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  1. Reach around the front of the risers before clearing the brakes so flaring is possible. Steering is opposite and minimal depending on the canopy. I've had dislocations in the past so I have practiced this scenario in the air but have not put it to practical use. I Personally feel that everyone should see what it's like to steer and flare one handed. Good luck with your rehab. Take your time.
  2. hookitt

    Tunnel Before Cat D & E

    Can't really say for certain since i haven't seen you fly but coached tunnel time is never going to hurt you. Who is your coach? I often suggest going to the tunnel to my students if they are struggling. It does wonders with a good coach.
  3. hookitt

    Preventing Subjectivity From Destroying Your Dropzone

    Lighten up Aspect ;)
  4. hookitt

    Preventing Subjectivity From Destroying Your Dropzone

    Please come and remodel our outhouses. We've no running water so it would be AMAZING if you'd take care of that. Thanks!
  5. hookitt

    Cleaning the pads inside a Cookie G2

    I just wash the entire thing. Dunk it in a sink, or shower, and clean it with the soap you prefer. Wash it and rinse it thoroughly, mash as much water out of it as you can with a towel, then hang it up. As the water pools inside the helmet, mash that part again to soak up more water, then turn the helmet on the hangarl. If you can point a fan into it, that helps immensely. Good luck.
  6. I was first to vote NO! (I am stupid, I have no friends and am generally useless) Which is basically true but the real answer to s silly question is yes .... I would definitely like to see more of them. I do wish I had all my hours of video to make a progression compilation.
  7. I haven't seen that specifically but I've seen motorcycle riders mount it on the chin of their helmet. If it can be done with out easily hitting your chest or inhibiting your range of motion, its a good idea worth trying out.
  8. hookitt

    New head down world record

    138 The new Illinois State record is 142. Nice work
  9. Nice skydives. I can fly on my belly too ... l'd love to join if I was in Eloy
  10. hookitt

    Reserve PCs - fabric in or out

    Holy crap ... flinger2000, It's been a long time. I've wondered the same thing on occasion. After my own experience, I tend to do "mostly" what the manual says but will devieate every so slightly if they're just doing things different, to be different. Good luck on your quest.
  11. hookitt

    Chutting Star customer service

    Give it a little time. A lot of people had a long ass weekend and might need some rest
  12. The bobbin carriage is likely out of adjustment. If you want a lesson in timing your machine, here's the chance. Mind you, You're about to get a lesson in frustration if this is your first time timing any machine. Turn the carriage every so slightly toward the side that skips. Good luck maintaining the same spacing between the needle and the carriage Basically as the needle passes the pointy end of the carriage, it should almost touch or barely touch. That spacing should remain the same if it's sewing well already. Turn that assembly a very tiny bit toward the skip.
  13. hookitt

    Freefly suit

    You should be able to sit with ease or curl up in a ball completely without it mashing your nuts. It doesn't fit.
  14. hookitt

    Wrap lock

    If you mean wrapping the tail around the bundle causing it to stay wrapped... No, that simply doesn't happen.
  15. hookitt

    Tandem mal video

    If you can't get out of the twists, it fails a control check. It's undetermined how much altitude he had remaining prior to cutaway and he determined he was not able to get out of the twists. Maybe he could have but maybe not. People say whatever they say during a cutaway. He put the guy in an arch, arms out of the way and performed the cutaway. As far as that part is concerned, he did just fine.