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  1. I had to cutaway on my 41'th jump. I was always thinking about "what if"? And even in my sleep i was dreaming my cutaway - so when situation came, and i saw my canopy not working - i had no doubts and i did it. What help me mentaly, so i was always thinking "if you will not cutaway - you will die. Every second counts." Tellin' myself this everyday i was quite ready for my very early cutaway.
  2. I guess, usually you should let all the toggles up about 3-5 seconds before flaring to gain power in your wing. Going to the ground in brakes usually is needed only when u are sure u will hit some obstacles and you need the slowest speed to think about landing and find the best of the worst, or in accuracy tournaments
  3. I don't think that price always means safety. There are some great dz's in russia too.
  4. par

    Line twists

    i mean are there some packing issues i should sheck?
  5. par

    Line twists

    I have problem with line twists. It occurs almost every third jump. Is it common to have them so often? What can i do to avoid them? Packing mistakes? Deploying in turn or what else? Thanks.
  6. HEHEHEHEHE true true .. seen some ...
  7. I can track. I tried another dz's also ;) (altitudes included ) luis: i would love to have a track dive with ya from l-410
  8. We were jumping from an-2, flyin' at it's full speed from 100 meters, or 350 feet height.
  9. we did jumps from 350 feet too. With round canopies (d-1-5u). Is that also making you nervous ?
  10. par


    True. I did static line progression, i liked it, i did well, but i believe aff has also it's advantages.
  11. Jesus .. u can't realise, that someone pulls lower than u or what? I know how much is one feet and how much is one meter. And usually i pull at 3000 feet. But this was a demo - It's required to pull low.
  12. Heh, yesterday i did a demo , 4way star from 5000 and opening at 1600 feet. Thanks for all the replies. It's really interesting to read all of u.