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  1. cyber means if you click on a link to send a private messsage, there is a link at the bottom of the page that comes up when you click on a persons name - no error shows up. If you type in the username an error pops - got this one, will look into it. Thanks. Safe swoops Sangiro
  2. No, not at this time. I'll work on that one. Safe swoops Sangiro
  3. Craig - hope you don't think I was being sarcastic - I was serious. Both you and cyberskydive - thanks for chipping in and helping folks learn how to work the boards. Frees me up to fix some bugs...
  4. Craig, I love having you around man... Keep it up, you're taking a lot of small things off my shoulders... Safe swoops Sangiro
  5. Read the FAQs. There's a markup tag that enables you to do this: And second option to do this: Hope this helps - check out the FAQs for more cool markup stuff. Safe swoops Sangiro
  6. Hey guys - please see this thread: Click Here Sorry for the inconvenience... Safe swoops Sangiro
  7. You're spot on! These pictures are cool...but keep the files really small! There's an option for users to view threads with pictures and those pages will load slow as hell if people upload large pictures.... I'd take cyber up on his offer and have him shrink it for you! Safe swoops Sangiro
  8. yup...there's a nasty little bug here...I need to find it...have no idea here it is but one of these scripts actually encrypts the password and overwrite the old one... i don't know hich script though... Safe swoops Sangiro
  9. First mark is at 50 - skreamer (who else) just became the first to hit that mark. Old posts will still say Newbie...all his new posts will say....
  10. Pictures.... patience my dear... good things come to those who wait!
  11. DZ reviews Star rating sub and average rating out of sync. ...loging bugs for myself like a lunatic Safe swoops Sangiro
  12. Hmmm...that's a bug... a small one fortunately!
  13. Those of you who've read the FAQs will know how to do this yourselves!
  14. ....of course you don't...and you probably aren't! The Newbie title you see next to your name is keyed of the number of times you've posted to this forum. At the rate most of you post you should see that change soon! Sorry I didn't bring over the post numbers from the previous forums, that was simply tooooo much work for too little benefit - can you say "point of diminishing returns?" title is a perk!
  15. Heya! You mean smiley faces like this?
  16. By all means - I'd welcome and article from you on the fatality. I grab the Reuters and AP news feeds and as you mentioned did not have the time to scrutinize everything... I'd prefer never to have to use ANY whuffo media content...but then you folks need to help me write stuff. (Thanks Lisa!) Too much for me. Must sleep....
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    Safe swoops Sangiro
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    Yes it is. You should have received an email when you's in there as well. Safe swoops Sangiro
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    Heya all, Welcome to the Talk Back forum! Dig in, read the FAQs get to know the new markup language and let's have some fun. As always you're welcome to use this forum for any idle chit-chat. This is also the only forum you can post to as a non-registered user. Rules are simple, say whatever you like but keep it clean. These forums are moderated. Safe swoops Sangiro
  20. The Icarus Crossfire is a High Performance Elliptical ZP 9-cell canopy designed specifically for experienced ram air pilots. The Crossfire is Highly and Truly elliptical in its planform shaping on both the leading and trailing edges. The cells vary in width across the canopy maintaining a constant cell aspect ratio to control distortion, and drooped wing tips are incorporated to minimize wingtip drag.
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    The Icarus Safire is an all Zero-Porosity, 9-Cell, Lightly Elliptical canopy featuring Vectran™ suspension line. It has been designed as an all round, no hassle performance canopy. The Safire gives you a solid 9-cell performance and a modern elliptical flavor, without getting radical and without requiring any special attention. It is delightfully easy to fly, with consistent openings, easy packing and excellent landing qualities.