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  1. Yes - this is a typo ofc - it was meant hundreds after dot. It makes no sense to show tens in freefall because of the high freefall speed, so we decided to show hundreds after dot by analogy with neptune and viso. The fourth digit will allways be zero in feets, but not in meters(there we dont use dots).Besides fourth digit is needed for menu, logbook, e.t.c.
  2. Of course - circuit design and source code are a trade secret, but as the pressure sensor(anyway everyone can disassemble and look) - we use BOSCH bmp180 - a newer model than BMP085 used in viso and optima, so measurements are identical to the products of L&B. P.S. Write to [email protected] - maybe we can help you
  3. Thank you for your interest - it is possible to use feets - in freefall altitude will be displayed in hundreds of feet (12.1 12.0 e.t.c.), after opening the parachute - altitude will be displayed in feets to a resolution of 10 feet for easy reading (2990 2980 e.t.c.)
  4. We are pleased to introduce you a result of 2-year development and testing - digital altimeter ALTER A product made by skydivers for skydivers. Features: - Size 54.5x36.5x12 mm - Altitude range -500 m - +9000 m stand. cond., 1 m measurement accuracy - Four-digit display with backlight - USB-chargeable and easy to update - Water resistant case - 1.5 mm protective polycarbonate antiabrasive-coated glass - Logbook: jump count, last jump details (max. speed, time of free fall, deploy altitude). - Kit includes: mini USB cable, charger - Different mounts Our website: