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  1. t1mb0b

    Old PISA Tempo--Safe to sell or not?

    I've got a '99 Tempo 150. Flew it twice, opened and flew just fine!
  2. t1mb0b

    Twin Otter Pilot Pay

    I can't answer this question directly, but you might find this resource useful: http://diverdriver.com/ Cheers, Tim
  3. t1mb0b

    Birds and Skydivers

    Under canopy, I am pretty sure it's possible. In free fall, though....I don't know of many birds that cruise above 500 feet, unless migrating, but I could be wrong....
  4. t1mb0b

    Wrist band for neptune

    I'm pretty sure they are making one that is similar to the Viso wrist mount band. I'm not sure when they are expected to be released.
  5. t1mb0b

    Setting Up

  6. t1mb0b


  7. t1mb0b

    Gettin' our Track on

  8. t1mb0b


    I had my Sidewinder custom made for me, and you can tell the level of attention to detail put into the manufacturing. Al actually made a whole new template for my rig due to the fact I have a long torso. This rig fits me very well, and I barely even know it's on under canopy. I don't do much FreeFlying yet, but I do know another guy who free flys with his Sidewinder with no issues. It's easy to pack and very durable. Customer service is top notch as well, Al is very friendly and easy to get a hold of if yo have any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this for a beginner rig, or if you just want something very comfortable.
  9. t1mb0b

    leg straps flapping...

    I have stow bands on my leg straps, and that seems to keep them in place just fine. A rigger should be able to provide you with those.
  10. Check here: http://www.miragesys.com/sizing-guide/ At the very bottom of the page is the M8 container. Hope that helps.