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  1. Hi, I have done a tandem jump, a long time ago, and feel like I would like to go for the AFF training. I like the Skydive University training, and someone told me there was a dropzone in New England, that did the Skydive U. Windtunnel training, as well as the Florida one of course. Does anyone know where that might be? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Are there any dropzones where a person can stay in their RV long term? It would of course have to have decent RV hookups. What would something like this run per month, if available? Thanks!
  3. I would like to know how people felt before and during their first AFF jump, and any problems they had. I am going to be doing it soon, and am just really curious how it was for people.Thanks in advance!
  4. Any Unitarian Universalists out there?
  5. I'm going to be turning 50 in January, and in the Spring I plan to go through the AFF program.I'm just wondering if anyone knows how many people my age do AFF, compared to other age groups.
  6. I talked to them, and it just makes sense to me to get your body positin solid in the tunnel, where they can correct you, and THEN do the skydive, saves a lot of time.It definitely sounds like a great programto me!
  7. I think i said that wrong, I meant wasting time, and more importantly money, doing something in real freefall, that i could first learn, maybe more effectively, in the tunnel enviornment.
  8. I have done a tandem jump, but am considering really getting more involved, as soon as I can get my time and finances in shape.Has anyone done the Skydive U Tunnel AFF program? It sounds like a fantastic approach, with a lot less wasted time in freefall.Any opinions?
  9. The Unitarian Universalist Church is NOT the Universal Life Church, no connection.Nor is it the Unification Church(the Moonies).
  10. I have just joined a remarkable, spiritually uplifting church,and was wondering if there are any other UU's out here, particularly in Virginia!
  11. I have both those books, and both are excellent! Well worth the money!
  12. I definitely consider myself Buddhist as well, but then I feel Buddhism is more a lifestyle than a religion anyway.
  13. Please go to, and look under the category entitled ABOUT US.Then, go to the Category called FOR NEWCOMERS, and there's an faq there that goes into beliefs and principles in detail!