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  1. the egypt-negotiated cease fire expired. israel launched air raids into gaza aimed at hamas. israel says hamas fired rockets first. palestinians say attacks are unprovoked. casualties in the 200s last i saw with many more injured. most casualties are hamas-related, although some civilians have been reported.
  2. Throughout my ultramarathon training (80mi+ weeks) I've had to deal with my fair share of blisters. I haven't had ones on the balls of the feet, but here are some general tips that might be of use. First, know that blisters are caused from a combination of moisture (which softens the skin) and friction (which irritates the soft skin and causes fluid build-up beneath the skin.) If you want to eliminate the blisters, eliminate these problems. 1. It is possible that your shoe fit is causing the friction on the balls of your feet. Like others have said, a properly fitting shoe helps tremendously. Go to a running store and get fitted by knowledgeable staff. Find what works best for your foot. 2. Bodyglide: This lubricant is applied like a deodorant stick. I cover every crevice of my foot (and elsewhere on the body to prevent chafing) during long runs. It works great and lasts a good long while. I swear by it. 3. Drymax Socks: Hands down the best running socks out there. People have run the Badwater Ultramarathon in these with no blisters (135mi through Death Valley in the middle of summer). Hydrophobic fibers close to the foot and hydrophilic fibers further from the foot keep moisture away from the skin. Combine that with ePTFE fibers that have the lowest coefficient of friction of any fiber out there, and you have the best damn sock I've ever seen. I haven't had a single blister since switching to Drymax. A true lifesaver for blisters. 4. Engo Blister Prevention Patches: I haven't personally used these (haven't needed to since switching to Drymax socks), but my go-to guy for foot care info highly recommends them. Put them on the hot spots in your shoe and they reduce friction, thereby reducing the possibility of blisters. Hope this info helps. Running can be fun if you're training properly and running at the right pace for your skill. Have fun out there!
  3. BGill

    Comcast sucks

    i feel your pain. i now have verizon fios, and while it may not be as fast as all the hype says it is, it's a hell of a lot more reliable than comcast with their intermittent signals and horrible service.
  4. whatever, you'll always be an oh-hi-ho to me hey i wanna come visit... tell justi to fly me out there!
  5. pretty sure there aren't wireless headphones for what you're looking for (although i'd love to get some with how much i run these days). i've found the best option is just finding a way to stow the excess cord so it doesnt flop around as much. if you're using an armband to hold your ipod, try stuffing some of the cord into the armband. if you're using a belt-clip, try running the cord through your shirt. depending on if i'm using my water bottle waist-pack, my camelbak, my handheld water bottle, etc, i have different ways of stowing my ipod and excess cord. get creative and you'll probably find something that works for you. and oh yeah: OH-HI-HO!
  6. (I haven't read all the replies in this thread so I apologize if I'm being redundant with what's already been posted.) I hate the strong sugary stuff during my multi-hour runs, so I feel your son's pain. Electrolytes are important to replace if there is lots of sweat loss, so if he's not sweating entirely too much and he is just used to sports drinks, water should be plenty (assuming he's getting adequate calories and carbs elsewhere). Personally, I like Nuun electrolyte tabs (available at REI and other sports/outdoors stores), just drop one into a bottle of water and you get a lightly flavored electrolyte drink with no sugar. Another option is electrolyte capsules, such as Succeed S-Caps. Take 1 per hour in moderate weather exercise conditions, 2 per hour in hot conditions, etc. These are a bit harder to come by, but if you're looking for electrolyte stuff, no better place to find a wide variety than an online store for ultrarunners, such as Hope this helps!
  7. I don't think there was any reason for him to say that. It was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. And those without half a brain would have just said that he was being condescending if he pointed out her inability to answer a question. Yup. And by not attacking her on those points, he wasn't giving the McCain camp ammo to use against him, leaving it up to the merit of the candidates alone. I think it's a respectable strategy. Then of course there is the Palin strategy...
  8. 72:8:1? no humps, but 72 miles of running over the last week 8 jumps (7 tandems and 1 RW) 1 case of beer? for my first (tandem) student to make it to 100 jumps.
  9. Andrews AFB is in Prince George's County, Maryland. The land area of the District of Columbia proper is actually fairly small, for a major metro area (metro DC). Most of the "greater/metro" DC area is in Maryland and Virginia. The roughest section of town in DC is SouthEast, plus the area of P.G. County that immediately abuts SouthEast. Andrews is in that part of P.G. County. If you're traveling thru the DC area on the I-95 corridor, the Eastern part of the Beltway is the part that travels thru PG County. If you want to avoid that, take the Western section of the Beltway, instead - it travels thru Virginia and Montgomery County, MD. I was born and raised in PG (still here actually). And yes, it's rough.
  10. Burn After Reading - comes out this Friday
  11. BGill


    OH-HI-HO! holy hell girl, where have you been all my life? fly into DC, give me a call and lets do it up!
  12. BGill


    I was reading about that. Very great progress, indeed! Being a solar user yourself, you also might find this new site interesting if you haven't seen it already. RoofRay allows users to map their home/business/whatever's roof space and calculate their roof's solar potential. Hopefully sites like these and better technology will convince more people to go solar.
  13. any pics of the helmet with cams attached? (multiple angles if possible)
  14. I love mine. For the longest time I was 100% content with having a plain old mobile phone that was cheap and did the trick. However, now that I've experienced this, there's no going back. (Kind of like when computers and internet came out, you're content until you get your hands on the technology, then you can't live without it.) Internet, GPS/googlemaps, ipod, etc in a very attractive and fun to play with phone. I think it's worth the price tag.