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  1. Google, bro. Most line trim charts are easily accessible in under 30 seconds. http://www.performancedesigns.com/docs/linetrims/SP_150-230LT.pdf
  2. That's why I said get a domed slider if possible. If not then learn to pack it for a slower opening and learn to stall your suit before deployment for lower airspeed at pull time. I've wingsuitted with a Sabre 135, Triathlon 120, Nitron 120, and now my Sabre 120. Both Sabres worked just fine. The Triathlon was a good canopy just kind of boring. And the Nitron worked fine as well but I did get a pretty bad slammer once in a suit due to bottom skin inflation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoB3s5lSDkI
  3. I have a Sabre 120 that I wingsuit with using an intermediate sized suit and I love it. Pros: It is a great canopy that is appropriate for wingsuiting. Usually cheap to come by. And still capable of swooping if you are into that. Cons: Not many really, score a domed slider if possible.
  4. Well, I'll tell ya, I'm sure the Swurve flies very well....... with a more experienced wingsuit jumper flying it. One jump on it was enough to demonstrate for me that it was more performance than I was ready for. I had perfect control of it, for about 2 seconds after I exited the plane. From than point on, it was more like the wingsuit flew me instead of me flying it. The entire flight, including deploying, was the most extreme roller coaster ride I've ever experienced. I have put it in the closet for now and gone back down to a Vulcan. I plan on putting a good 100-200 jumps, or more, on the Vulcan before I contemplate flying the Swurve again. It's not taking up much space in the closet and it will be there when I'm ready for it. On a separate note, I contacted Walt from Redline Aerosports, and he got me into a Vulcan that fits great. I put two flights on it this past weekend and they were both much more stable and in control than I was with the Swurve. I personally thought it was much easier to fly than the smaller suits, I started jumping it at around 20 jumps and it seemed less twitchy and more stable...but everyone is different and that's perfectly ok. One thing you have to realize is you cannot muscle a suit, just kind of lay on top of it and it'll put you where you need to be, when you get rigid they fight back, stay relaxed enough to fart at any given point in time. Another thing, if you have never flown with the stiff performance foam on the leading edges of a suit, it makes a world of difference in agility. My first jump on my custom Swurve which has the foam, vs the rental Swurve which didn't....I exited, overcompensated my correction and rolled one way, then I overcompensated and rolled the opposite way. Here is the link to the video of my first flight. I am quite wobbly due to the fact that I keep giving larger inputs than needed to get what I am wanting since I am not used to the performance of a faster suit. But, 8 months later, and I still love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9XG9nSgdEc It also has quite a bit of range! I've gone down to a sustained 31mph vertical speed, all the way up to 138mph vertical speed in a dive. This suit is awesome!
  5. [email protected] She's pretty quick with e-mails. Being Friday you might have to wait til Monday, though.
  6. I've had water come out nearly black from containers that didn't even look all that dirty.
  7. I had a canopy with brass grommets on the slider and HMA lines. Within a span of a few jumps, the lines had cut through half of the grommet, and caused my slider to hang up really high. Be careful.
  8. No problem. I am interested in seeing your opinion on how it flies.
  9. I've had my Swurve since February and like it so far. Very stable suit with a lot of range. Mine is all neon green with black stitching.
  10. Don't hit the flaps on the way out and stay tucked in until you see you are clear of the aircraft. It's pretty simple. Don't do anything stupid and don't overthink it. Go out and have fun.
  11. Deployment bag would by far be the most feasible option.
  12. I spent $30 more to get my SkySnatch vs the cost of a brand new equivalent PC through UPT. $30 more for potentially better and more stable openings in my WS? Worth it 100%. I had a couple severe line-twist, which I can not explain better than PC oscillation. The first third of my lines from the canopy was spoon up 2-3 times. I pulled high, but I could not resolve any of those other means than cutting away and landing with my reserve. The price difference of a regular PC and a SkySnatch is about 2 reserve pack job. I'm considering to get one and try it. Where are you getting a $15 reserve pack job? It was $30 more for a SkySnatch vs the same sized bridle/PC from UPT.
  13. I spent $30 more to get my SkySnatch vs the cost of a brand new equivalent PC through UPT. $30 more for potentially better and more stable openings in my WS? Worth it 100%.
