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  1. That's a pretty rad sky resume. The two things that caught my eye were the Belize jump and the HALO jump. How were they??? Did you do the HALO jump with those guys in Tennessee?
  2. This is great advice. I did two back loops out the door. My instructor wasn't happy with my cavalier attitude. There is plenty of time. Arch and relax.
  3. Maybe. But Hillary makes it hard to like her. I wouldn't be surprised if the moderates and even the Right held a much more favorable opinion of Sanders, O'Malley, or Howard Schultz. Time will tell.
  4. I stated my opinion. I didn't make a formal argument. There are no premises. http://www.quinnipiac.edu/news-and-events/quinnipiac-university-poll/2016-presidential-swing-state-polls/release-detail?ReleaseID=2261 So, yes, in my opinion, I am comfortable using the word "we.". Maybe you have something of value to add?
  5. Will she face criminal charges in regard to her email server? As much as I'd like to be cynical and say that the elites don't answer to the same laws -- I can't. It is doubtful that the FBI/DoJ would take the steps that they have without a good case for it. A criminal probe of a former SoS, senator, and First Lady is a big commitment. If they get it wrong, Hillary will scorch the earth. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian...whatever. I think we can all agree that Hillary Clinton lacks good character. Polls show that the majority of the American populace agrees. A nation of 320m people. Is this the best we can do? http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article30714762.html
  6. There is a Mexican (no pun intended) standoff going on within the GOP. The RNC and mainstream conservatives are pushing against Trump, but they can't push him too far. If they do, he'll run as an independent like Perot did -- and Hillary wins. If his momentum continues, the GOP handlers may have to pick between endorsing Trump or giving the election to Hillary. Well, you know what they say...we get the government that we deserve.
  7. Sunpath is awesome. I just ordered an Odyssey. One of the dudes was on the phone with me for an hour -- just talking about gear and skydiving in general. A+
  8. Hey TD, I've been to SkyVenture-Nashua. The rate was $900/hr. Is there some way to get a discount or buy in bulk? Thanks.
  9. One of the instructors that I asked said ~5 hours. Does that sound right? Almost $5k to get a decent sit going? Who am I kidding, I'm going to pay it anyway, but damn...any additional tips?
  10. I donate when I can, as well. It's a great thing. For men, it can have additional health benefits, as we tend to have higher iron levels than women. Donating whole blood can reduce oxidative stress. One last thing, wait a few days to jump after a donation!
  11. Just keep in mind that it has a ton of carbs. Just because you are at a caloric deficit doesn't mean that you can't develop metabolic syndrome.
  12. I'm just going to leave this here. He seems to agree with you. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-02/doctor-boards-atlanta-flight-hazmat-suit-protest-lying-cdc
  13. Skydiving is 260,000 times safer than Ebola. Jokes on you, whuffos.
  14. Was it violent? Yes. Was it in a work place? Yes. Seems pretty accurate to me. When the average person hears 'workplace violence'...do they think of a black muslim decapitating a co-worker? Don't be a pedant.
  15. Yes Once someone figures out there is something more or bigger than themselves, they are headed in the right direction 93% of the membership of the National Academy of Sciences seem to doing pretty well without a belief in god. Pope Francis recently stated that approx. 2% of priests rape children. Sound like the right direction to you?
  16. I like his energy, but I'll be the guy who says it...he sounds like a total idiot...just a rant of random platitudes that he heard in the locker room.
  17. I think that this sort of inconsistency is much more common among women. That is where the whole 'happy wife, happy life' bullshit came from. Look at pop culture...any sitcom...the husband is almost always portrayed as some passive, servile buffoon who wouldn't be able to put his pants on correctly, without the guidance of his crazy wife. Does this make me look fat?!
  18. You realize that ISIS exists because we led an (illegal) war into a country then destroyed their army and police, installed a puppet government, and left a a gaping power vacuum. Mr. Hussein was an asshole, but he had a zero tolerance policy for terrorism, and he wasn't bothering us. To think we would have saved trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives if we just let him be. Also, having 1.5B people despise you isn't a great way to maintain hegemony.
  19. It's almost guaranteed, barring some cataclysm. I wanted to see how the DZ community feels about it. What will her main goals/policies be? Will she be an effective leader? I think Hillary will try to make Obamacare into a single-payer system. Mr. Obama claimed this transition was part his long-term game. Single-payer health care will be a great thing for the country as the current public-private Frankenstein is the most inefficient structure possible. However, I do worry about foreign policy. She has been quite clear that she is a 'Hawk' compared to Obama's 'Dove.' This attribute will likely lead to more wars of aggression to benefit our "allies" and maintain hegemony. I don't trust her. She strikes be as fake and contrived. What's the alternative? The GOP is going to throw a Hail Mary with some shit candidate like Santorum.
  20. Dantes


    Wrong. It's not like HIV at all. You can't get HIV from coughing or sneezing, but you can contract Ebola this way. A preliminary study in Canada showed that Ebola can be transmitted via airborne droplets. Ebola is filovirus, which are notoriously sloppy at replication. This leads to a fast mutation rate. I'm sure that the health care workers were having unprotected sex with the victims and sharing heroin needles. /s
  21. This is going to be controversial...but don't drink on the plane. I travel business class a lot for work, and while getting a nice buzz in the air sounds good in theory...in reality, you usually end up at your destination tired, dehydrated, and angry at the world.
  22. “[On School Uniforms] Don't these schools do enough damage making all these kids think alike, now they have to make them look alike too? It's not a new idea, either. I first saw it in old newsreels from the 1930s, but it was hard to understand because the narration was in German.” George Carlin