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  1. Kevin was my Dad. When I was around eight, we were driving somewhere, probably Elsinore. I asked him about tracking and how its done. He took about 20 minutes slowly explaining the idea of rolling forward slowly until the support slowly falls away in the front and you start to feel the beach ball under your waist. Then explained the balance of the ball and how moving slightly changes your pitch either direction. Twelve years later I got to try it and it came very easy. Thanks for the stories, keep them coming. Dave
  2. I grew up on Elsinore and had Gary as a family friend as long as I have been alive. He was generous with his time and money, and could eat more sushi than anyone I ever met. He showed me what is still my favorite sushi restaurant anywhere. You will be missed for a long time Gary. Dave Donnelly
  3. Wes, From old Portola days and you showing me your Dad's arrowhead collection, to the secret meadow you showed me with all those little brook trout which I will never find again, to Eagle Lake and the Albatross, to all the good times in Eloy, we always found ourselves in great places having great times. I will miss the good times we had ahead. Rock on my friend. Dave
  4. I've jumped there twice and had a lot of fun. You are right over downtown Cabo and the cruise ships in the harbor. Lots of fun and great friendly staff. Definitely check it out. The website is Have fun. Dave
  5. We are getting the old gang back together to remark how old we all look, consume a few cocktails and maybe even throw down some skydives. If you were around back then and want to see some familiar faces, check out and register at This will not happen again so don't miss it! Dave Donnelly
  6. I have the Honda 928, 9 hp and 28 inch bucket. Works great and lasts forever.
  7. Hey Jen, While that sounds like a great idea now, you have seen me in that position and it probably wasn't very pretty. I hope you can make it!
  8. Nice Rich, Chris and Ray willl be there, we planned this around their trip. I will bring the aspirin. Tell anyone you think would enjoy it. See ya there. Dave
  9. Greetings, On Easter weekend 2008, we are getting sold old faces together to remember some good times we had in Eloy during the late '90s. The freefly revolution was in full swing, the FS teams were engaged in some of the best competitions and all limits were being pushed in the sky. We pushed some on the ground too. If you were a part of it please plan to show up for good times and some fun dives. We are getting an event website up next week. Look for it at See you there. Dave Donnelly
  10. Hey Andrew, I live in Truckee and am going to be jumping in Minden a lot. Drop me an email if you want to check out the DZ or if you have any questions about moving to Truckee. [email protected] Dave Donnelly
  11. I know for a fact it will be windy because I am going to show up...
  12. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
  13. bigvrw

    No Record Today

    1 pod and 1 line did not build. Some waves moving through the piece and some asymetry in some quadrants. One whole quadrant, however was complete for 10-12 seconds. Doing 2 attempts tomorrow, will keep you all posted. On a different note, from an airshow point of view, everything was great. Right on time, good spot, and a flawless salute to the King. Dave
  14. bigvrw

    Day 3 of Records

    Finished up day 3 with 2 more dives. The second of which was very close to a completion, and only from 14000 ' due to a crew O2 malfunction. Only 2 were out and the piece flew solid and smooth. Its amazing but there are almost no waves moving through the formation. Tomorrow is the first day of the airshow, and the King of UAE will be "expecting" a record. Lots of pressure to make it happen. The group is pumped and confident. We only have one attempt tomorrow. Someone will post something tomorrow after jumping.