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  1. BGill

    2K Composites New Fusion Helmet

    any pics of the helmet with cams attached? (multiple angles if possible)
  2. BGill

    Camcorder advice

    What type of helmet does he have? Was his camera on a bracket or in a box? Do you know what model camera he previously used?
  3. BGill

    recommending a system

    hey josh, when you're done with all your old equipment, feel free to just send it down the street
  4. BGill

    HDR HC5

    I think what you'll find is the HC5 is a wide camera to start off with. Adding the width of your Nvetigo-X and a bracket will have your camera way out there, especially is you're used to a PC series cam. So, there's a big issue of riser slap and you have a cam that's not in a box... HUGE snag hazard right there. The FF3 is specially made to minimize the width of sidemounting an HC cam, but even with doing that it's still wide as hell. At least you'll get a fully enclosed cam with the FF3 that gets rid of the snag hazard when you get the eventual riser slap. I don't think it's possible to minimize that width to something practical by building your own box on a standard helmet, but if you can figure something out I'm sure others would love to learn how...
  5. BGill

    Where to buy Rawa camera helmets? This is the only dealer I know of in the US that sells Rawa.
  6. BGill

    Post your wallpaper

    We are limited by file size as to what we can post here, so even if someone does post something big, chances are it won't be the best quality. If you are looking for a particular discipline for your wallpaper, maybe someone can find one and link to the webpage that has the full-size.
  7. BGill

    40 for 40

    Gregor you know you only posted that because you're in the video Oh, and since I don't think they said it in the video, this happened at Skydive Delmarva in Laurel, DE. More pics from the event and of the weekend can be found here.
  8. i wear wings. can't get the range of fall-rates i need in anything else (i'm 200#, so a freefly suit just doesnt cut it for me, at least with my current abilities)
  9. Try the AeroStore. I believe they are the only US Rawa dealer.
  10. BGill

    Talon FX

    nice lookin rig
  11. BGill

    Kids Flying at SVCO

    holy crap. that is amazing!
  12. BGill

    Do you use gaffer tape?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question as I'm new to jumping stills, but what other ways besides gaffers tape are there to fix your focal length when in freefall?
  13. That is another explanation of the sale going on, including some others that the OP didn't mention. Good deals on all the Extreme3's.
  14. BGill

    College Skydiving Club
  15. BGill

    Jumping with sunglasses

    i jump with my Oakley Minutes on every jump. i attach a pair of crokies (sp?) that keep them nice and snug. most people i have talked to prefer gatorz over almost anything out there, but in my own situation i have found that the minutes are a perfect fit for my face for keeping air out and comfort. i wear mine under a 2kcomposites ffx with no problems and i dont think there would be much if any difference for a mindwarp. your results, of course, may vary if they don't fit your face like they fit mine.