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  1. thanks for the pity but it was more along the lines of a joke!
  2. she is the cnn anchorwoman who is on in the mornings and i think she is hotter than a wedding bride in a feather bed. with that said, i noticed this morning that she is sporting a new hairstyle which i found to be a little unappealing. i guess i will have to keep that original vision placated in my mind during my intimate moments!
  3. how much did that set u back? i have been thinking about getting a ring from my alma mater.
  4. i was reading on the greene county parachute club's website located in bardstown, kentucky that the length of there aff training was about 45 minutes. is that accurate? i was always under the impression that aff training was anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.
  5. LMFAO! u have made my day lummy----that is hilarious! i would do it in a haertbeat!
  6. that has already been mentioned to me this morning! u didn't get to be the first. damn all u women think alike
  7. call in sick today as i did? just curious to see those of us who r among the sick, lame, and lazy crowd!
  8. i'm 33 and never been married and do all the things u have mentioned so i guess my life is one big crisis--welcome to the club!
  9. fastmartin2002


    i agree with your point hooked; however, i also agree with the idea that it pays to lurk for awhile so as to understand this monstrosity that HH has created. lurking prevents the possibility of a newbie getting their cyber hand slapped which we have all witnessed from time to time!
  10. i vote so as to conserve my right to bitch!
  11. i just wonder what his view was like!
  12. we the jury find the defendant in the above titled action not guilty on 2nd degree burglary, guilty on vandalism, and guilty of grand theft!
  13. i guess u want to be the one who gives it to her!
  14. without the valiant sacrifices of our marines and other service personnel we wouldn't be able to live in this great country that we do. thank you and happy birthday!