, safety is really the only thing on my mind when I go back after long layoffs. I am fascinated by parachutes, too, and have often thought about rigging, but I know how much time and commitment has to go into it, and I work 7 days a week at a job I love, so... Since I haven't jumped for a while, I want to make sure I'm not missing anything, like gear bulletins etc... Even though I trust the riggers at the DZ, I'll still contact the manufacturers of my gear for advice as well as asking in this forum.
  7. I need some advice --- I am going to start jumping again after almost a year of not. My rig, a Javelin, with Cypres and RSL, has been in a closet, in a gear bag, with both main and reserve canopies packed all this time. (Except for an occasional main practice packing session). I'm in AZ, so it's been dry, no humidity. My question: What should I do as far as maintenance, besides a reserve repack. After reading the latest and very sad incident from May 1st, I really want to make sure everything is in good working condition. The rig is in almost brand new condition as a result of my very infrequent jumping. The Cypres had a new battery installed about a year ago, so it's ok. Any advice would be appreciated. *edited to add that of course, I'll also ask the manufacturer.
  8. Good luck Adam! I'll be listening for ya on Blue Deck 1!
  9. jumper596


    Haven't done this in a while and since I was thinking about Holly... [B] HIGH: [/B] 1. Christy - woo hoo!!!!! 2. Finally got into the band I've been trying to get into for 2 years! 3. I have a new student - and she's a very well known TV personality - psyched! 4. Thought about all the good times I had with Holly and it made me smile! [B] LOW:[/B] What low?
  10. Sorry in advance if everyone's already seen this http://www.bewellweb.com/cogans/thinkjerm/games/flash/parachute.swf