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  1. 137, zero-p, hma lines. Tried the same size UltraLPV demo but ended up buying zero-p. The opening and flight differences were negligible, so I chose durability Very happy with the canopy. Perfect for wingsuiting (never actually used it for anything else). My previous ws canopies were Safire1&2 129.
  2. ..that's more or less what Mads Larsen told me after I complained about the same last year : "..Live with it, or don't make so sharp turns..." So all swoopers with be deaf in a few years
  3. ..just to give credit where due! My complaint about slider hangups was taken seriously by PD. They sent me new rings and lineset, suggested different brake setting to try, and after that didn't help - took it back for testing. Apparently the result was inconclusive, ... so they just sent me a new canopy I could even ask for a different size. Very, very impressive! Oh, and the hangups are gone. Also, almost no bounce with RDS slider.
  4. in addition to bounce - anyone having slider hangups? The slider is standard PD RDS. Mine sometimes sits at the cascades refusing to respond to any input. Then, couple of hundred meters and few "oh shits" later it just slides down ..and starts bouncing
  5. funny, but now I use thumbloops for exactly opposite reason Once I had my armwing zip almost completely open in flight, with interesting flight characteristics as a result. Didn't use thumbloops on that jump. I can also confirm the innie-outie handle issue - never had my handles completely swallowed, but it is close enough to make me nervous. Actually I think the system is unnecessary and over-engineered for a suit clearly targeted at skydiving only. On the other hand, the problem is not limited to Squirrel. The worst I had was on a PF Shadow which happily swallowed my reserve handle any time. Have to admit though, it was a borrowed suit, sized generic M, not made for my measurements. I have modified the arm pressurization zippers with locking sliders. The original non-locking ones like to slide open more than intended in flight. By the way, has anyone experienced any vibration somewhere on the arm wings leading edge or shoulder inlet? P.S. Disclaimer: I still love the way my Funk flies
  6. I have! Twice actually. Years ago, on a brand new Mirage G3, standard F111 PC (whatever size it was on Mirage back then). Both times pulled using two hands - didn't know that was possible before
  7. luis

    V4/V3 zippers

    there seems to be a difference between "handled" and "solved" I went through 4-5 zipper sliders on my V3 in less than 100 jumps. Sure, PF was very quick in sending me spare ones, but replacing the Opti zipper with another Opti zipper does not solve the problem. Eventually I got tired of this, bought a few feet of YKK coil#8 and fixed it myself. No more broken zippers since last year.
  8. May not help, unless you complement it with a radar I had a canopy collision in the cloud once. Scary stuff! We planned a 5 canopy formation and cloud layer looked suspicious, so it was agreed that if we have to enter it, everybody breaks off and keeps the same heading. Turned out very difficult to keep the heading when you are absolutely blind. The fact that I had a GPS and was on course didn't help much - was hit by my wingman, wrapped in his canopy and made an interesting video So, if you have to fly in the cloud...well, don't!
  9. another new convert here! I switched to semi-stowless on my wingsuit rig (Vampire3+safire129) some 40-50 jumps ago. The openings are better. Not dramatically better (were OK before as well), but more on heading and feels more controlled. In fact, I ordered another one for my swooping rig (Velo90). Again, not that I expect huge improvement over something that works ok already - but the design idea in general makes a lot of sense to me. ...that, and some spare cash burning a hole in my pocket
  10. you have to admit - that guy has a talent of stirring up some flame wars! He could even make it useful with time and proper education. I told that to him back in the day when he was still known under a different name. The name we all learned to love so much here on . But I may be telling too much already - ruins half of the fun...
  11. fast spinning Velo malfunctions every time turned me into a slingshot projectile with reflexes still slower then skyhook's .. but I'm getting better! - the last time I even managed to grab the reserve handle before the Big "S" kicked in ..... Thanks for the shared ideas everyone! I am quite surprised that so simple and apparently common issue was not resolved yet...
  12. interesting solution! Wonder how does it affect the pull force ... not that I ever had a chance over the skyhook in my three cutaways. My experience with UPT customer service has always been great too (their email server / spam filter is another story though )
  13. the label says "17.5 +1" , whatever that +1 means Actually I checked it from my older rig - the new "problematic" one is out for reserve repack. But both were ordered with exactly the same measurement, so MLW should be the same - the fit feels the same anyway.
  14. Does anybody have this problem on a new Micron? The lower part of the D handle (standard size, with spectra ripcord)gets dislodged from the velcro. The rig is one year old and the issue seems to be progressing. Actually I am getting into habit to force the handle back in place before every exit, as it starts to look a little dangerous already. I suspect that a combination of standard D handle and spectra ripcord are to blame. The ripcord moves on the handle and may be applying some tension pulling it out at an angle. That's my theory anyway This is my second Micron. The first one did not have this problem (metal ripcord). ..and yes, I have tried asking UPT. They seem to have some permanent email problems again
  15. Attached! originally posted somewhere in My version is slightly different, but the general idea is the same. PM me if any questions