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  1. Lol! So far my cat has opened iTunes and played a track, shut down the computer completely, and printed a document. Cats are next in line to take over the world and they know it!!
  2. Wow. Thank you for posting that. I really needed a boost today. That was it.
  3. Does this mean a Sunday morning first-load-of-the day hangover jump?
  4. That's just great. Perpetuate misinformation and undeserved stereotypes. Pit bulls are the bad guys. I guess that's why when my pit bull was attacked and bitten by a dachsund he jumped back and whimpered like a baby.
  5. I once jumped in two different countries in one day. My buddy Ron and I were in Hermosillo, Mexico for a demo. We jumped there in the morning, then flew back to AZ that afternoon. Sunset load at Eloy.
  6. I would say that the capture and ultimate execution of a sadistic, murderous, and powerful dictator is also a point of light for all freedom loving people. Thanks for posting this link. We fucking rock.
  7. Definitely one word. But the double capitalization is a must.
  8. Awesome. Phil Laak is friggin hilarious. Thanks for that!
  9. Yeah, when I first started out at Marana, Bobby V would jump his Dactyl quite often. This was '94, '95.
  10. I'd love to play on this site.....if it would ever stop updating....
  11. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,274355,00.html