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  1. skyhawk

    13 year old graduates college

    i find that most ppl with lots of book smarts lack any common sense his comments on corporations show this, sure some may think it would be nice but think about it if the companys " discontinue -- on their own -- the production of products that are harmful to humanity and the environment- - no matter what the financial loss -- " then they will go bankrupt, tens of thousands of ppl will lose there jobs, no products will be created and the economy would collapse, hmm hope he never does make it to president book smarts are rarely as useful as street smarts(common sense)
  2. A total of about 2000 Australian troops are expected to join US forces in the Persian Gulf, including 150 Australian SAS soldiers. The deployment consists of: 14 RAAF F/A-18 Hornet aircraft Three transport planes: C-130 Three navy ships: HMAS Kanimbla; HMAS Anzac; HMAS Darwin prob more now
  3. skyhawk

    Discussion on offensive jokes

    i havnt been here for ages anyways also remember things are different things in different places, about 2 yrs ago i posted a topic on here asking if there where any wiggas on here, now where im from, and what i meant was, are there any ppl that listened to rap, liked lowriders etc etc however i very quikly found out that in the US this was infact extremly racists and was much the same as if i had said "nigger" (which is also a no go racist word here)quite a few people (understandubly)got rather hurt and upset by it, and it took me a couple of weeks to convince everyone what i acctually meant instead of what they thought i meant, plus it was just after 9/11 so everyone was tense anyways, it all worked out good though, eventualy
  4. skyhawk


    hey what up im still alive but been worken lots and haven to try find full time work so i can go back to jumpen i havnt jumped since the start of the year :( and it didnt help that i turned 18 and all the little money that i have goes to partys and cluben :) and i only get on the net bout once a week but hey thats life i got a roof over my head and food in my belly ill get there :). peace out to everyone and jt youll have to come back to aus when i get some money so we can acctually have that jump :)
  5. skyhawk

    Buzz Aldrin punches man

    he couldnt sue seriously what court in the world would take his side, buzz is like 70 yrs old for petes sake, oh wait this is the US mayby he should get himself a good lawyer
  6. skyhawk

    Your age?

  7. skyhawk

    bouncing cars

    hey im getting one of those "bouncing cars" you should go ask if you can have a ride in one, yes they can hop in the carpark but not on the highway (or any public streets for that matter). oh and i wouldnt worry to much about the clientel most gansters would prob just steal someone elses car or get theres hooked up a chop shop or somethen rather than going to a legit shop
  8. skyhawk

    Gotta love the recording industry.

    well im still a minor so it doesnt matter mayby ppl should have to pay for the song, say a songs a dollar, you got 100 songs you have to pay $100 then that money goes to help pay for them to enforce it
  9. skyhawk

    Gotta love the recording industry.

    i think the recording industry should be able to do more than that. can u imagine the sheer amount of money that internet piracy is costing them, and therfor us. thing is people dont see it as a crime yet if someone walked in to a shop and took a cd it would be highly frowned on. While ill admit i have downloaded a few songs in the past, it is stealing and should be punnished as such
  10. skyhawk

    Friends don't let friends . . .

    ok how bout another way (short back story) i went to a party after work (so it was nearly over) a person i knew there got all upset and wanted to go home, so she was going to catch a train and walk home atabout 1/2 in the morn , she told me an a mate this,we said she couldnt cause it was a 5km walk to the station a 1/2 hr train ride on a dangerous line and the a 15km walk home through a bad area (and it was a sat night soi lots of drunks) she was also a small 17 yr old. now as i was aware(and informed her that for her to do this there was a great risk of her getting raped robbed or killed, should i be held liably if something did happen, i knew (and acnowledged) it was dangerous, she was drunk , i was sober , and i had a car and licence, so i could of dropped her of or atleast called her parents so am should i be responsible if something happened, i had the means to help but why should i i had just finished a 10hr shift and was buggered and was looking foward to a party and seeing my friends and it wasnt me she fought with so opinions???
  11. skyhawk

    Favorite TV Channels

    why on earth would you want to do that we all know the aussies are/will win i guess the second place biff between canada might be a little interesting, dont fell to bad though the poms came over to aus about a month ago for a game of rugby leauge and we beat them so badly they are considering cancelling all international games lol and dont even get me started on cricket lol ----- he he current stats australia G 30 S 25 B 23 T 78 England G 19 S 24 B 19 T 62 Canada G 15 S 16 B 23 T 54 we are so kicking everyone elses arses (i prefer the comonenwealth games more than the olympics no Us or Russia lol )
  12. skyhawk

