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  1. 1. Completely immersed in music/drums. Recording, performing, touring, teaching. 2. Incurable Deadhead 3. I live the life I love
  2. jumper596


    High: Finally got in a band that has lots of work Low: Once the temp goes over 110, I stay indoors, so no skydiving for me and at 0800 it's already like 103...F#&K all that! (Holly's calling me a wuss right now)
  3. My roomate/ex girlfriend says 'cum here and 596 and I will rock your world!' (Haven't read every post in this thread, so forgive us if that was offensive)
  4. Right On!!!! Very inspirational!
  5. Whenever I get, I mean if I could get 2 women ages 18 and 22 years old in my car with me in a place far from everything, I could think of a lot of things to do besides killing myself. Of course what we'd be doing may be strenuous and lead to heavy breathing!
  6. Right on Maybe I'll get l*#d more often...or slapped!
  7. Yes, I agree Ronnie, I lived in Florida for 2 lousy years. Sunny should move to the REAL sunshine state, Arizona. It's gonna be sunny with a (mexican) HIGH of 106 this weekend! And I need a roomate, too!
  8. Good Post... I'd like to thank All That Is Good, for the ability to skydive! And to be the best damm Drum Teacher in Arizona! Also, for those 2 blondes that night in Yuma, back in '93, THAT was ROCKIN'!!! AMEN Total Atheist Nice to meet others! If anyone yells at me for not believing in their god, here this, I'l never jump with you!!! Not that you'd want to jump with me anyway, I suck.
  9. I've been planning to switch my cell from at&t to ??? When I do, I'll be sure and call them up and seriously waste a bunch of their time, then cancel my sevice. I'll do it just for fun, to screw with them. Hope it makes you feel a little better to know! Cool...
  10. OK I'll try it, but somehow I think it will lead to more confusion
  11. I started wearing a closing pin necklace recently. Whuffos keep asking me what it is. I don't want to make some wise ass remark to them, well yes I do, but I'm a nice guy so I don't. I need a good line ! Will someone help?
  12. WHAAAAAAT??? I'm suposta have nipples???
  13. Thanks y'all! Went and jumped out of a 182 'just for fun' the other day...Had to climb out over a terrified first tandem student with a bad and hurting knee.. and he had to hang his leg out the door... and watch me dive out right over him... what fun... for me that is woooo hoooo!
  14. I'm driving from Phoenix to the SF Bay Area around July 1st, wondering if anyone needs a ride? (small pickup truck, only room for 1 passenger, with gear of course) I plan to visit my family for 2 days, then head down the coast and hit some dz's, probably Monterey Bay, and then ??? Hot skychicks get first consideration Jason
  15. Repeating a level is common. I repeated level 2. Just relax, arch, and have fun! I will be in the Bay Area the first week of July. Hopefully gonna jump in Byron and Monterey Bay. Blue skies!
  16. Thanks Katie, I'm so glad to be jumping again!
  17. Thanks Andrea, I know Holly was a great influence on everyone she got near. Right to the end, when my Otter load (13 if I remember correctly) was called down out of the sky on April 19 as we neared jump run, and we learned of the tragedy that took place on the ground. I couldn't get myself to jump that day, but came back the next day with the greatest enthusiasm. I feel like I've come home.
  18. Hi all- I started jumping in '96. I didn't have much time or money, so by 2000 I only had 62 jumps. Then I got rear-ended on the freeway, and suffered serious shoulder pain. It took almost 3 years to get back complete use of my shoulder, and as soon as I felt ready, I went back to the dz, got current and am now back in the air! I must mention that there was one person who kept me motivated the whole time, when I actually thought I would never jump again, and she is really the reason I'm back. Her name is Holly Kish, and I will always treasure her friendship. I know, I should post this in the remember pages, but I've never posted on the forum before, so I thought I'd start here. Thanks Holly, and everyone at Skydive Arizona, and dropzone.com. Jason