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  1. A stable exit where your center of gravity is near his is pretty important. Once flying, you have to realize that every little movement you make drastically affects him, you can't move around like you're in a kayak. His small flight path corrections will have to be exaggerated a bit due to the extra weight, and your fall rate will likely be about double what his standard wingsuit fall rate it. Talk ahead of time about what altitude you will come off, and allow him extra time to get stable once you are suddenly not there. The smaller the passenger, the easier it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1whv87He5Y
  2. I can attest to how important it is to close ALL of the tabs on the bag and not just the side ones. You WILL get line dump, and it WILL NOT feel good. Nevermind the less-than-deal body position...I was but a we baby bird learning to fly a wingsuit back then.
  3. For the naysayers out there, it cost $35 more than my last new PC/bridle I purchased from UPT which is a negligible amount in the grand scheme of things, especially if it does what it advertises. I needed another PC anyways. Plus, I've yet to see anyone on here yet try one out for the first time, as mentioned by someone else there were quite a few people saying they would like one when it was announced.
  4. I'll be trying it out this weekend and see how it does. I've planned on getting a few deployments on video with a rear facing GoPro to see how well this reduces oscillations compared to my standard 30" ZP PC. Overall quality and feel are very good, pic attached below. Both are 30" PC's, however due to the construction of the SkySnatch it appears to be several inches less in diameter, the edges curl up and almost stand up a good inch or two when you attempt to lay it flat.
  5. Though this is a wingsuit jump of mine, you can still see more or less the exact same deployment sequence happen. Instead of moving vertically I am moving more diagonally in this instance. Video was made to show how weird air currents in a wingsuit burble can alter your openings. Slowed from 30 frames per second to 2 frames per second. Software cut off the bottom of the video but it hardly affects anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySWHkULgbiE Also, your line stows should be tight enough where you can pick up your deployment bag from the lines going into it from the container. If it comes undone it is probably a little loose.
  6. I am hoping this will be one more tool in my arsenal to jump my Nitron safely with a wingsuit, though several people already have. I'm trying to figure out my deployments and on some of my crappy ones the PC is oscillating several feet either direction causing some really off heading openings. Perhaps the more stable design of the skySNATCH will be exactly what I need. I currently use the 11' bridle from UPT.
  7. I just placed the order for my 30" skySNATCH earlier. Can't wait! I'll try to put together a short demo video showing the difference between my standard 30" ZP PC vs. the new 30" skySNATCH.
  8. Anyone who knows Scotty Burns (THE wingsuit guy) knows he's a fairly hefty fellow but can easily hold his own, so it isn't entirely about size. Before assuming you wouldn't fit any rental, call around with your measurements and all, and ask if they have anything in the intro range that might fit. Wicked Wingsuits isn't the only place that rents suits out. You should contact Walter Dec of Redline Aerosports, he also rents suits out. Can't promise he'll have one to fit, but it's worth a try. I've rented two suits from him and had him custom make one for me that I took delivery of last week. http://www.redlineaerosports.ws/home.html
  9. This. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXGEDQdamOE Deland 12-19-14, wingsuit jump, ~4,500ft deployment, had and entanglement between the C-D line set and my brakes which deflected the back left corner of the canopy and sent me into a bucking spiral. I knew I had sufficient altitude to deal with it and that's the only reason I tried. After 10+ seconds of shaking the risers, pumping the brakes, and giving it any input I could from my end, I decided to try and slow down the spin so I could have a cleaner cut away and reserve deployment from my RSL. In short, I won, and managed to somehow release the entanglement (tension knot I suppose) and land safely in the pea pit.
  10. Here are a few pics of my Swurve that I got today shortly after opening the box it came in.
  11. I met Walter a number of months ago at Deland and had the chance to jump with him several times, and still chat with him frequently. I've flown the Swurve for probably 20 jumps now, and liked it so much I ordered a custom one from him. Earlier this evening he sent me a picture of my completed suit as I had requested. I simply cannot wait to fly it this weekend! Pic below.
  12. With the amount of jumpers AST had and events they did, I'd be surprised if it was a "money losing entity moving from place to place". They'd been there several years. I know they are trying hard to open up Music City Skydiving ASAFP from what I've heard, and are hoping to open the business in the next few weeks.
  13. Now that you mention it, I do remember repeatedly hearing something like $10 for extra altitude for tandems that "doubled freefall time" but I'd never seen any tandems get out lower than the 14-14.5 that we were jumping at, nor did I ever witness anyone turning it down, and they had a ton of tandems. I also remember several people coming from a decent distance to jump there when there were probably other DZ's closer but I didn't think much of it due to the volume of customers.
  14. I jumped at AST for a good 4 months while I was living in Southern Kentucky. I enjoyed every trip out there and it seemed like a pretty legit operation to me. All of the people were friendly, too. I've never heard the term "Skyride" until just now.
  15. Attached below is a pic of my semi-stowless bag from UPT in action for wingsuitting. Excuse the asymmetrical body position...learning (21 jumps). It was one of the things that helped my openings.