    The Economy

    yer looking from the outside i find it slightly odd how everyone is bailing out as if all of the businesses are closing down or somethen.i guess its prob cause they all hopped in thinken that it would be a get rich quick thing saw all there stocks skyrocket then drop so they think its the end the way i see it unless you buy then sell soon after (which i understand is highly disliked by ppl and resulting in firms not doing business with you) then it doesnt really matter it will recover its is real funny cause you keep hearing oh no its fallen to levels not seen since 98 come on that was 4 years ago and it obvously recovered , if they said levels not seen since the great depression then mayby id be having a second look. my advice like everyone else do your homework it amazes me how many people have shares and dont know squat about the companys, someone just told them to buy them. if it looks to good to be true it prob is, if after doen your homework it still looks legit then invest as much as you can afford(to lose) if it stuffs up youve planned for it if it works youve made some extra money. as most ppl have said diversify not ust across companys but industries, one eg is oil companies, someone could invent a constant free energy machine tommorow which would mean while oil would still be required(for things like plastics etc) they wont have anywhere near the same massive profits if your investing for your retirment then think for the future think about where will this company be at around the year(whenever you plan to retire) will its product still be required, have / are they planning for the future and changing to match the needs fiquire out what type of portfolio you want high returns/high risk, mid returns/mid risk low returns/low risk if you are going to invest any money that you cant afford then go and see a proper invester it is better to spend the extra money but remember never to take anybodys word for it allways do your own homework
  13. skyhawk

    Proof of God part 2, sell me your soul.

    you can have my soul to , dont worry about payment, hmm second thougth $1 Us could be me a ferrari in australia, ah to much effort just give a dollar to some kid on the street. 1. ques if you own my soul and kill lots of people after selling it will you go to hell as well????
  14. skyhawk

    Not again

    im not sure where they got there figures because i live in a australia , and one of the more gang infested places and "violent crime" isnt that often here and shotting rampages pretty much never happen, however that is beside the point, there is a ways to decrease the number of gun deaths it just needs someone with balls(in politics) to do it 1. cut the accidental deaths by having cops come in and teach all kids from the early age at school about guns and safety and how to handle them properly as well as how much damage it can cause(note this doesnt mean how to shoot them, but what to do if they find a gun, and if for some reason they have to pick it up what the safety mechanisms are , how to clear it etc. the ppl of the US have generally chosen to make guns a large part of your culture and yet children arnt tought about it, yet dont take candy from/talk to a stranger, how to cross the road etc (i assume) are taught, telling a kid dont touch that its bad doesnt work they need to know why, next all owners must be a (generally) good shot as well as proficent in handiling safety etc, theres nothing more dangerous than somebody paniking without proper training, next all guns must come in a lock box with key. and most importantly ownership responsibility if some kid does shoot up there school, or someone shoots themselves or someone else then the owner is held legally responsible (as well as the person) as it is up to them to ensure the gun is stowed away properly
  15. skyhawk

    Not again

    i hate the fact that ppl say "guns dont kill people , people kill people" that is the type of mentality that cause problems, ill be 18 soon and getting a gun licence and that mentality scares the crap out of me guns do kill people sure you can kill someone with a knife or a pen but its alot easier with a gun, with pretty much anything else you have to make a deliberate action to cause damage the majoristy of the time, go into the kitchen and grab a knife put it on the counter ok someone is coming you grabit now what, you think, you either take a swipe or just hold it there hoping they will go away, lets assume you swipe chances are your panikling so you either miss or just nic them you stop to think again wait a sec thats your kid comen down for a snack same senario this time you have a gun, you swing around get scared and bang kids dead. The reason that guns are such great weapons are because a. there fast b. the accurate c. they inflict maximum harm. Sure it is the person pulling the trigger but when was the last time you heard of a kid playing around in the cutlery draw and stabbing themselves/friend to death or disgruntal worker going on a stabbing rampage with a pen, both possible senarios, and finally add a one more to the list d.power anybody that has every held a gun knows you feel an instant sense of power, just like if not bigger then when you first hopped behind the wheel of a car, you a (hopefully) in full control of something that can kill in a second. Guns do have uses and it is fun to shoot a target but having the attitude that guns arnt really dangerous is what gets people killed it only take a snap of a finger and yours and others lives can change forever.