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  1. lol :) Are they synched? the ip is the AMD K6-2 / 512RAM on a T1 that has a mind of its own. So if you get the user limit / bandwith woes from the "temporary" mirror than for now at least you can use that one. I think I may have put a 50 or so user limit, buts been too long, I doubt it. You can have all the bandwith you can suck out of the t1 I think too. The story goes that we offered to set it up there because we had/have access to a line we wanted to see how it'd do, dave needed a place, the whole mutually beneficial thing. I honestly dunno why it goes down because I never get the chance to go and check it out, get a buddy to do it but, it was doing "ok" compared to now before some wierdos intalled some stuff at the next IP (, just speculation tho. As far as I know the bios isnt set to "return to last state" and as of the last time I asked it wasnt on the battery pack yet, so if the power goes out or even if someone turned it off, I dunno -lol Anyways - to the point There still some digging I want to do, but we are going to be running something at this same ip for the forseeable future. We were discussing bringing a whole new machine and backing up / reinstalling and all that fun stuff, looks to be a good bet that it'll happen, havent made it in stone yet. So Dave, Craig, if you guys still want to run files out of there it'll be there regardless. I have space / bw on a server running from NAC but I couldnt afford the bandwidth -lol- I'm hoping to get a new server in the spring, but would probably need to limit bandwidth or ask for donations or something along the lines of taking all the fun out of it like that. How do we drive down the price of bandwidth? Any way - enough rambleon, let me know what the plans are so I'll know whetehr to set the site back up once we get to the new deal! OH yeah - as long as that ip's up this time theres a http site thats thats there, or two, any way its not much but there are over 400 folks registered -lol- wish I had time to build a real site around it. Anyone wanna collaborate one the dealio's strraightened out? good morning!
  2. Apologize for the delay, but the servers back up! Enjoy!
  3. Dear hersuperchikityness, if you'ld wait till I get home you wouldnt have to stress over the lack of replies Hopefully someone else will find this useful, as it seems the same ol animations that were around when I built my first site are making a comeback, or never went away......anyhow One importamt aspect of animation, beit .gif, flash etc is the concept of frames. Nearly every animation consists of a series of frames that hold one single image, or step in the animation. When these frames are put together and displayed, similar to drawing a stick man on a sticky note and flipping through the pages to make him move, you get your animation. What you want to do is open the .gif image in a program that will read the individual frames. ImageReady will do. In the animations timeline you will find each frame. To flip the entire animation you need to flip each individual frame. When you are finished you need to re-save the image as a .gif to preserve your changes. Thats the jist chicken!
  4. Well I've begun to set up a few things and decided to toss in an area for those of you having difficulty etc to post your issues / ideas etc. Please check it out at! On another note sorry to all those who sent PMS, I rarely check them Please email me or post at for issues related to the site cheers
  5. Partial my ass, more like full and a really good explanation. Levin paid a great deal more than face value for the domain himself, from the same guy no doubt. Luckily he had no problem getting the domain transfered. The site up now is actually the second version of the site I built. After a pause in the first sites development we decided to make alot of changes, thus this one! Theres some touchup to do no doubt... hope everyone enjoys it!
  6. check it out!
  7. So now daves bribed his isp to give him his bandwidth back -lol- Does anyone have some reported download speeds compared to the site in the past??
  8. Erg? The (new) site's the only website runnin on a full T1, and the only site on that machine right now -lol- I just downloaded a movie at over 100k -lol- If the upload speed doesnt pck up let me know and I'll look into it! Do you have a messenger dave?
  9. On a similar note, a project I'm working on in my spare time includes a list of freefly teams in Texas. The list will include information such as team member bios, photos, links, sponsors etc etc. We only have information for two exisiting teams thus far, so if any of you guys are involved in a Texas freefly team and want to be listed, drop me an email and I'll send ya a list of the information we'll need. Now a trip here may turn up some useful freefly team websites! The first result you'll probably see is our project ;), but I've been through the results and there are alot of good links!
  10. heeeeeeeeee - sounds like home -lmfao I'm definately going to be adding the info for "up-jumpers" but I would like to get some new images from the dz first. The sites not finished, just the basics are up because I've been begging for over 6 months for new info -lol- Kinda got fed up with everyone asking me to update it -lol-
  11. If me leaving out an alt tag on an image or having an extra closing tag ruins their lives than woooopdeeedooooo, I may care more if there was actually a serious error.
  12. AS I soon as the browser builders care about the w3c complete compliance, I might. NO BROWSER is completely w3c compliant, therefore such validation results are a waste of time ;) lol - alt ="it works"
  13. I would love to and have tried in the past, it's like pulling teeth to get anyone from the dz to get me anyhting (photos etc) as it is now the photos on the site I took (most of em) over a year ago
  14. For those of you interested, I've just updated the Skydive Monroe website. Check it out at On a side note, I'm really short on photos for the site, if any of you have photos from Skydive Monroe you're willing to send please email them! cheers
  15. Hi, I'm Dan -lol- good to so much support for me! Yep, last night was a rare occasion for me (these days) when I decided just to get drunk.....period..... and whats this? Anyhow, Levin and ol Brit like to post things under other folks names since there is no timeout on the cookies here I guess it makes it easy if folks dont manually log out. Obviously this thread in its entirety was meant to be a joke, funny, you know...ha ha... How Groper managed to shove his fat head into this I'll never know, or care....... Groper, we've never even met dude and I fight with myself about if we ever do. I cant decide if the first thing I'm going to do is kick your ass, or whether or not I can maintain a moment of zen and let it ride. I'm surprised someone hasnt done it already, but one thing you can count on is that if we do ever meet, all things will not be forgotten and we wont laugh about it over a beer. You crossed the line one to many times my man......... Now theres one fact to all this that cannot be ignored. 6 of the 9 animals (excluding me -lol) would not even be here if Ann's kind heart didnt allow Levin to bring the animals they could no longer care for here. Levin brought them here because he wanted them to have a good home, and of course we decided to help a brother out. But what the fuck ever happened to the money that we were suppossed to get from you guys to get the little dog spayed? Now she's had 2 puppies........ Time to dig into that ever faithful trust fund that allows you guys to focus on skydiving and college instead of finding a job........boy I wish we could do that..... then maybe we could be at the dz every weekend too.... Yes I'm a bit bitter about life in general right now, lol, shit I'm even building you a free website with free hosting, while I'm putting in applications for a damn job myself............... And if ANYONE wants to talk about jumps etc I havent jumped since August, I've been jumping the last few years on a C-license I got in 1997 because I havent met the requirements for a D yet. Of course I don't like it, but I dont have a trust fund, or a good job................. yet