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  1. t1mb0b

    Old PISA Tempo--Safe to sell or not?

    I've got a '99 Tempo 150. Flew it twice, opened and flew just fine!
  2. t1mb0b

    Aerodyne Zulu vs Crossfire 3

    Yes, elliptical, short recovery arc.
  3. t1mb0b

    Warning: Dont order from ALTER

    Curious; how are you finding the accuracy? Since the 2.7 firmware update, the FF time calculation has improved (used to be way off), but I am noticing about 170ft difference between the Alter and my VisoII. Not a big deal during FF, but under canopy 170ft is quite a bit!
  4. t1mb0b

    Warning: Dont order from ALTER

    That's unfortunate. I also was one of the lucky ones, then, as I did receive my order and they were always pretty quick to respond to questions, etc.
  5. t1mb0b

    Twin Otter Pilot Pay

    I can't answer this question directly, but you might find this resource useful: http://diverdriver.com/ Cheers, Tim
  6. t1mb0b

    GoPro Schier clamp

    Agreed, it's pretty easy to install and use; makes for very quick adjustments. Dudeist skydiver...as in 'like, that's just your opinion, man' skydiver?
  7. t1mb0b

    Digital altimeter ALTER

    I recently bought one of these, put about 18 jumps on it so far. Really liking the device. It's accurate and easy to read in freefall and under canopy. Customer support is really good as well, they always respond quickly and are open to feedback.
  8. t1mb0b

    More than 10.000 tandem jumps

    John, I did ask him, he said he has over 10k tandems. Quite possible I am mistaken, though, it was a text conversation; maybe he thought I said 1000. Cheers, Tim
  9. t1mb0b


    I've jumped at Mesquite last time I traveled to Vegas. Great little dropzone, good DZO, fun people. I really like the views as well. It's the desert, but, I find it stunning.
  10. t1mb0b

    More than 10.000 tandem jumps

    Aidan Walters in Canada has over 10,000 tandems. Cheers, Tim
  11. t1mb0b

    Pachanga Boogie 2017

    Do you have a link to the boogie info? Or did you hear about this through someone else?
  12. Anyone see any benefit to putting something like Dr Scholl's Active Series insoles in your shoes? Could this help long term knee and ankle wear/impact from running out landings? Granted, I totally agree proper landing technique is paramount.
  13. t1mb0b

    Old rigs

    There's a guy at my dropzone who made a windbreaker (jacket) out of an old Tempo reserve!
  14. t1mb0b

    Most beautiful dropzones

    There's a couple really nice ones in the interior of British Columbia. Okanagan Skydive in Vernon North Okanagan Vertical Adventures (NOVA) in Salmon Arm
  15. t1mb0b

    Pachanga beach boogie 2016

    I also heard that boogie is going to be in Playa del Carmen in February, but nothing has been posted yet.