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  1. Heya all, The classifieds have become the de facto spot to sell and buy used skydiving gear online. We've had repeated request from users who want to feature their gear more prominently in the classifieds, but do not want to join the Premier Membership program. We've listened and now, for a small weekly fee (paid via PayPal) your gear items can be prominently featured on the Classifieds home page and at the top of the listings on each individual category page. Give it a go - it will greatly increase the footprint and visibility of your ad on the site and help us pay the bills.
  2. Naah, you're welcome to go to their playground... just don't chuck your drogue in there. Safe swoops Sangiro
  3. I will have to take advise on that... Safe swoops Sangiro
  4. Heya all, On advise from the moderators I've created a new forum dedicated to tandem skydiving. A lot of the discussion in the Instructors forum are currently from tandem masters and it makes sense to create a space where tandem masters as well as prospective tandem jumpers can get together and share ideas. Have fun and play nice.; Safe swoops Sangiro
  5. What do you miss about the old home page? Safe swoops Sangiro
  6. And the winners of the first 2 copies of "Above all Else" are Eduardo Ferraiuolo and John Musgrave. Congrats and thanks for sharing guys! Here's how you can win next week. Safe swoops Sangiro
  7. And the winners of the first 2 copies of "Above all Else" are Eduardo Ferraiuolo and John Musgrave. Congrats and thanks for sharing guys! Safe swoops Sangiro
  8. As promised, 10 copies of Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld's book "Above All Else" up for grabs! There you go! Safe swoops Sangiro
  9. Heya all, Because everybody loves free stuff! As promised yesterday we're starting to give away some stuff on the Facebook page. We've got 10 copies of Dan's book, Above All Else: A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success and one of them could be yours for free. Here's what you have to do: Like Our Facebook PageShare any post, picture, status update, video or whatever we post to that page in any particular week with your friends and you're in the draw. Share 2 and you're in twice, share 3 and... well, you get the picture.We'll be giving away 2 copies every Friday for the next 5 weeks, starting this Friday, September 7, 2012If you don't win the first week, just share away the next and you'll automatically be entered into the draw again.That's it. Good luck and have fun! Winners will be announced on Facebook and here in the forums. The prize cannot be swapped for anything else. If you cannot be contacted or don't respond to our notifications that you've won within 48 hours, you'll make the next guy very happy! Here's a link to our Facebook Page: Remember, you have to "Share" not just "Like" to enter the draw. Safe swoops Sangiro
  10. Heya all, Heads up. We're going to start giving away stuff on the Facebook page tomorrow. You'll have to join though so drop in and "like" our page, then keep checking Facebook and the Forums here and we'll let you know what's up for grabs. Woot! Safe swoops Sangiro
  11. Wendy - we'll remove the ads for Premium Paid members again soon. Just doing a migration from the NameMedia ad server to ours and there's a lot of configuration going on. That being said, the Premium Members program will be reviewed as well. We do need to convince ourselves again that it still makes sense to offer that option. The premium membership has added a lot of complexity to the site code (to serve special features, filter stuff etc) and I need to be sure the numbers justify that extra complexity. If we do decide to stick with it we need to figure out how to add more value to it to draw in more members. Open to suggestions.
  12. Nope. Click on the My Stuff button in the top right corner. Email is not being used by enough people to justify it having it's own link in the primary navigation. Safe swoops Sangiro
  13. Good, let me know if you see that again. I have that same setup on a PC here and have not seen that before. If you do see it again, grab a screenshot or make a note of which ad it was. Thanks! Safe swoops Sangiro
  14. Heya all, We've launched the a new home page for Take a peek and give us feedback. Tell us if you find anything that';s not working. There's bound to be some quirks (I trust they'll be small) in the system and we'll get those sorted out over next week. We'll move forward on upgrading the remaining sections on the site soon: Classifieds, Videos, Stolen Gear, Fatalities database, Webmail and the Forums. Will keep you posted and have a most excellent weekend! PS - How do you get your photo to feature on the home page? It's a little algorithm the checks for recent photos, with certain number of minimum votes and a baseline average rating. Upload your good stuff - we want to feature it! Safe swoops Sangiro
  15. Hey T, That will be back in short order. if you look at the sections we've been updating you'll notice that the home page is kinda out of line at this stage. I'm working on that right now and it will be part of the next section to roll out. I the meantime we've changed how the pages are rendered to deliver a more personalized experience in the future and ironically that little legacy widget broke. When the new template goes up over the next few days that will be back and better. In the meantime I hope the one additional page load doesn't annoy you too much.
