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  1. Take your pick. I like Kezar or the Mad Dog (in case ye wanted to know) Hope you don't get Banned!
  2. Trouble, cause I'm always in it!!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  3. YES CASIE!!!!!! You look a lil pale to me. Hope you don't get Banned!
  4. Oh is that what it is....... I'm ON it woman!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  5. Hi Law, Yeah I don't recommend driving in the city if you can avoid it. I dunno how the hell these people get licences. We have got great public transportation tho, and it's always good to hook up with some people there and see how the real city is. There are a lot of tourists in the city, persoannly I like to TRAVEL where the real people are, so if you decide to show up again, I'd be happy to show ye around. The good the bad and the UGLY! I agree that the homeless are usually polite, and generally I dont find people in SF to be very rude. I still love this city though, I think people in LA have to drive so perhaps thats why there better at it, LMAO xxx Hope you don't get Banned!
  6. Well Deuce, you really need to make an effort to go to the folsom st fair in SF, Choose your attire carefully. It was great fun BTW. [/url][url] Hope you don't get Banned!
  7. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I gotta get one of them. Damit Turtle where are you? Sigh, I think he's slumped in a corner somewhere!!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  8. Damn Girl....... yer an Inspiration to us all If I take mine out of my bra they hit the deck!!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  9. Ivan, i thought you were having difficulties getting laid, ok, ok I know you prefer women but hey, its a start!!! lol Hope you don't get Banned!
  10. Don't you have anything better to do then get drunk and dial people. It was you wasn't it??? I heard that famous slur on the other end of the phone and compared it to past messages and realized, IT'S TURTLESPEEEED!!!!!!!!!! LMAO Anyway, what do you wanna agrue about, Bring it BabY!!!!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  11. well, it's all over now, glad we were able to bring a little bit of energy to this light of all the glaring criticisms I have incurred I am willing to throw in the towel and back off on the crazy claims.... maybe you guys DO have something cool going on down there, and like the post above said, maybe I need to get down there to see it for myself....most of my friends that have been there recoil in horror when I mention Texas but then maybe they just had bad experiences, maybe they met Bush or something or were racially profiled in the airport. Couldn't tell ya. So I'll just finish with this, what IS it that makes such overbearing pride come out of Texas? I have a friend who was beraed in the Houston airport during a layover because he told a group of people that he was from Ohio and they replied- "what's it like to be from such a small state?" (a bizzare question at best)- they then went on about how they were the "biggest state, biggest in everything" with some sort of maniacal which point my friend informed them that Alaska is 7 times larger than the state of Texas and a lot more beuatiful; the went apeshit. His point was that he was proud to be from Ohio but he didn't shove it in people's faces..why should other people shove it in his face? So I guess that's it, I just hear stories like this all the time,...maybe I'll just have to check it out for myself....someone tell me what's so cool about Texas and what I can do there that I can't do better here, maybe then I'll know why people are so proud and so quick and desperate to tell the world how proud they are. Hey, Canadians are proud too, but they don't act like this...what gives? Take care, Sue Hope you don't get Banned!
