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  1. As close as possible to Manhattan. Are there such a thing?
  2. addicted


    is the rathat good for freeflying too?
  3. I'm going to New York later this year for a few days, and I wondered if there is money to save if I buy gear in the US compared to Europe. I'm a fairly new jumper, so I need everything like helmet, altimeter, suit, audible and rig... Any good skydiving-shops in NY I should pay a visit? How bout buying second-hand? And last.. will there be any problems regarding customs if I choose to buy something and take it home?
  4. PM me if anyone need an invite.. I've got 4
  5. I'm looking into buying me my first own helmet. Until now, I've used the DZs Pro-tecs , but I want to get my own now. Safety is important, but I'm tired of the Pro-tecs, so they are not to consider. The helmet should be good for freeflying, but I also want as much chin protection as possible, without having to wear a full-face. Will a helmet like the rat-hat be unsuitable for freeflying? how about normal chin cups? are they any good for protection purposes?
  6. QuoteEvery year, it seems that half of the people who die every year were not doing everything right. Quote My impression is that it's more like 9/10 or so.. is that just me? Well, I guess it depends on what you call a mistake.. using to much time to fight a spinning mal and not have sufficient time to make the reserve inflate is a mistake. You're the experienced one, I'm not. any opinions?
  7. I have thought about this today. You guys say that this is a sport where you can do everything right, and still die. I agree with you. BUT, if we look at like 50 skydiving fatalities, how many of them do you think did EVERYTHING right and still died? I'm not experienced, but it seems like most people have done something wrong, minor or major mistakes. IMO, each jumper can make his jumping more safe or more dangerous. Will I downsize to a stiletto 135? If I say no, I have made my sport safer. Will I try learning headdown jumping with three other newbies? If I say yes, I have made my sport more dangerous. Yes, you can do everything right and still die. BUT, you can also do things to make jumping safer. Most of us won't quit jumping, so why don't we just concentrate on the safety-part of it?
  8. Hmm, I think I've heard the song in the Blindman video before.. is it a theme from TV or film or something? and btw, nice trick
  9. I had exactly the same problem earlier this year. What I did "wrong" was that I didn't leave enough of the lines loose in the container, I often used one rubber band too much. (heh, not easy to to explain in a foreign language) I had linetwists on every fifth jump or so.. Haven't had it in the last 15...
  10. smart trick dude! strange I've never thought about that. Sweet!
  11. Wow, that sure is a nice swoop-video.. Thanks (Too bad it cant be downloaded )
  12. I'm just curious what it looks like.. never seen anyone do it on video.
  13. Ok, I dont know anything about BASE, I'm just a skydiver newbie. This has been covered in the norwegian press, please take this with a grain of salt: (norwegian, but pictures included) The jump was believed to be his first basejump ever. The article says he launced an unstable exit, and hit the cliff after opening. He slided down the wall for several seconds, before a big stone stopped him about 1 meter before a 200-300 meters drop.. Rescuers say that his luck could be compared to winning the lottery. He could leave the hospital the same evening.. Looks like pure luck this ended all good.