  16. That's OK. I've been doing this for a while, so I understand how this works, how people and their personas react online and I'm long beyond the point where I allow individuals to get too much under my skin on a forum.
  17. Thanks for the kind words everyone! It certainly is exciting to be focusing on again. As you'll pick up from the press release, I agree that that devices (phones, tablets etc) have moved on since we were last at the helm here and I agree that we will have to do something about making the site a lot more accessible on those. Also, the underlying packages used to build these sites are outdated and stale. Chances are we have a pretty big re-platforming exercise somewhere in the near future to set up to make improvements faster and at a lower cost. As for content - the forums are buzzing, but the editorial content not. It's up to us to change that. If you can or want to write you are more than welcome to PM me. I will however bring somebody on board in the office here who will spend a considerable amount of his/her time focusing on that again. I'm feeling like a kid with a new (old?) toy and can go on and on about everything I'd like to do but right now I'm a little buried in the transition from NameMedia. The ad server, billing, tracking everything that happens in the background has to come over to our side - for all 3 sites - and that will probably keep my busy for the next week or so. In the meantime as you may have noticed, we have been doing some template changes on the Dropzones, Gear and Photos section. There's more to come on that and I'll keep you posted. Drop in on the Feedback and Suggestions and leave me your thoughts on what you'd like to see on the side, changed or added. We're unlikely to implement all of them but I can assure you we will shortly start going through that forum post by post to see what you've been talking about and where you'd like to see us improve. Keep it coming.
  18. Heya all, It's been a while. Those of you who are older than Justin Bieber may remember me... I have some exciting news to share today. We’ve entered into an agreement to buy back, and See the official PR below. There are several factors that played in on this decision and that got us to this point. Bringing these sites back into the D4DR Media stable at this time provides us with the best opportunity to improve on what’s been created here over many years and ensure their longevity. So what will happen next? Right now I don't have a long list of plans lined up to execute. We've been managing these sites as a partner and more recently as minority stakeholder since the day we initially sold them so while the ownership just changed, our involvement really doesn't. I think the moderators and Bryn are doing an excellent job at being available to you guys to help steer the ship in the forums and they will continue to do so. On a personal note, I’m pretty thrilled about this. I'll be around a little more often again now and I'm looking forward to catching up.
  19. That second one isn't a word... not if you spell it like that. Safe swoops Sangiro
  20. I unlocked this thread. This is a relevant discussion and legitimate questions are being asked. Safe swoops Sangiro
  21. 4 years on. I still miss you. Safe swoops Sangiro
  22. Congratulations Omar! Well done maestro. News stub Safe swoops Sangiro
  23. Student on AFF hop-and-pop suffered line twists resulting in a spiralling canopy. The sky diver did not kick out the line twists or cut away and deploy the reserve and the AAD did not fire either. The sky diver had a hard landing and did not P
  24. Thank you all. Safe swoops Sangiro
  25. Heya all, Thanks you to everyone who took the time to send their feedback to NameMedia on this campaign. A quick update on where we are: As Andrea mentioned above, the frequency cap for these ads has been reduced to 1 impression of the ad per user per day. Additionally, the ads will not be displayed in the Forums section. This means is that only about 1% of the original campaign will be served. NameMedia was quite willing to turn off the campaign completely was it not for the fact that they are contractually bound to deliver impressions for this campaign. It's not my place to defend NameMedia in this, however I think it is commendable that they were willing to listen and act on the feedback from the community, giving up a non-trivial amount of ad revenue in favour of our user experience. Thanks again for your involvement. Safe swoops Sangiro