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  1. The picture would be ther if someone could tell me how to do it!(:-)
  2. As far as I know people decide what they want to eat. You CAN eat healthy at McDonald's. Hell, they make me sell apples. As for HOOKIT, I'm not in it for the money. If you owned one you would understand that it's not all gravy. I make pennies per sale. I provide a service for people on the go. My kids also love it. They eat it at least once a day and they are fine, healthy, not overweight children. As for PETA, you can tell from the pictures what I think of them.
  3. It's funny that you post this considering I own four McDonald's. The media won't tell you about the other two people who did their own show and got got totally different results. You can make anything look any way you want it to I guess. Logan
  4. Got it and love it. also does a great (free) job of blocking pop-ups.
  5. I am truly sorry that you will vote for Kerry. Why don't we all vote for Kerry and let him sign liberal bills to kill unborn babies, cut our military, and raise our taxes. We need to be a strong America and there is only one person running who has one opinion on topics and doesn't change like the wind on the DZ.
  6. I heard on the radio that it was destroyed, as in not standing anymore.
  7. This is awful funny and pretty typical of my wife!
  8. Hillary in '08 would be a disaster for our country. SHe is nuts!
  9. I live in Gore's supposed HOME STATE! He did nothing for us so that is why he lost. He is against guns, military, etc. If he would have won his home state he would be President now. If Gore would have been elected we would have 9/11 all the time. He would have fired a couple of crusie missles and thought that everything was rosy again. We have to get after these terrriosts like we are now and beat them before they can beat us!
  10. People can think what they want about our current President but I feel he is the best Pres we have had in years. Would GORE have stood up to the terror threats? Would a Democrat have allowed the tax cuts? GWB is truly a great American. If you love YOUR country this is your man. He is the only person running capable of helping us protect it.
  11. I did a tandem at WTS last year and there was a Mullins kid there who was 11 or 12 and had almost 400 jumps.
  12. Is it expected to tip a tandem master or AFF instructor even though they are being paid for the training? If so how much?
  13. Since I am a newbie I a may be asking a question that has been asked a thousand times but here it goes...... How often do "incidents" happen? I am about to start my AFF and I read about cutaways etc. and how often do things like this occur? Should I expect one every 20 jumps or might I make it to 1000 without one. I know there are no definite answers but I would like ya'lls feedback on this. Logan
  14. They gave me the best experience of my life. It actually changed my whole outlook on life. I cannot wait to start my AFF with Bud, Stepf, Mr. Priest, and everyone else. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!