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  1. BASE841

    skydiving in Saudi

    PM sent.
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  4. Tony, Glad you're ok, or as good as can be, considering the circumstances. And thanks for the "lessons learned." Can't wait til I hear the rest of the story! Too bad we won't get to jump before I leave the country in December (long story, PM me.) David
  5. BASE841


    Two main monthly publications, at least here in the US: (You get Parachutist free when you join USPA.)
  6. BASE841

    Preparing to Jump

    Go to, find the SIM (Skydiver's Information Manual) and read the portions on a Catagory A jump... that'll be your first jump course right there. That way your familiar with what will be expected of you. Make sure you're in good shape the day of your course, mentally and physically. Avoid partying the night before and get a good night's rest. Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated. And stretch out before the physical parts of training, your muscles will thank you. Most of all, have fun! Fun is the best reason to throw yourself from an airplane.
  7. I wouldn't rule out skydiving just yet. USPA Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs) state that to make a skydive, you need to have one of three documents: an FAA Medical Certificate, a certificate of physical fitness for skydiving from a registered physician, or the USPA medical statement. Most people just sign the medical statement (trivia note, tandem instructors need the FAA certificate.) The medical statement reads in part: "I...have never been treated for or diagnosed to have any of the following...fainting spells or convulsions...” That means your twin cannot sign the medical statement and must have something specific from an MD. Seizures can have dozens of causes, not all of them neurological. Your twin needs to see a doctor again. That doctor needs to know the history, all the events leading up to the seizure (especially the alcohol and lack of sleep) and that your twin wants to skydive. A seizure is a serious thing, easily deadly during a skydive. But just because a seizure happened one time doesn't mean skydiving is forever out of the picture. Bottom line, he needs medical clearance.
  8. BASE841

    Can You Help Me ID These Guys?

    Here are some more shots of two of the people I'm trying to identify. Any help? Thanks for those who PM'ed me with clues so far.
  9. BASE841

    Jumpship pilots from hell?

    I jumped a few times at a club in central Illinois. One of the pilots would not tolerate anyone touching his seat... at all. I forgot this as I climbed out and used his seat to help me out of the plane. As I left the door, I saw something whip past my shoulder. The SOB took a swipe at me as I left his plane! At our DZ, we have some outstanding, even legendary pilots. One has more than a hundred combat missions over extremely hostile enemy territory, and has been a jump pilot since before I was born (and I'm no spring chicken.) He gives pretty good spots, but beware asking for a correction on jump run. He'll snap the plane over so hard it'll slam the door down on the unwary JM. I've learned to take the spot he gives me and like it.
  10. BASE841

    Age survey...

    I'm closing in on 47 next month, started BASE when I was 36.