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  1. So sorry to hear. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Blue and their children.
  2. Could someone please PM me Keith & Andrea's address in Fallbrook? I have some nice pictures of them that I'd like to send her. My heart really goes out to Andrea and Keith's kids. I'd like to let her know that she's in my thoughts, and hopefully the photos will help remind her of happy times. Thanks.
  3. oops... sorry.. didn't see the other 57 threads. Maybe there should be a "one thread per time zone rule" or something. The east-coasters have an advantage. Wait a sec... maybe it's the west coast peeps who have the advantage.
  4. No one will ever be quite as good as the original. Evel Knievel has passed away. It's scary that he caught Hep C from a blood transfusion after an accident. I'm sure blood banks are more careful nowadays, but ya never know.
  5. Other than seeing the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc d'Triomphe, I would highly recommend eating as many crepes and chocolate croissants as you can handle.... and send some to me!!! Also, drink some wonderful French wine, along with bread and cheese. OMG... I'm drooling. I love French food. I would just eat and eat and eat.
  6. Does your dz have a good website? Did a dz's website sway you to go to one place over another? I think this would be a big factor in competitive markets. Also, does your dz's website post photos weekly, monthly, never? Which website do you think is best?
  7. skygirl... I wasn't against getting a smaller dog. In fact, I think they're great for sitting in your lap and cuddling. I'm being open-minded and just want to make sure it's not a breed that would snap at a baby for no reason. I know that all dogs can snap if provoked, but I think some are more likely than others. I love all the great responses here. Soooo many cute dogs!
  8. We'll definitely go thru a shelter. My husband doesn't believe in paying big $$ for a dog. We're also not into the pocket sized dogs. I guess we'll have to see which ones are available, and then, as some of you said, let the dog pick us! I wouldn't leave my baby alone with a dog, but I just wanted to make sure we didn't get a breed that would snap at the baby if I turned away for a second. Dogs rock!
  9. I'm finally moving to a place with a backyard and we're trying to decide what kind of dog to get. What's your favorite breed, and why? I'd love to see photos, too! OH, we'd need a type that is kid-friendly, 'cause I wouldn't want my baby to get chomped on.
  10. When is the winter season out there? I used to live in NY and the dz's were pretty much closed from Dec. thru April (except on the weekends). I don't even know how cold it gets around KC. My husband swore it didn't snow all the time, but I don't believe him. I'm spoiled by living in a state that's warm year round
  11. I live in the perfect skydiving place now, however, it looks like I'll be moving to the Kansas City area this Summer (I think on the Missouri side). What is the best DZ near there for an experienced freeflier? Which DZ has the best aircraft, coolest people and decent landing area? I've never been to that part of the country and don't even know how long the skydiving season lasts... though I've been told the weather isn't as hideous as it is further North.
  12. Perris has some great Load Organizers, so you shouldn't have any problem finding people to jump with. If you go up to manifest, Dan can page them for you.
  13. I did a currency conversion from Russian Rubles to American dollars: 23,000.00 RUB Russia Rubles = 875.157 USD United States Dollars 1 RUB = 0.0380503 USD 1 USD = 26.2810 RUB Therefore, if it was 23K Rubles, we'd only have to pay $875. Doesn't that sound much better?!
  14. I can't jump 'til after I give birth (although I have an awesome natural arch now if I was an RW jumper!) My main concern was time and money. I think both may be a bit tight for a while, but ya never know. Then I have to worry about the whole, "what if I get injured?" thing (after going thru a broken femur, hip and fractured pelvis, I know how accidents can happen when you least expect them ) and won't be able to care for my baby. As most of you have said, the sky will always be there. In the meantime I can swing by the DZ and pick up some cute baby onesies and tan by the pool.
  15. how long were you away for, and how easy/difficult was it for you to come back? Did you sell your gear and have to buy new stuff, or still had your old gear? I'm afraid the longer I'm away, the more challenging it will be to get back into it. I know time and money are going to be the major issues I face, and I'm curious if any of you had to face the whole fear issue again, or just get your finances/life back in order.