  12. let me first of all say "THANK YOU" to all the Texans who replied....just as my friends told me... they are from TEXAS so they will take the bait and go ballistic and can't have any sense of humor about criticisms...."...thanks boys and girls for verifiying what everyone predicted you WOULD do...I put up the red cape..and the Texas bulls charged... I repent. Texas is THE coolest state...our current President, the fact that we are globaly hated because our "leader" lies to us and he can't even spell his own name? It's OK, because after all, he is from TEXAS. Haters asking me to "prove" that there are so many different languages spoken here, even though Cali is BY FAR the most culturally diverse state? Well, I should forgive you, because YOU ARE FROM TEXAS. (when was the last time you heard Vietnamese spokem commercailly or you sent your kids to a French speaking school? Oops...wrong state (of mind!!) The guy who doesn't want to live with "godless" people......well, you are living in a stereotypical caricature of Cali......I live in a world where most people believe in some being but since it does not resembel YOUR TEXAN GOD you accuse my Buddhist neighbor of being "godlesss" - wow you are SO closed minded but it is cool because YOU ARE FROM TEXAS...and therefore my TRULY diverse world SUCKS. One last note as to why Texas sucks....they rewrite history...some idiot signed off with a "long live Stevie Ray Vaughn" quote...hmmm. like the rest of America you are deceived and think that this cat actually had the fact Stevie's entire style is STOLEN from another Texas guitarslinger...a TRUE stylist by the name of ...ALBERT fact there is a story where Albert King was called one day and was told "hey, there is this little white boy who has ripped off your style and plays JUST LIKE YOU..." and Albert went down to the club and heard him...actually Stevie Ray and Albert recorded a live album together....I suggest you listen to it to get the idea in your thick skull that 1) SRV totally STOLE his licks from Albert and 2) heaed to head, Albert SMOKES his ass. OF course, SRV is famous and Albert is not, since Albert was black and SRV was white...this is the way things work in Texas..white thieves gety more points than true black innovators...and then assholes like you..WHO DON;T EVEN KNOW TRUE TEXAS HISTORY...spreaf the fake whitewashed gospel.... FUCK Steve Ray Vaughn..ALBERT KING rules instead!!! Let's champion the true innovators and not the thieves!! If I were you, I would be ashamed that an Irish girl living in liberal San Francisco has to correct you on your cheesy ass history...but that's Texas for you, now isn't it? A LIE..agreeed upon. Just ask the Mexicans if you doubt what I'm trying to say. UNrepentant and UNaplogetic....Albert King's biggest fan!! Have a nice day!!!!! Hope you don't get Banned!
  13. Emmmm whats that supposed to mean???? Phone call to who... my number of on the dial list if you want it. So what if I don't post in any other section of the forum... It's not mandatory I do,... Is it LOU? Or did you change some rules that I am unaware of.... Hope you don't get Banned!
  14. As far as I know it is illegal to serve alch after 2 am in a bar, and i'd be hard pushed to find a place open serving alchohol after 11 pm. BTW thanks ken for heads up lmaoooooooooooo!!! ITS ALL ABOUT ROCK N ROLL, check the music out from state to state, you guys are clever enuf to make your own minds up. I never rate you people as slack, hell this is the best place I've ever posted my views, and I will concede when Im all wrong... but so far.... I'm NOT convinced! That's just my take guys. Its MY right to communicate my beliefs like it is yours, and I will never back down unless you can convince me that the history books are all wrong! As much as it seems I hate you all, this is not the case... this for me is a learning experience. I just know what i have read and since I mix with a large variation in population, I will have many objectives, some of which you may or may not be firmilar with. If i push your buttons then so be it, I want you to say how you really feel, regardless of if I think it's right or wrong! People are people, thats what makes me so crazy. I accept hate because most people do it better then love, and regardless of what you might thnk, that is TRUE! I come from a war torn country were terrorist run riot and the USA supports it. U may think I'm a trouble maker but surely you can understand that this is the INTERNET...Im not likely to show up at your door and blow you away.. PLEEEEEEEEEAASEEEEEEE!!! Why not tear strips outta me... I can take that shit, I just learn from what I have experienced and I dont hang with an all WHITE crowd. Alls fair in love an war! Isn't it??????? Hope you don't get Banned!
  15. OK beautiful girls and boys...lots of points...if only they were points that PROUD? PROUD OF WHAT EXACTLY...killing the Indians? Killing the Mexicans? Pretending the Alamo was about dignity? Shouting out about how cool SXSW is when yet not a single "name" band has ever gotten signed off the REAL benefit other than making the business people of Austin rich, what is so cool about this? why is Texas THE #1 killing machine in America,,,is it because you are more just (yeah right) or because when you guys run out of charcoal for your barbecues you require the searing of another kind of flesh? Sad to say, but the history of Tex-iana is even more lamentable than the history of the least the rest of the US only made false promises to the Native Americans, then rounded them up and killed them...whereas YOU GUYS did it to BOTH the Native Americans AND the Mexicans...oops..or am I mistaken...wasn't that called the "Mexican-American War"..... Don't pretend for a moment you "proud" ass bitches that you have ANYTHING to be proud of other than your cunning...because unlike the rest of the were cunning enough to steal YOUR land not ONCE...but TWICE..... Now keep those executions coming you proud ass bitches...I am SO proud to see the harvest of your double thievery......delivered out in body bags....20 a year.....I imagine you are proud of that as well.... congratulations.....Sadistic Sue Hope you don't get Banned!