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  1. Hi everyone, Yesterday and last night we discussed the Subaru advertising campaign with NameMedia, the owner of (You may recall that NameMedia's involvement with the site is to sell and serve ads. All management and operational responsibilities are delegated D4DR Media, the previous owners of the site). NameMedia sold this campaign to Subaru without our knowledge or involvement. The campaign started running yesterday, and entails rich media effects across the browser screen. Our position has always been that we strongly oppose any kind of invasive advertising like pop-ups, page take-overs or interstitials, hence we urged NameMedia to remove the ads. They have the final call however and decided to keep the campaign running, tweaking the implementation to ensure that a particular user will not see more than 3 of the ads each day. Further: - The campaign will end on Oct 17th - There is an “x” box during the rich media extension that allows the user to stop the rich media. - The campaign is targeted for US users only. You are encouraged to send your feedback and views about the campaign to NameMedia at [email protected] Safe swoops Sangiro
  2. The wind was strong and reversed. The athlete chose an unused area to land your parachute. There was a crash landing on a concrete table. The athlete suffered head trauma, cervical fracture and multiple fractures in the chest. Instantaneous death.
  3. Authorities say a Marine has died from injuries sustained when his parachute didn’t open during a training exercise in Hardee County. The Marines were jumping from a C130 aircraft. The unidentified Marine was taken to Florida Hospital Wauchula.
  4. sangiro

    Canopy Collison

    Jumper did a low turn to the ground and collided with another canopy. The first jumper was killed from his injuries, the second jumper suffered serious injuries but survived.
  5. Heya all, When we launched in November last year I started this thread to tell you about it and to you know we set ourselves a goal of logging 10,000 dive spots around the world. Just wanted to let you know that we just passed that mark! 10,000 dives sites listed and going strong. 8,000 dive shops coming soon.... If you're a scuba diver, drop in over there and check it out. Whoot! Safe swoops Sangiro
  6. No further details on this incident.
  7. Hey all, We are trying to be smart about where we spend our limited time and resources over the next few months to improve and build out We're also continually trying to better target our advertisers to ensure the ads you see are as relevant as possible. You can help us do both these things by taking our short survey. We do not collect any identifiable information and will greatly appreciate your time.
  8. Most excellent! Congratulations mate. Safe swoops Sangiro
  9. I have no reason to complain. While not perfect, things actually worked out quite well for us. This new arrangement is a win-win addendum to the existing agreement we have with NameMedia. Jay has really been the one on the receiving end of this crunch. Safe swoops Sangiro
  10. Hi everyone, This is an important announcement regarding the management of As you know, together with and, was purchased by NameMedia in May 2008 and was operated by them ever since. Unfortunately, as the economy worsened over the past few months it became financially unfeasible for NameMedia to continue to operate these sites, which brought them to a difficult choice - either find a suitable buyer fast or shut the sites down. The first option wasn't really possible in these times and the second, while obviously not desirable became more and more likely. After much deliberation Daniel and I (D4DR Media) has agreed to resume the operational responsibilities for the sites. We've run these sites on a pretty tight budget before and we can do so again. We trust this arrangement will ensure the longevity of these online communities. Practically this means we will resume all day-to-day management and operational responsibilities of, while NameMedia will handle ad sales and marketing. NameMedia will remain the overall owner and we’ll retain a minority interest in the sites as a longer-term incentive for our efforts. One very unfortunate side-effect of all of this is that NameMedia was unable to retain a full-time salaried publisher, so Jay Young (j_ung) was let go from his position by NameMedia on Friday. This was a pure business decision and in no way a reflection on Jay's performance. I think we can all agree that he did a terrific job and added a lot of value to the site during his time as publisher, and we will miss him in that role. Thank you for what you did here Jay. For the immediate future though I will take his place as head-honcho until a longer-term solution is put in place. This is a unique new period for in the sense that we're really forced to hunker down and survive a tough economic climate, while preserving the character and value of We’re quite confident we can do that while continuing to have a load of fun at the same time! Onwards. Safe swoops Sangiro
  11. Jumper appears to have made a low turn while attempting to swoop. He struck the ground and while he was able to assist himself in getting into the ambulance he later died while in route to the hospital due to inter-cranial hemorrhaging.
  12. Military training on new canopy type OVP80.08 . Canopy OVP80 is 30 years old construction, new tested variante is OVP80.08 . Height of jump is only 700m/2300ft. Official result is still not aviable. Military DZ Chrudim
  13. Jumper suffered some sort of malfunction that led to her canopy developing a turn that she remained in until she struck the ground.
  14. Military jumper landed in water and was not able to remove himself from his gear before he drowned.
  15. He was doing a 2 way with an instructor. In freefall he was observed to be completing the formations and about 5000 feet he broke off and tracked away. The jumper did not deploy any canopies. Cypres fired but reserve was not able to open fully prior to im
  16. Freefall was regular and at the agreed altitude, 1.500 meters, they tracked away. After that he did nothing to open either the main or the reserve. At some time his aad activated the reserve that however was open too low to save his life. The body was cov
  17. While making his second wingsuit jump the jumper failed to put his leg straps on before putting the suit on. On or after opening the jumper fell out of his harness and impacted the ground.
  18. Was a student on his 2nd free jump after 4 static lines jumps and had a line over in his Manta canopy and did not cutaway. He passed the safe altitude for the AAD. The AAD fired but the deploying reserve entangled with the trailing main. The jumper impact
  19. Heya all, We made a decision to stop supporting the "Drunk Dial List" on This list was started a few years ago by regular users (including myself) who wanted a central location where we could find numbers to call and poke some fun on our night out. I’ve received some epic calls, including one from SkymonkeyONE at 3 AM pretending to be in jail and wanting me to provide some legal advice. It has become time to move on though. The last "keeper of the list" has decided to create a new list on another website. Feel free to PM Bolas for more information to get onto that. If you have a copy of this list, please note: The Drunk Dial List remains the property of this site. NOBODY has permission to share the phone numbers on that list with anyone outside the context of this site, and that has now been stopped. Please respect the fact that the people on there value their privacy, and an entrusted us to be the guardians of that. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to move on.
  20. Andrea - that boy sure did grow. Amazing.
  21. sangiro

    No pull

    Jumper was seen unstable under 3000 feet after breaking off from his formation jump. The jumper impacted with out pulling any handle. The jumper was said to have diabetes and did not have his medication with him but it is unclear if that played a factor i
  22. Sunny... did you take the red pill or the blue pill? Checked your account - it's active and validated. I have no idea why you are not able to log in. Clear cache and cookies and try again? PS -I suggest you use the Bugs and Errors forum on that side to get support from us there. We're not going to track this thread for issues. You can post to the Bugs forum as an un-registered user as well. Safe swoops Sangiro
  23. Hey Beth - we just validated your account manually, so you should be able to log in.
  24. What is this gear stuff you speak of? We already have a catalog of almost 6,000 gear items on the site... we've partnered with LeisurePro, so you can buy your new gear online via
  25. Yeah, thanks for signing up! W're going to focus on growing the value that the site delivers, especially from a dive site perspective, and I trust the community will shape and form over time.