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  1. My twin brother Randy and his girlfriend at the time, Julie were on the load. It was a 30 way "dick and balls" load. After it finally formed, Scotty was on the tip and pulled his canopy to simulate an ejaculation. He always had an unabashed imagination. We were on the same team at the 74 Hinckley SCR scrambles and we won by having a safety meeting before each dive and planning an after formation on each dive to keep folks from overamping on the first required formation. Randy's team got second. We were friends and party cohorts for many years with the winky bar chef. Rick Harrison
  2. legal permits in Yosemity in 80, legal freefall permits in Canynon de Chelley in 83 -84 and some others. Much better ways to get permits than litigation.' Rick H Rick Harrison
  3. Any positive spin that can be put on BASE is good nowadays. Tom is good at positive spin and the public needs to see how serious some of the training is. This is not the kind of coverage that hurts us. So long as the "slant" of the story is positive, it's great. Good Luck Tom. Rick Rick Harrison
  4. Nick and Space, I couldn't agree more. The Fatality List is a part of the history of this wonderfully crazy sport just like the BASE Number list. We of course keep the BASE list names confidential for old traditional values when a lot of cops and bosses didn't think too highly of us outlaw jumpers. As far as the BFL, I really feel the names need to stay on a published list. Many were my friends as well. Nick, take heart, I don't believe that most jumpers favor not having the list. Hell, if you couldn't die, this would be such a boring sport, most of us would be doing something else. If some of the newest jumpers don't understand what we're saying, then maybe the real spirit of what we all knew BASE to be in the first 10 years or so could be getting a bit lost. I hope not, Joy and I still get some great enthusiastic stories. The list needs to stay so some people with common sense enough to know the sport maybe too scary for them will go skydive instead. Rick Rick Harrison
  5. When we piss on the graves of our fallen friends who died jumping, it IS meant as an honor. The list is no different. As a pretty old timer you should see that. I've seen a lot of it and they deserve to be recognized not only as a sterile lesson about the cause of death, but as a person that was part of a very unique and special brother/sisterhood. Keep the names Nick and keep throwing a few personals in there if you get them. Rick H Rick Harrison
  6. Claire, I respect your emotions and beliefs, but BASE is not snowboarding. Never has been or will be. It is a truly dangerous sport with little margin for error. In 35 years I've had over 40 friends die skydiving and BASE jumping. Every one I knew would like to be remembered as part of a very unique group of humans who really went out on the edge to enjoy life. It shouldn't be looked at as morbid at all. It shouldn't be an honor either. Just a tribute to the memory of a brother or sister that was also willing to go off the edge. Rick Rick Harrison
  7. The most important glue that holds BASE together is the absolute love of life so much that you're willing to risk it all. A Death list will always be there somewhere. It is sort of a necessary part of our history. Rick Rick Harrison
  8. As the last Executive Dir of USBA and given the fact we issue the only Official BASE numbers that started with Carl and Smitty who earned # 1, I can't help but enter tis discusson about where BASE should be going and what it stands for. First Off, it is NOT just the US. Read what Carl wrote on the back of the BASE card. USBA wants to help promote ALL safe BASE jumps in the WORLD, not just the US. In fact Carl knew we had a much better chance for legal Cliffs in Europe because of the NAZI mentality of the NPS for reasons none of us can really understand. Anyway as far as the "spirit" of BASE, I tend to agree with Nick dG. He wasn't there the first couple years like my brother Smitty and I were, but he knew Carl and Jean in the early 80'sand we all felt the Spirit of BASE needed more respect. It was BROTHEROOD since we were all nuts in the eys of "normal" people,, banned from some DZ's,but were experienced jumpers who figured out how to regtrofitt skydiving gear to buildings etc. . Let them read us, but if they want to contribute, they should accept the responsibility to at least learn what BASE is all about and it's not just parachuting skills. Rick @# 38 Rick Harrison
  9. Tom and the majority of the BASE jumpers on the site are on the money. BASE is nothing like NASCAR or any other sport. Until you've actually done it, you really can't understand it. I think Hunter Thompson said something like you'll never know what it's like to go over the edge until you do it. Rick "If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space." Rick Harrison
  10. Hey Space, how about a paper grocery bag and daisy chained lines.? Cheaper than a pair of levis. Rick H Rick Harrison
  11. Hi Stein. Glad to hear about the heliboogie. My brother Randy aan I may try to come. I'll let you know. It will be good to see you again. Last was at the CAVE 5 years ago. Rick Rick Harrison
  12. Same way reserves were packed. We just stowed the lines in the bottom of the pack tray and stowed them in insalled rubberbands from left to right, top to bottm, and then put the canopy on top in a free pack. Worked great. Maybe a few off heading opeinings, but it worked great for most jumps. Rick H. [email protected] Rick Harrison
  13. He jumped a cruislite every since about 82. A lot of us started using Piglet Containers since we skydived with them. Smitty jumped a 5 cell Firefly before that. I had an old stratorstar 5 cell in a Piglet II. Rick H. Rick Harrison
  14. I don't care what you call it, but I call it too low. I doubt if you will care either if you try to jump that contraption. Cliffleaper Rick Harrison
  15. Yes, each State has their own laws, but if it is a construction site, trespasing can be a felony like it is in Florida and quite a few others. Tresspassing in an open building is usually a class B misdemeanor meaning you can get a fine between about $500 to $1000 or up to 6 months which they never give, but it all depends on State law. Good thing about buildings under construction is they are usually easier to access to get to the top. Cliffleaper Rick Harrison