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  1. Riggerrob, have been inside friends but not slept in. I have seen some with tongue weights of 100#s and up from there. Overall weights of less then 2000#s as well. Those two factors are largely dependent on floor plan layout (she has kitchen appliances and cabinetry up front so heavier tongue). Second major factor, you want an aluminum frame with a light fiberglass (or composite) exterior shell. A couple of other items: having a longer A-frame (trailer hitch mounting) member which will generally put less weight on tongue. Also take note of axle location (fore & aft) which will also affect tongue weight. Best of luck.
  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Thanks!!
  3. Props to you...... "shooting at them under canopy" .....very funny. Very well done.... obelixtim!!
  4. A bit off topic (by me), but what you just posted obelixtim are Great life living skills not just for skydiving. Well stated!
  5. GD64


    He looks to be half-assed
  6. is the "wing and butter knife"
  7. Some time ago when I was working for a very large multi-state contractor I was given a job order. I loaded the van with what I thought I may need and headed out. I found myself in a private upscale neighborhood in Chanhassen MN. The job address led me to a purple house. After clearing security, I found myself at Prince's private residence/recording studio. I met his manager, a gal from Cali. She was pissed and said I was two day's late and recording was happening in a few hours. to me? Note: I'm not a sound engineer. The studio had gremlins. The limo's started arriving with band members and babes. I was scrambling, when Prince arrived. His body guard/driver, a large white dude, let me know that this was a F-ed situation and the man was pissed. I changed out and added some bonding, added some grounding, and got load side power "squeaky clean" with some isolation transformer installs. This was way back ancient technology, but it worked out. The recording got started late. As I was loading up my tools and gear in the dark the body guard came out and told me that Prince had invited me to stick around if I wanted. Being a hard rocker (classic rock today), and not all that familiar with his music, I said sure.......come on.....the babes That was a great call! I partied "like it was 1999"! What a super talented musician!! I love guitar, and man he could play! Sometime shortly before sun-up when the breaks became longer and the recording pace was slowing, he came up to me and thanked me in person, and I thanked him for expanding my music tastes. I said Hendrix was my favorite guitar player and he smiled and agreed. I found him to be a generous, kind, soft spoken, quirky (what talented artist isn't) person. To this day I get shivers when I hear "Purple Rain" the long one (with the guitar work), "When Doves Cry", and "lets Go Crazy", and "Little Red Corvette". Sad, RIP Prince
  8. Word of caution: Altra's are a zero drop shoe. If you have never run with a zero drop shoe you will require an extremely slow progression and build up of mileage. If not, your calves and achilles will force you to stop running due to injury. My biggest advice on running shoes is to never ever go by recommendations from other people, colours, or name recognition. Look around in the local community and find a running specific store. They will be able to look at your gait and match a running shoe to your gait. blondie18's advice related to the 10% rule of mileage building is the single most important piece of advice on here. Anything else and you will get injured. SkyDekker, thanks for the "heads-up" on the zero drop transition. No, I have not run in zero drop. I will take your advice and ease into them. That 10% rule did get my attention. I checked out the Altra's online and I liked the "more room in the toe area" concept. It seemed in the past I could keep my toes from getting slammed while trail running, but the trade off was real tight lacing across the top of foot....ouch. I get your point about having the pro's fit me but it's not doable right now.
  9. Billvon, some fair points and some I will disagree with. After reading your post a couple of times it became clear to me that I should stay out of SC with posts. The time spent thinking through and responding, is more of a time commitment then I want to currently make. Since this forum is give and take, I would be unfair or rude in not holding up my end of the exchange. Thanks.
  10. The original intent is pretty clear from the language at its very beginning, "A well regulated militia . . . ." As the Second is currently applied, it's already unrecognizable from that. Quade, I will respectfully disagree with you on the "unrecognizable" point. In hindsight I should have stated that "it was my opinion". It's my current opinion that the totally litigious age we are living in will never allow agreement on this matter. The agitation industry both pro and con are making to much money for any meaningful agreement. When I step back and try to imagine what the founders may have been thinking, it leads me to the thought of armed citizenry period. No matter the reason. That no doubt, is a simplistic view, but it how I see it.
  11. He's a politician in an election year, and he's acting like it. If memory serves, I think he recently also said "sure, you can sue the gun manufactures" (I think it was in The Hill). I don't believe in any compromise on the second amendment. Because once politico's (mostly lawyers) get their foot in the door.......they are arguing about the meaning of "is". They can't help themselves. In a short period of time the second amendment would be unrecognizable from it's original intent. Then the interpretation would be totally based on "who's ox is getting gored". The dee-cee crowd has proven time, and time again, to have major credibility issues. Say anything to get elected, then do what ever you want (of course big donors have priority), after your elected.
  12. Stritar, I won't bore you with all sorts of activities that scared the shit out of me more the second time. Fear can take over but don't let it. Control your breathing and you will control your fear. We all fall short (in our own eyes) from time to time. However, it's how we pick ourselves up and move on that really counts. As an FYI (although you weren't injured ), there was a thread on the woman's forum "RE: [Marrsy] Getting back on the horse (or plane) after an accident". I think perhaps you might relate to some of the expressed feeling and advice. Apologies, I don't know how to get that link attached to this post.