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  1. cs_troyk

    Petra vs. Sofia

    I currently have a Petra (77.7, 3.25:1) and a Sofia (72.7, 3.5:1). The Sofia is pretty much specifically for XRW, and at that w/l, is pretty well in the groove. Would probably need to weight up to use the Petra, but the Sofia works so well I haven't bothered yet. Also have a 59 Sofia (intent is for XRW with smaller suits) and an 86 (experimental - not sure what it will be best for yet) on the way. I have a couple Leias; 84 - too big and flat for XRW), and a 66.6 - haven't tried it yet, but would imagine it will work well. I'll report back on this thread when I give it a go.
  2. cs_troyk

    Picking the right AAD

    Simple answer - get the multi-mode and change it to the mode appropriate for your measured speeds (e.g., "normal" 78 MPH mode when you're starting out on a larger wing, then "speed" mode when you're on more aggressive wings doing more aggressive turns, then "off"/"removed" mode when you're on a competition-class wing). Get some form of instrumentation (Flysight, or somesuch) so that you know when you get to the point of "tickling" the unit. It may happen sooner than you think if you're not careful. A jumper in Colorado popped a Vigil while jumping a VK96 at a little over 2:1. Be careful out there.
  3. Don't know what the camping situation is at the DZ's these days, but if you're looking for lower-cost accommodations, "Backpackers" (http://backpackershawaii.com) up the highway is a good choice. It's about a 20-minute drive to the airport. As far as which company (Skydive Hawaii or Pacific Skydiving), I'd try either or both (they're right next door to each other) if I were you and see which one you like better... at the same time, trying to stay out of their ridiculous feud.
  4. cs_troyk

    Love Across The Risk Continuum

    Perfect explanation for the 20-some-odd AAD threads going on right now!
  5. cs_troyk

    GPS for swooping

    So nice to see you going public with this, Dan! I've seen some of the preliminary versions that Matt was working with and it's so much easier than my Excel hack. Looking forward to using the software! P.S. Let me know when you get bored with your JPX 77. I have a JVX 77.7 on order to tide me over until my name bubbles up on "the list", but if I can get my hands on Petra sooner...