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  1. You will have to turn JavaScript on on your iPad browser, or any other for that matter to log in. Are you using Safari? 1. Navigate to Settings -> Safari 2. Turn JavaScript ON or OFF Safe swoops Sangiro
  2. Hey - take a look and see whether this has been fixed. Your BlackBerry is accessing the site via a proxy server and we (for obvious reasons) frown upon some of them. We've made some tweaks and hopefully have cleared the path for you. Let us know.
  3. Yes please. If you send a little more info we will gladly look into it for you. Safe swoops Sangiro
  4. Very sad news indeed. He will be missed. Safe swoops Sangiro
  5. Heya all, As you may have noticed, we've made some changes to the forum templates. There's nothing too dramatic here. This is primarily a template revamp to align the look-and-feel of the forums a little closer to the rest of the site. Some noteworthy changes: The most obvious change is moving from a completely liquid design that takes up your entire screen to a fixed width scaling down approach. This is groundwork for where we want to be in the future, which is a responsive design that works well and looks good on a large desktop screen as well as on smaller mobile devices. The screen size is slightly larger than the rest of the site (at 1200 pixels) and will "shrink" to 1000 pixels - like the rest of the site before you start scrolling. Sidebars have been moved to the right where it doesn't occupy the primary real estate on the page. The most important thing on the page (the actual forums) now starts at the top left where your eye starts to read the page. The User Profile Pages have seen some pretty big changes. Go fill out your profile info and make it look good! We want to start bringing together all the contributions - forum, videos, photos, articles, classifieds, anything a user has placed on the site in one location. More work to come here. There are small tweaks and changes that we've added (like the adult content flag) on the functionality side, but not that much. Have fun and let us know what you think via the Feedback forum. Please report any bugs here.
  6. If you plan to drop in on the symposium, find me, say hi and ask me for a pull-up chord. I'll bring a handfull each day. First come first served. Safe swoops Sangiro
  7. Yup! Safe swoops Sangiro
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  10. Hey - take that yellow thing off my face! I suspect with advent of Facebook and the likes that most people could find a pic of me without a smiley so it's time to put that tradition to rest.
  11. Heya all, In this earliest 1999 version of the forums there were 27 threads of which 7 were in the FAQ and Feedback forums. I made the first post on May 7, 1999.
  12. And the winner is Saskia Zegwaard (dragon2) who uploaded the 20,000th photo to our photo galleries. Drift HD on its way.
  13. Heya all, If you're a member and you take skydiving photos, any skydiving photos, or have old photos lying around on your PC, you can win a Drift HD Full 1080p High Definition Helmet Action Camera Kit. You have to Join our Facebook Page to find out how! Details there exclusively. This competition may be over before the day is out, so do it now! Safe swoops Sangiro
  14. [inline helmeta.jpg] I have absolutely no idea why that's not working. Tried to edit your post but with no luck. Above id your image, saved to my desktop and then posted here. I'm adding this text as an edit afterwards. Your short code seems to be in order. Why not try posting it again? (though I think most people will just open the attachment.) Safe swoops Sangiro
  15. A note about this: When you name your images, avoid using spaces, punctuation (other than dashes or underscores) and special characters. The inline scripting doesn't seem to be happy with those. Suggested naming convention would be to either concatenate everything or separate alphanumerical characters with underscores or dashes only picture_of_my_cat.jpg Safe swoops Sangiro
  16. Heya all, We're now allowing the posting of inline images to topical forums. This feature was created to allow for the enhancement of the forum experience and for easier information sharing. Inline image posts consisting merely of memes, off-topic images or spam will be removed. We'll also have zero tolerance for pornographic images - see the Forum Rules in this regard. Any individual who abuse this feature will lose his/her permissions to post attachments. Images that are shown in the forums are all sized to be a maximum of 640 pixels on the x-axis. This is done to preserve the design integrity of the site. If you upload a 2000x3000 pixel image, it will be resized to be displayed at 640 pixels. Clicking on the image or the attachment name will bring up the full size image. How to Post and Inline Image? In order to post an inline image attachment, simply submit an attachment as normal, and then use the following piece of shortcode: [inline your_attachment_filename.jpg] File Naming Convention When you name your images, avoid using spaces, punctuation (other than dashes or underscores) and special characters. The inline scripting doesn't seem to be happy with those. Suggested naming convention would be to either concatenate everything or separate alphanumerical characters with underscores or dashes only. i.e. picture_of_my_cat.jpg Larger Upload Sizes We have also increased the size allowance for attachments. The maximum file size in most forums used to be 300KB - we've moved that up to 1MB. Which forums has inline images enabled? General Skydiving Discussions, Safety and Training, Gear and Rigging, Instructors, Tandem Skydiving, Wind Tunnels, Swooping and Canopy Control, Relative Work, Freeflying, Canopy Relative Work, Wing Suit Flying, Photography and Video, (All International topics), Security and Scam Alerts, Premier Membership Support, Suggestions and Feedback, Error and Bug Reports. Depending on how well this new functionality is received, and used- we will then look at moving it into other areas of the forum. Use it well, and enjoy
  17. Heya all, I'd like to welcome Tom Noonan to our team of moderators here on! Those in the know will have heard of Tom and understand why he's a great addition to help guide the newly launched tandem forum and the forums in general. A quick look at Tom's credentials... Tom has made 5000 skydives and is a USPA Tandem Instructor-Examiner, USPA AFF Instructor, and USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course (IERC) director. He holds a FAA Senior Rigger certification and is a USPA Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA). Tom has just been elected to the USPA Board of Directors as a National Director. Tom knows his stuff and we're honored to have him on board. Safe swoops Sangiro
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    Deuce Matters

    Hi Yvette - he sure will. Happy to see you here.
  19. Hey Keith - are you still gay? Sorry, I meant to ask... are you still around? Hope you're well buddy.
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    RIP Rev Jim

    So long Rev. Safe swoops Sangiro