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  1. Cajones

    Skydive Cincinnati

    What a super friendly DZ. In what seems like the middle of nowhere is a very large airport - over 800 acres according to rumors. This is the home of the famous Richmond "The Boogie" - mother of all boogies. The dream started by legends like the Stewart family and Roger Nelson is alive and well under the eye of a much younger, but still skydiver-oriented family owner Jaime. I don't know how she does it, sometimes. The weather sucks for months out of the year, but somehow she has managed to keep a turbine flying the rest of the year. If you are in the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dayton or Columbus areas, call first for detailed directions. The shortcuts by back-roads can cut off a good bit of drive-time from some of these places. There are couches to crash on, and ample camping space, but it's very close to Richmond, with decent restaurants and lodging. Tell Jaime Cajones sent you!
  2. Cajones


    Located between Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. Not far from I-95 and I-26. Flying some type of turbine, year-round. The main landing area, close to the packing hangar can get congested with traffic - landing patterns are strictly enforced, but if you feel cramped use the much larger open areas around the runway. There are limited outs when the winds are blowing perpendicular to the runway, or on spaceball jumps over "the swamp" - don't be afraid to pull higher to get back to high ground. This is a great example of what a dz should be. All the foundations of a dz I hope to see grow into something big! The staff and locals are full of a great mix of southern grace, drop-zone humor, strong skills in multiple disciplines, a sharing additude, and a party waiting to happen... Turning into the driveway of this dropzone feels like that last turn you make on the way home...
  3. Cajones

    Skydive Greene County

    Went by for a visit, and found a very nice DZ. Too bad its a Cessna for the winter, but I'll be back. Great vibe, kewl people. Runway is a bit scary, and I'd avoid landing out when the corn is tall.
  4. Cajones


    What a great little DZ! The DZO was great. She was on top of everything. The staff was quite good - great bunch of flyers. Some excellent RW going on. Not much in the way of free-fly. Not sure if they had just fertalized the nearby fields, but it stunk to high heaven! I mean pee-you, plug your nose to 5-grand kind of smell. I was glad that sweet Otter they have climbs so fast.
  5. Cajones

    Skydive Walterboro

    Some good people jumping. Nice landing area. But, experienced people are bumped from loads for students. Plan a three-way - go to plane to find out one of us has been cut to put on JM and student - "Sorry, you are manifested - you don't have to go, but you are still paying for your slot." Cessna's only, but seem well maintained.