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  1. Parrot


    Ok I'm back after 1.5 years of bad-living, i finally found miself again. So now the bad period is behind, and this time I'm back to stay. My skidive to Peronne week was the start of a new life. I rediscovered that skydiving is the most wonderfull happening a human being can experience. I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK, and im happy about it. Heh, thats funny .
  2. Parrot


    Hi again, I'd like to reintroduce myself. Heh, thats funny .
  3. Parrot

    I might get a wingsuit!!

    I don´t know anything about wingsuits, only saw it one time on tv and it looked great. Also I don´t know anything about communication-errors, but I think I just saw one. Maybe the first person is referring to $650, and the second to £460. Just thought I noted that here, before someone gets dissapointed, by the price of the wingsuits. later that day: Hmm after I looked at the profiles I know for sure I don´t know anything from communication-errors. Both meant £. Heh, thats funny .
  4. Thats a pretty good site, where a newbie can read a lot aut skydiving. Vely good Heh, thats funny .
  5. Parrot

    Here we go................

    Way to go Talk about getting your life in your own hands, you sure aint waistin time. Go for it Heh, thats funny .
  6. Parrot

    opinion-midlife crisis or not?

    Would be nice to know your age too, gives a better view on the case. But if you are older then 15 , then yes I´d say you have a major midlife crisis here... Heh, thats funny .
  7. Parrot

    Incident Reports in General

    I think its important to know some details from incidents. To learn lessons from. I dont think we have to know details such as:- age, -name, and more private details like that. Heh, thats funny .
  8. (damn´it) ?????? Is it bad U.S. didnt attack? Are you a bulletmanufacturer in your free time? But alongside that, I heard the first three months of the beginning of the year is the best time to attack (because of weatherconditions) So maybe next year Heh, thats funny .
  9. Parrot

    What do you think

    They probably said: Were coming from right hes coming from left, according to traffic regulations he should stop. Heh, thats funny .
  10. Parrot


    How do you copy this to your desktop ?? Heh, thats funny .
  11. Parrot

    Personal problems, need your opinion.

    Hi all, Thx for your posts and your pm´s. When I´m going to make the decision I will remind me your reactions. I will also discuss it with my family and ( The issue was `worrying` on my mind. But being able to talk it over with you, and reading your reactions helped me a lot. Thx, Rob Heh, thats funny .
  12. Parrot

    Personal problems, need your opinion.

    Hello all, There´s a problem that´s bugging me: A year ago I became sick, I had a `burnout` from my work. I experienced a lot off stress which I could not release from myself. After a while I seeked help from some therapists, during that period I had some ups and downs. But today I´m in therapy for my problems for about three months, these are full-time therapies. I have the feeling I had some positive result from the therapies during the past 2/3 months, but now it feels like I cant get more positive things from the therapy, without staying and working there for the next 6 months. I still experience stress and depressions sometimes, but they are not as deep, and I can get myself through them now. The problem is that, if I stay in therapy longer I´ll have to do some medical tests which will declare me unfit to work, which is bad if I need a new job. Because if a new boss finds out about this `unfit to work`, he/they most probably will not give me the new job.(which I eventually want offcourse) So the question is: Should I stay in full-time therapy longer and try to find out and solve all my problems, for which I must do a big effort and solve a relative small part of the problem(s). And have a hard time getting a new job after that, because of the `unfit to work` tests. Or is it wise to go find a new job and a new life, and try to solve the remaining problem(s) in part-time therapy, on a less intensive base, and have more chance of getting a new job. I know you´re not all therapists, but I really like your opinions, imagine you were in such an situation. Heh, thats funny .
  13. Parrot

    ruptured eardrum?

    I had a temporary loss of hearing also, 2 months ago when i had a little cold and went up to 14000 ft. It was the feeling like 1 of my ears wouldnt `pop` back from the difference in pressure. I walked with it for about 2 weeks, then i put a little bit of oil (natural oil, which you use for cooking), into that ear just 2 or 3 drops, and held my head under an angle to prevent it flowing out for at least 1/2 hour. After that 1/2 hour i washed the ear out with a medium hot shower, just shower in your ear with some pressure. The next day it was almost gone, and the day after it was gone. Stupid from me that i didnt do it earlier then 2 weeks. Maybe it works for you too. Tip: use a straw to drip the oil in your ear, you´ll find that your ear is more difficult to find then you think, instead of pooring the whole oil-bottle over your head. Found that one out by experience, put straw in oil, then seal of 1 end with your finger. Heh, thats funny .
  14. Parrot

    where is everyone?

    Hi, jk is short for Just Kidding Heh, thats funny .
  15. Parrot

    where is everyone?

    U mean u didnt hear it allready........................ Well...... hehe jk, i find it very quiet too Heh, thats funny .