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  1. cyberskydive

    Upside down GIF?

    Dear hersuperchikityness, if you'ld wait till I get home you wouldnt have to stress over the lack of replies Hopefully someone else will find this useful, as it seems the same ol animations that were around when I built my first site are making a comeback, or never went away......anyhow One importamt aspect of animation, beit .gif, flash etc is the concept of frames. Nearly every animation consists of a series of frames that hold one single image, or step in the animation. When these frames are put together and displayed, similar to drawing a stick man on a sticky note and flipping through the pages to make him move, you get your animation. What you want to do is open the .gif image in a program that will read the individual frames. ImageReady will do. In the animations timeline you will find each frame. To flip the entire animation you need to flip each individual frame. When you are finished you need to re-save the image as a .gif to preserve your changes. Thats the jist chicken!
  2. cyberskydive

    Freefly team links

    On a similar note, a project I'm working on in my spare time includes a list of freefly teams in Texas. The list will include information such as team member bios, photos, links, sponsors etc etc. We only have information for two exisiting teams thus far, so if any of you guys are involved in a Texas freefly team and want to be listed, drop me an email and I'll send ya a list of the information we'll need. Now a trip here may turn up some useful freefly team websites! The first result you'll probably see is our project ;), but I've been through the results and there are alot of good links!
  3. cyberskydive


    Sorry, this has nothing to do with spaceballs but I saw the name on the author of this message and I couldnt hold my mouse.... we call one of our dogs zippy - lol , no offence, it's just funny, kinda....
  4. cyberskydive

    Couple Questions (canopy stitching && Vectran Lines)

    Kinda out of the loop on the gear goin ons these days, and I'm not at the dz everyday anymore to ask.... I have a saphire(1) with all Vectran, only about 200 jumps and the lines look fine. What are the new Safire 2's coming with these days? Are they re-lining older safires with spectra now? Just the control lines?? What would you recommend? Also, last time I packed my rig I noticed about 6 inches of stitching, about half way down the stitch, cant remember if it was between cells or mid cell, on one of the cells next to the center cell, was gone-lol, so my stitch looks like: -------------~ six inches ~------------------- I dont remember what the load bearing cells are-lol what are they? -lmfao I decided just to keep an eye on it for a few jumps, but it's on the top skin so if it rips or something I wont be able to see it under canopy, and to be honest I really dont know how this stitch is going to behave... what do you guys think?
  5. cyberskydive

    post winds aloft info

    That would definately be a cool feature and would adda whole new level of use for the website. Unless I'm wrong tho it would be pretty hard to do!
  6. cyberskydive

    New " Documents "

    Just wanted to drop a cudos to everyone for the new "documents" section -- right on .....there is no spoon -------------------- My website
  7. cyberskydive

    Video to Web

    I optimized it for her from the original 1gigabyte!!!! to 3 megs she doesnt like the pixelation etc, so, (and she sits right next to me and asks) I told her I'll offer a higher bandwidth one. anyone have additional suggestions? you can view the vid on my website, in anns video vault (discussions) oops....need to go rub down her sunburn .....there is no spoon -------------------- Another place to play
  8. cyberskydive

    Dash M Service Bulletin

    I have dash m raven 2 built in may or june of last year -lol, its due for a repack so I may go ahead and pop it to check for the prpoer bartacks and attachments? I'm wondering if the incident referred to by precision is the one that happened to a friend of mine? Time to make some phone calls I guess ;)
  9. cyberskydive


    Nothing new on website and I've heard no gossip - cept I did see a new student canoopy I didnt see on the site sine I was last there, but its been a while!
  10. cyberskydive

    Basic Rigging Info Online?

    ...always stayed away from the old vw fuel injection-lol just sold my pride and joy 69 bug to move to texas - 71 too check out thier prices are not the cheapest, but they have a lifetime warranty on thier parts and they have it all - free catalogs too. you can also find lots of dealers in vwtrends and hotvw magazines a hell of alot cheaper than a VW dealership. One VW dealer I used to work for got thier old vw parts from the same types of aftermarket dealers and added the standard dealership markup ;) I assume most of them do - its faster. but this is a rigging forum-lol Are the costs involved in all these courses nearly the same?
  11. cyberskydive

    Basic Rigging Info Online?

    pop top hardtop?- tent top? Did the stove work? How many spark plug threads were stripped? How many windows? How....... Wheres the course your talking about and where can I find the scoop? -lol
  12. cyberskydive

    collapsible pc -vs- standard

    My first rig had a bungee and I used it till it wore out. The only thing I ever worried about with it was getting out at 1500 ft in an aircraft emergency, bungees usually need about 85 mph to inflate I believe, so I guess it would be safe to assume that it would work if the planes forward speed was adeqaute?-lol You dont have to worry about the bungee breaking or anything because if it does it will then function as a standard pilot chute, same with the kill line...... Now on my new gear I have a monkey fist collapsable with the kill line thats colored. Only prob I've had with that is that the part of the kill line that is colored goes PAST the window in the bridle when I cock it, so I recolored it with a marker, but sometimes it still goes past :) Just make sure you cock it and recheck it throughout your pack job. Thay way when you get a pin check in the plane, and someone sees its white cause you didnt feel like coloring it again and they say "your pilot chutes not cocked" you just know that it is becausae you were paying attention to it while you packed it right? -lol I've heard of a way to adjust the kill line, or do something I cant remember to fix it, but I cant remember what it is, and it works like it is......... I would buy 10 more of em!-lol The manufacturer of your canopy may have information on the effects of different kinds of pilot chutes, I know mine does. Usually the effects of pilot chute changes are noticed more with higher wing loadings etc, but it always makes intersting reading?-lol Ask your rigger! The only dumb question is one not asked! blues
  13. cyberskydive

    Brake set nightmare!

    He passed it through the loop in the steering line that normally only has the top part of the toggle going through it? DAMN! What you guys smokin over there omri?-LOL must have either small toggles ot large loops! C-28534 "My "Old Hand" is getting tired"
  14. cyberskydive

    Friendly Reminder

    spread the love spread the love C-28534 "My "Old Hand" is getting tired"
  15. cyberskydive

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    I was in Chicago a few months back visiting friends and of course we visited a few local dz's. Chicagoland skydiving is one of the best skydiving centers that I have EVER been to! It wasnt even an hour after I arrived and I was already on a load with some of the most friendly, knowledgable, fun - loving people I have ever met! If you ever get teh chance to stop in at this dropzone, DO IT! I think it would classify as a sin not to! Blue Skies Chicagoland!