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  1. thanks a bunch! I generally take most things I read on the internet with a grain of salt. Basically was just wondering if I was being paranoid or not, and I'm a super curious person with little knowledge on skydiving (who wants to know more). I really do trust my instructors; they seem very safety conscious and are awesome people as well. Thanks a bunch! (and Valerie from iFly? - she is my coach in the tunnels - super cool chica)
  2. Thanks so much! That is also great to know because I want to buy a jumpsuit after AFF, and was wondering what size/type I should get. The one I use now isn't too baggy, but I think a tighter one would be more my style :)
  3. Thanks a bunch! I am thinking of the bungee and belly band too. Especially reading about what happened in OK. Better safe than sorry!! This might be a dumb question, but what would a tight jumpsuit do? Make me fall at a better rate? Thanks!!! LOL @ the pink suit, that's awesome!!!
  4. Thanks so much! Yeah I was also reading up on the belly bands here on dropzone, and I think for my Level 3 I'll ask for one, as well as a 190. The 220 was pretty large and well kept me afloat for awhile. I'm about 105, so I think the 190 should be fine, and then I'll downsize accordingly. What is the typical wingloading on students? (Stupid question probably, but I'm super new at this lol) I'm assuming the 190 would be a "bit" harder to fly (or be more prone to malfunctions) than the student ones, but since I am so small I am not sure if that would be a problem... SKydance has a lot of gear, so I'm sure they have my size! Would you recommend bungee cords as well for my chicken legs? Maybe it would be easier if I just gained weight lol... Flying into the gun club? As epic as that might sound, I think I'll try to avoid that haha. I'll just go shooting after :D Thanks a bunch!
  5. Thanks a bunch! I'm really excited to practice my canopy skills. I love being under canopy! Yeah I definitely need to work on my landing pattern. Definitely started a bit high last time!
  6. Thanks a bunch for your feedback! Yeah it makes a lot of sense to have one that is a bit larger than smaller, just because of my level and safety, which I totally understand and actually embrace (hey I'd rather be too safe than sorry). And staying up for now is fine - tie view is great :)
  7. Hey guys! Super new to this sport but I am loving it so far! So, I am about 105 pounds and use a 220 for my AFF. It fits pretty well, but (and maybe this is because I am used to paragliding) I feel super light flying the canopy, like I am staying up in the air for a long time - don't get me wrong the view are great but.... Any suggestions (downsizing? maybe I am not being aggressive enough?) Thanks!!
  8. Hello!! There are a lot of places here, but it is getting to be winter, so weather is iffy. Skydance in Davis is a great DZ for both. I highly recommend Skydive SurfCity for the instructors and view, but they only do tandems... (You could try Monterey, but I hear they aren't as fun jumper friendly...) There is a new dropzone, Skydive California, that has a lot of instructors from Byron and Davis. Hope that helps!!
  9. San Diego too? Nice! I'll definitely have to make a visit there!!! Oh I'm definitely getting there early; I'm so excited and ready for this!!! :)
  10. Thanks so much! I'm definitely excited for the tunnels! I have about 2 minutes already, and was super unstable lol! Makes for a great story and learning experience!!!
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi to everyone! First, I love skydiving; it has given me a totally new perspective on life! I am going to do my AFF in Elsinore early 2016 (as of now have done a few tandems/tandem progression... I know enough tandems!!). I decided to put it on hold a few more months because weather has been crazy and so has my schedule. So for now, wind tunnels :) I would love any advice/inspiration/crazy stories/friendships!! As they say, Blue skies :)