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  1. Oh, absolutely. It's one of my fondest wishes that people would spend more time researching their candidates and issues than googling their next holiday destination.
  2. I'd have to agree with your points, although I'm pretty sure we'd use different analogies . There isn't a single politician out there that I wouldn't love to kick in the crotch for one thing or another.
  3. It infuriates me to no end that less than 43% of all registered and eligible voters in this country get their asses to the polls. I really don't understand why it's so difficult to grasp the idea that voting is part and parcel of the democratic process. OK, I know that sometimes you're left to choose between the douchebag & the turd sandwich (thanks, South Park) but there are always plenty of referendums, judges and other things to decide on that will affect daily life if you really can't bring yourself to vote on the "big" races. I live in Florida which provides early voting for 2 full weeks before Election Day. Every public library in my county had plenty of signs saying "vote here!" posted generously within a 2 block radius. And yet, less than 41% of all registered voters in Hillsborough County bothered to show up for the party, even with EXTRA time! And there's always the absentee ballot alternative too... Why is voting looked upon as such a chore? Why isn't it something that more Americans look forward to?
  4. I'm kinda hoping some of them get to see the inside of the Hague.
  5. Actually, no, that came from watching world news and seeing the reports...*CERTAINLY* the "mainstream" media showed that, back home? Yes, here in deepest darkest Florida, we do get all kinds of media; global, local & otherwise! Satellites are wonderful thing. Just trying to fit in and be a good little Dhim... isn't that what they keep promising? Open borders, unlimited immigration and womb-to-tomb care... all courtesy of .gov?? And the Republican solution to all of the above that they so effectively put into play these past 6 years was....waiting....waiting....Bueller?
  6. Is that really the best you can do? Did you just cut and paste that from the party's list of responses? I've seen you do better than that. Btw, are you saying in your sig line that if you're spanish-speaking and a democrat, you must surely be looking for a hand-out? Nice one!
  7. Shhh! Don't tell the usual RW suspects that I'm thinking of cheating on them and I won't tell anyone about your adventures with booties!
  8. My fave? A proper bacon sarnie, preferably handed to me along with a scalding hot cup of tea. Can't get it often, especially now that I no longer have a London office to go visit. But, that also means I no longer work for The Firm. Yay!
  9. Perhaps it is time for a national director with some stature in RW competiton? Any candidates that would be willing to run a fast write-in campaign?
  10. I think getting in touch with MaryLou Laughlin would be the first step since she's the USPA director that heads the competition committee. Her email address is Other members of the competition committee are: Max Cohn, Larry Hill, Madolyn Murdoch, Scott Smith & Tony Thacker. for more addresses, etc. I don't know if the decision to run awards & the flow of the meet was solely Bryan Burke's but, I would think that the competition committee would have *some* influence since it's the USPA nationals. On another note, I've been wondering if 4-way should just breakoff from the USPA nationals altogether and run competition via NSL? USPA wants to be "fair" to all the events with the same emphasis on each discipline, regardless of the number of competitors. NSL is all 4 & 8 way, all the time. Maybe that's a better venue?
  11. On my dz there have been quite a few jumpers that took 15+ years off for a variety of reasons. They sat through the first jump course to learn all the new stuff, did a Level 1 and then were evaluated to see if any further AFF training was needed. All of them bought new gear, jumpsuits, etc. I had an 8 month lay-off due to surgery & needing time for PT. My first jump back was a 5 way with close friends that were current. The plane ride sucked but the rest of it felt great! There's nothing wrong with taking time off from jumping for real life. Priorities change. Skydiving will still be around when you're ready to come back.
  12. I wouldn't reckon that someone was vomiting on purpose, therefore I don't see how I could hold that person responsible for more than a wash & repack and maybe a couple of drinks later. Why all the drama & bad feelings? That's the part I don't get. DZs are such small little communities. I can't imagine the bad feelings that would occur from this (hopefully) hypothetical situation. 1 sick stomach = $4000? Yeah, don't think so, therefore the lonely plane rides for the person that sticks the bill.
  13. So in this hypothetical situation, would the barfer now own your rig since (s)he has to replace it with all new equipment? Could the barfer depreciate the value of your rig against the cost of the new equipment since you've been jumping it? Will your local CPA have to get involved? FFS, this is just all kinds of stupid. Pop the reserve, get the rig washed, put it all back together, jump. Or do you buy yourself new stuff everytime you fall over? Read Poynter's manual and look up the sections on material & deterioration, or be prepared for lonely rides on a Cessna that you'll have to buy all the slots on. Edit to add: so vomit is ok on tandem harnesses but not on your personal rig? I don't get your thinking.
  14. Get in touch with T at Unfeathered, the US Parasport Italia rep. Good luck!
  15. Please tell Pauli that Laura & Oren at Zhills say "hi & get your kiwi ass back down here!"
  16. lauras


    I'm so excited for the girls! I've been tracking their progress over the last couple of seasons via Sally, their coach. It's great to see all of their hard work (and creeping ) pay off! They've got a lot of fans at Zhills!
  17. I'll get to see you before I leave for Korea! I miss our Super Girl... now we just need Jan to finagle a visit at the same time!
  18. I can identify my own pack jobs but I can spot one of Sally Hathaway's faster, from across the loft no problem. Tidy, tidy, tidy. I apprenticed with her and was taught how to pack without clamps, straps or weights and while I'm neat, her pack jobs look picture perfect. It's impressive.,,and a little nauseating! Edit to add: I can pretty much identify anyone who's worked in Sally's loft. Jody, Ryan, Kerry, Aaron & I all have different styles but there's this weird similarity when you pull the bag off. I don't quite understand it, but I just know it when I see it.
  19. I like it whenever Tom claps his hands together, gets squinty-eyed & EMOTES, MOTHERFUCKER! It's like he's shouting "Oscar Nomination Committee, look at me now!"
  20. Beverboogie's not all about sauna & nude Norwegians?? Great video - max respect!
  21. you'd better believe it! open 7 days a week starting 6 November through 30 April.
  22. Call TK, the dz manager. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss this with you & you can report back to the waiting masses (813)783-9399
  23. HBTY HBTY HB dear ARRRRRRLLLLLOOOOOOOO HBTY! So, are we 26 or 27 this year??
  24. Maybe it's a sign that you need to take up rw?! Come & find me, Alicia & Christine for some 4-way ... I swear we'll be gentle!