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  1. I used the fabric back piece and the screws and washers that came with the standard Neptune velcro wrist mount. Check out the attached picture.
  2. I would like to mount the cameye with just the red button sticking out of the helmet so i wouldn't have to drill such a big hole. What kind of tool is best used to pry it open?
  3. Well guys, another adventure is about to begin in my life. I'm about to go to the airport to catch my flight to canada. I'll b jumping at skydive burnaby and expect to c all u canadian dz.commers there. I'll gonna b spending quite a bit of time in toronto, so if anyone is in the area, give me a call, my cell numba is 416-856-8552, please add me to ur DD list peace and much luv Om. edited for stupidity
  4. Same thing here, Both Eric from Airtec and Kai from SSK were very helpful. big up guys!
  5. I can't say that mine is the best, far from it at the moment, but it works really good for me on my optik. I Use the sight extender with one of those cheap orange tinted right sights. I only used the extender cuz the stem of the ring sight is too short to mount it with an ordinairy clamp and post assembly. heres a couple of pics that might help u c the setup, sorry I can't take better pics at the moment cuz my helmet is all packed in my luggage and stuff.
  6. I watched waking life over 10 times now and every time I watch it I notice something i haven't noticed b4 and learn more about it. I think u should watch it a few more times and things would start to click right away, everything makes so much sense. the way i c it is that the guy is dead, he died when the he found the note that tells him to look to the right, and from that moment on his actually in some sort of lucid dream, and he's slowly finding out that he's actually dead. anyway, The Ongoing WOW is happening right now!
  7. sure buddy, what do ya need?
  8. OmriMon

    dog bong

    no shit... it remind me of one of the dz dogs at my home dz, everytime we had a safety meeting he would come and put his head on my lap begging for a hit.
  9. Heres the Pro version of this game
  10. Definitely get the dock! it's pretty much the only way to connect the ipod to a car/stereo and get decent sound, the headphone jack just doesn't give as much juice or something.