  14. Nitro, not Nitron High Performance Research, not Precision Aerodynamics Ah, my bad. I read it in a hurry. I thought they were exact copies of each other though?
  15. http://precision.aero/TrimSpecs/trimspecs.aspx Input your size.
  16. I was not able to source one this weekend, but I'll keep trying as I am curious myself. Also, I noticed this weekend someone who had one of the TurnedOn visual GoPro camera indicator LED thingys on their helmet with a wire running from the camera, into the helmet. Most would say this is a safety feature but that seems like an equal hazard as a lanyard does.
  17. I will try to source a spare one this weekend from someone and test it out to appease some people. Also, it is easy to "what-if" every situation to death. The burble behind me in an intermediate sized wingsuit is more likely to cause a problem with a reserve pilot chute and bridle than a lanyard would.
  18. It used to be thought that GoPro's were not snag hazards (until that theory was proven false). It used to be thought that GoPro mounts would easily rip off (until that theory was proven false). Then it was thought that the GoPro mount would easily break (until that theory was proven false) Sony, Contour, Replay, and similar are all even more "tough" than a GoPro. How did you test it for all the knowledge you've indicated above? As I said, the lanyard itself is just a thin little string, I think it is the tether that came from the surf board kit mount pack. If I had a spare one, I'd gladly use a spring scale and determine the exact amount of force it takes to break it, aside from that I can tell you it isn't super strong, only enough to do its job. Also, the lanyard mount is much less surface area than the GoPro mount which is pretty stout, especially considering the lanyard mount is not contoured to fit a curved helmet, so only about half of it is actually adhered. Even if an entanglement occurred which had sufficient force to rip the GoPro mount off, the string would snap, and even if the string didn't snap, the lanyard mount would rip off because it is much weaker than the GoPro mount. As I said, it is just enough to hold the camera if someone bumps it off, but not enough to likely cause any serious problems. Now, can we keep this thread on topic, please?
  19. No offense intended, but that's not much of a rodeo with the rider only lying down and forward. Point of note, you have a lanyard on your helmet. Please tell us that's not a safety lanyard for your camera? While it does count as a rodeo, I'm not sure why she didn't sit up a little more this time around. Also, yes, that is a lanyard for my camera and I expected someone to say something about it. The helmet is rounded and the mount is flat, about half of it actually contacts. It is adequate to hold the camera in the event it was knocked off by someone kicking me or bumping into me, but not enough to hold it on if it was entangled in a canopy and I had a cutaway. The string isn't super strong either, just enough to hold a loose camera. I considered all of that when I initially installed it, though I know opinions will vary.
  20. Here's the latest rodeo from this past weekend. Launching from a C-182. Pic and video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLMcvsWYNW0
  21. I like the design and it's gotten good reviews. I have a Curv VC3, G3 helmet with GoPro mount, one freefly suit, one belly suit, and a Phantom3 wingsuit. Do you think it would all fit confortably? Since I don't have your gear in front of me, I honestly couldn't tell you. Your rig is one size up from mine and I'm not sure how much bulk your wingsuit has. Here is a pic of what I have in mine. And then a pic of where you could put your wingsuit if you have a storage bag like mine and then zip it up. If you don't have a wingsuit bag like mine, you could just fold it and put it in the larger pocket on top. I have a V328 container, Phantom X helmet w/case, pants, misc parachute parts, Triathlon 120 in a canopy storage bag, hygeine kit for the weekend, book, and some other small stuff. Hope this helps!
  22. Dakine Split Roller 100L, I've got one and I love it. Many comments on it, too. http://www.amazon.com/Dakine-Split-Roller-Glacier-100-Liter/dp/B00HNE3G7K/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?&ie=UTF8
  23. https://vimeo.com/64251059 Yeah, that deploying off the back thing is so under-rated. Holy shit on an altar, Batman.
  24. I launched it out of a C-182 so a Caravan or Twin Otter should be no problem at all. There's a number of videos on YouTube that you can check out to see how they exit so you at least have a visual reference. Too bad they can't deploy from your back. You get some great pics that way! Like one frame of fear and regret in their eyes...
  25. I tell them that if they feel me wiggling, it is time to roll off. My audible is set at 5,500ft for the intial beep so that's what I use as my rodeo hard deck in case they arent paying attention.